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Bellamy Of Foifull name
Hell's Bells, Bellsnicknames
6 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 11birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Neutralalignment
herepost log

Bellamy is a pretty good-sized woman standing at forty-one inches tall. She is extra-large compared to most but, for Bells, she is not quite tall enough. She bears a medium build though she does border that line between medium and heavy. Her eyes are sharp, defiant, and mint green in color. Compared to other wolves in her height and build category, however, Bellamy is rather average without much to remark on in terms of distinguishable features. Well, with the exception of her mane that is.

This mane is an extension of the fur on her head and functions similarly to hair in the way it shifts and moves. Typically it flops slightly to one side or the other, arching up, out, and downward in a way that sometimes gets in her face. The base of this mane is black whereas the tips of it blend in with a cream marking that runs along her top half. Bellamy also bears a collection of small scars that, unless someone is up close and personal, wolves would not notice. Years as a fighter have earned her scars that long fur has grown over and, for the most part, have hidden away once more. But all wolves have their scars, and just because she is able to “hide” hers doesn’t mean they’re not there.

A base of black fur covers Bellamy’s body. An even deeper shade of black blankets her dorsal half, almost barely noticeable, capping her head, back of her neck, shoulders, back, hips, and the majority of her tail. From the tip of her mane trailing along her head and back to the middle of her tail is a streak of soft cream. This same marking breaks off and snakes off in five “branches” along her body, almost like lightning, with the first one connecting to her neck marking and the last running along her haunches down her back legs to cup her paws. Likewise, her front paws, as well as a dash on each foreleg and hip, a blaze from her nose, and her inner ear are cream-colored. Her chest, belly, and the underside of her tail are cream too, with marks of cream coming off her belly and marking her side in three distinct marks. The tip of her tail and small marks under either eye are cream-colored as well.


[Spring, Year 18] Bellamy gets in a maim fight with Ignis Praetor who leaves heavy scarring on her left shoulder where the shoulder meets the chest. These scars come from a bite.


A former slave of an Empire ruled by blood Bellamy is no stranger to the type of darkness the world can hold. In her fight to survive those dark days, Bells has done many dark, blood-soaked deeds. She has torn families apart, separated children from their parents, and even had to resort to feeding on her fallen fellow slaves in order to survive. The memories of those days haunt the woman more than she will openly admit to most. They weigh heavily on her mind and heart as a cold voice whispers to her that she will always be nothing more than a monster. She has met more than one who has encouraged her to forgive herself, to change her ways of thinking, lest they consume her, but only one has made any sort of real progress with Bellamy at all.

That wolf is her mate, Gavroche Kedieo. Despite his ironic relation to those that once kept her as little more than fighter fodder Bells hold no resentment toward the tiny, winged wolf. Gav is different from his bloodline and she learned that it is not just because of the feathered appendages on his back. With his mate by her side, Bellamy is much more confident, fighting off the shadows of doubt and self-hatred that lurk deep within her. There is still part of her that fears she may one day become enslaved again but now she has something she values far more than herself to fight for.

Some things, however, are far harder to change about the woman. Bells has always been a vulgar and somewhat fight-happy individual. She still curses a fair amount, favoring the F-bomb over other swears, and finds that she is able to communicate best with others when she is in battle. Bellamy may not always be the one to start a fight but she is not one to back down easily or run from a worthy opponent. The truth is she enjoys fighting, the adrenaline rush, and the high she gets when battling others. Her mouth can easily lead her into arguments or scuffles - she doesn’t exactly think before she speaks very often and tends to be blunt with how she responds.

Bellamy is still a bit wary of most forms of authority and prefers to live a life where her freedoms are less restricted and she knows her family can be safe from dangerous situations. To get to know Bellamy, and have her stick around for a normal conversation is already a nice feat for those who meet the woman. But to truly gain her trust, respect, and loyalty? Now there is a challenging endeavor, but, perhaps one worth fighting. Those who Bellamy values she will defend and fight for without question, willing to try and move Heaven and Earth for them if needed. Set in her ways, Bells remains ever stubborn when she makes her choices and no matter the odds sees them through.

Bellamy suffers from PTSD along with showing signs of depression and anxiety. When going through a severe episode Bellamy will target herself first, and then others. Self-hating and critical, this part of Bellamy is something that has been ingrained deeply in her mind from her early years. Bellamy can’t make heads or tails if she just likes fighting because it gives her a sense of control over something in her life, where she was used to having none, or if she actually enjoys hurting others. She is very unwell, her actions in these states bordering on extreme. The Kedieo Empire wanted a weapon, someone disposable for their front lines, and though the Empire is gone their damage is done. Bellamy has the potential to be easily triggered by anything that reminds her of those times and the likelihood of being a loose cannon when that happens. When under enough stress Bellamy can hallucinate as well, her perception of what is around her and what is really there completely different from one another.

Mental Conditions

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Hallucinations, and some type of personality disorder likely.

