Tanelan discoveryfull name
Lan, Tanner, Tansnicknames
7 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 12birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment
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36" | Heavy Build

Lan looks like a handsome young man at first. The heavy and tall built wolf is structure with muscle along with looking like he well fed. Lan is a fan of fighting so he likes to stay fit when he can. With also a love for hunting - making him fast on his hardened paws.

Yet it's his colors and stripes that catch many by surprise. The slate blue male has a base of this, then lighter on his stomach, bottom of his tail and then splotches of it all along his underside. Meanwhile his upper side is a darker color - and even on the top of his head. This pulling into the deepest gray slate blue that is on the corner of his ears, a collar around his neck and the stripes that make up the overlayer on his darker back marking. Lastly are his orange eyes that almost seem to glow in the dark - a rather dark presence.

Lan suffers from DiD, Dissoaciative identity disorder. He can switch depending on the environment around him.

Lan, The host

Lan is generally a shy person, he hates bothers others and he hates causing issues. However he can have a short temper on him if prickled enough. But with that being said those who can happen to get close to him he can be very protective and loving. Considering himself bisexual as well he can flirt with whichever has approached him.

Lan is very submissive though in this sense. He's not one to argue and prefers it if someone were to order him around. Possibly because of his believed memory issues but afterwards others would distance themselves from him and he didn't know why. Lan is not argumentative, he can be stubborn but he is also submissive and would prefer to be pushed around.

Henry, The mediator

Henry is a pacifist, he dislikes fighting and he is a stubborn gentleman. Always confused when he comes to that he seemed to be in a different place. Although at the same time he knows exactly where he is. His refined tastes leave him in disguest of the nasty and at blood itself.

Highly proud of who he is Henry will often try to convince others that they should strive for cleaniness as it brings them closer to the gods. Because of this he is weak in a fight, he tries but often stumbles on his paws as if he has two left feet. There is simply nothing menacing about this man.

Mika, The troublist

Snarky and distasteful Mika often spews out profanities at others. A raging ball of fire he is someone who is hot headed to his core. Not only that but he is cruel - he enjoys fighting and he enjoys harming others. The weak deserve it after all, it's to hide the undying fear in him as he likes to snap easily at others.

He doesn't take orders from anyone, and he can be snarky to even unknown strangers. He often enjoys flirting too with anything and everything, because he thinks that he's gorgeous.Because of this he is convinced he is an unstoppable fighter. After all, his gaps in memories must be from his victories are they not?

Benson, The meekest

While the host is shy, Benson is shattered. Seemingly young in age, a yearling at most Benson is a shivering corward. He is afraid of anything and everything. Often his fear leads him to hide for hours on end. Although he is an adept hunter and enjoys entrapping things when he can. Despite how scared his is he enjoys company.

Often trying to fit in, but he is closed off often. Forcing others to push him around as he laughs it off as if it was a game. He cannot stand up for himself it seems and he hates that. Yet he can't help it, it was like he was made to fear. Benson considers himself asexual.

Cassandra, the guardian

Reappeared winter of yr 19

A little wisp in the wind she is wild and she is free. Cassandra is a bright light compared to the others. Behind a bravado of a hero she is fast and often gets far too excited about.. everything. Cass is your neighborhood friend trying to take a quest while also making sure everyone is getting home safe at the end of the night.
Cass knows when to hold down though. Her jokes aside she deeply cares for others and wants to make sure everyone’s okay. Fiercely loyal, she may be the most fragile of alters. As betrayals and situations of stress tend to hide her.

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