Height Addition

5” of Height - Five additional inches of height over the max of 36”. This brings Bellamy to 41” tall. -Click-

Minor Fantasy Mutation

Mane - A mutated growth of Bellamy’s mane that extends the fur of her forehead outward into medium-length tufts of hair-like fur. -Click-


Bone Blade - Offensive Accesory. A sturdy dagger with a wooden hilt and splintered bone as a blade. -Click-

Snow Leopard Cape - Defensive Accessory. The hide of a snow leopard with the head, rear legs, and tail removed. The front legs are lose wrapped over each other in the front to keep the cape on. -Click-


Tasmanian Devil - A male Tasmanian Devil companion that's battle-ready by the name of Ears. He is 24 inches long with normal coloration and larger than average ears. He is best described as a jerk that loves fighting. -Click-

American Badger - A female American Badger companion that's battle-ready by the name of Whiskers. She is 23.5 inches long with normal coloration and no remarkable features. She is best described as gentle and motherly. -Click-

Religious Beliefs

Foi and Majofionism?

Both Foi and Majofionism are religions practiced on the continent of Lyenne - a place beyond Boreas and Auster. Foi is considered the mainstream religion, followed by the vast majority, while Majofionism is a lesser-known religious path and only followed by a few of the longest-lasting packs in the area. While it is rare that wolves may believe in both religions it is not unheard of. In this event, the Allmother and Allfather of Foi act as the overarching creators, and the Elementals of Majofionism are viewed as an equal power to the Divinities; the children of Celeste and Nox.

For the religion of Foi balance is the key to everything. All beings, regardless of status, have a second and counter to their existence, generally as a female and male pairing. Because of this those who bear twins, a boy, and a girl, are said to have been smiled upon by the gods themselves and that their blessed litter is destined for great things.

The God and Goddess

Celeste and Nox are said to be the first in creation… at least if you are to believe in Foi. There are none who know how these two came to be, or if both were merely just there from the start, in the great nothing. What is said, however, is that these two wolves created the world, the law, and brought their children into the world to keep balance within the world.

Nox - The Allfather - A male said to have inky black fur and white, pupilless, glowing eyes. He is a dire wolf that stands over even the tallest of their species and has a constant, solemn expression. He resides over destruction, chaos, and curses.

Celeste - The Allmother - A female said by some to be a lithe, albino figure while others have said she bears cream and tan coloration with blue eyes. A relatively small creature in comparison to her mate who is almost always smiling. She resides over resurrection, purity, and blessings.

The Divinities:: The Eldest

The first litter of Nox and Celeste is collectively known as The Eldest. Brought into the world to help manage the lives they created they are those that balance life and death.

Sola - she who believes in innocence - The female twin responsible for life. Said to be of lighter coloration with blue eyes. Dainty and pixie-like, she is the smallest of her litter. She guides the souls of the lawful and benevolent.

Akakios - he who holds a grudge - The male twin responsible for life. Said to have a coat that mimics the starry night sky, like his father, and pupilless eyes. Relies on a keener sense of sight than mere mortals have and is said to see through the eyes of all living creatures. Always watching, he monitors the souls of the chaotic and lost.

Charis - she who brings back the light - The female twin responsible for death. A gentle being said to have gray fur marked with white and silver eyes. She makes death a paradise for those who travel the benevolent or “good” path in their lives. She protects the souls of the departed in her realm for all eternity.

Erebos - he who ensures your damnation - The male twin responsible for death. A ruthless, sadistic wolf that is said to have gray fur marked with ashen black and silver eyes. He creates a Hell for those who have done unspeakable acts in their lives. Has two unnamed hellhounds that assist him in making sure no forsaken soul makes it back to the world of the living to be reborn. The evil ones become tormented to suffer in their own unique Hellscape for all eternity.

The Divinities:: The Keepers

The second litter of Nox and Celeste is collectively known as The Keepers. They were brought into the world to assist their parents and The Eldest with the inner workings of the world the living creatures they brought forth would be in. They work differently from The Eldest for while they are two sets of twins, the area each governs is different and can be crossed by any in their litter.

Mémoire - keeper of all you hold dear - The female twin to Eon and keeper of memories. Said to be the wisest of The Keepers with the fur of earthen tones and tired eyes of green. She is the reason every thought and every action of all living creatures is remembered or forgotten. With so many records to uphold, there are things she lets slip through the cracks, and some memories, that are better left forgotten, haunt the minds of those who do not deserve such a curse.

Eterna - keeper of destinies - The female twin to Abyss and the one said to be in control of fate. A silver furred being with eyes of lavender. While she does not predetermine your whole life she starts every soul with a path, a destiny if you will. As each creature makes a decision it is up to Eterna to continue to shape that path, to see how it grows and unfolds. What may have seemed a bright future may now be bleak, and what was once a lost cause may now have a shimmer of hope. She works without bias, watching the lives of the living unfold.

Abyss - keeper of the reality you know - The male twin to Eterna and the one who must maintain the world. His fur is a mix of earthen and charcoal tones and his eyes are a weary, faded red. While the others watch over the lives and existence of all living things his job is to bring about the seasons and the life and renewal of the world around them. It is said that when he brings calamities it is to purge and reimagine the world with new life so that living creatures may flourish again. He works closely with Eon to ensure that the world does not fall apart.

Eon - keeper of all that was, is, or will be - The male twin of Mémoire and the keeper of the sands of time with the fur of creams and tans and eyes of hazel. Working with all of his siblings, particularly close with Abyss, he makes sure that while time is ever-flowing things do not happen too quickly or too slowly. It is through his tireless work that all things, flora and fauna alike, are able to grow and age. He too is responsible for bringing the living closer to their time where he then passes the responsibility of their fate to Charis and Erebos.

The Forsaken

Creatures cast down and said serve as painful reminders for mortals of what may await them should they deviate too far from their path…

Delusion and Calamity - The lost twins - Whispers of a pair of twins born to Celeste and Nox, forsaken by their own for deviating from their path, bring the tale of Delusion and Calamity. What was once two siblings were taken and forced into a chimeric beast with two heads. In constant pain and turmoil, it seeks to corrupt those with already blackened hearts with insanity and malice. Their coming is foretold to be a sign of dark times, where many bodies will fall and blood will soak the earth. It is an ill omen to speak of them or their names.

The Elementals:: Majofionism

Unlike those who try to follow all the teaches of Foi when it comes to Majofionism, you are said to be led to the Elemental that personifies your beliefs. Those of strong will go to Earth, those of the benevolent path go to Water, those who are neutral or unsure of their path go to Wind, and those of the darkest, most destructive path go to Fire. Those who follow Majofionism learn from a young age which Elemental they’ll follow and, more often than not, that path is pushed onto them by their parents. Circumstances can cause a path to change of course but will a wolf ever tell you that they did not always follow in the pawprints of their Elemental?

Seethe - The Burning - A hairless wolf with darkened skin and deep brown eyes, said to have lost its fur to the very fires she controls. Seethe is the Elemental of fire and has a fierce, violent temper. Ambitious, willful, and a ruthless fighter. Those who follow much darker paths, especially the chaotic evil, will follow in her pawprints. Beware her ire - It’s as swift and unforgiving as hungry flames.

Hush - The Zephyr - A wispy-furred gray, silver, and white wolf with light golden eyes. Hush is the Elemental of wind and a bit of a finicky creature. Their direction can change as easily as the element they control though they tend to be the more neutral of the four. Neutral alignments follow her path best, especially given that she does not with violence easily. If pushed, however, the winds will blow, and her ‘silence’ will be the loudest thing you hear.

Serene - The Aquatic - A thin-coated wolf bearing opalescent fur and deep blue eyes. Serene is the Elemental of water and a calm, collected creature. Like Hush, he typically strays from the idea of violence making him an ideal path for the benevolent and lawful. Just be careful not to let the water ripple - even the calmest of seas can one day make the biggest waves.

Lichen - The Growing - A wolf bearing a thick, rugged, earthy-colored coat littered with small sticks, leaves, and cacked in dry mud. Bearing eyes of bright green and deep brown this Elemental of Earth looks like he’s risen from the very ground itself. Leaning with no particular alignment by default those who follow Lichen are those who let strong emotion guide them. Whether days of quiet growth or ripping the world asunder, the earth follows its path without hesitation or regret.



Before Ardent

Bellamy came from the continent of Lyenne, a land somewhat similar to Boreas and Auster in the sense it was made up of many lands and many different packs. She was not born in a pack; born to a set of loner parents with two sisters. The parents, vagabonds, were both very religious and while they primarily taught the religion of Foi, Bellamy knows about the religion of Majofionism as well. At the time of Bellamy’s birth, many of the packs of Lyenne were united under the tyrant Empress, Keno Kedieo.

When Bellamy was just young enough to leave the den there was a cave-in accident that separated her and a sister from their remaining sibling. They got their parents, but while the adults were busy trying to hopefully free the pup they were attacked by slavers from the Kedieo empire. The parents were killed and when Bellamy and her sister refused to go with them, getting “aggressive”, the slavers killed Bellamy’s sister to set an example that she was only alive because they let her live. She was taken away to be used as fighter fodder for the empire.

During Bellamy’s captivity, she saw many, many dark deeds. Her fellow slaves were not treated as living, breathing things. They were tortured, maimed, and worse. When used for fighting Bellamy was made to follow the examples and orders of the Empire, even stooping so low to kill yearlings. Bellamy’s captivity has done a severe number on her mind and the woman shows signs of PTSD, depression, and anxiety from those dark days.

Bellamy fought for her freedom, waiting until just the right moment to make her break for it. Shortly before her breakaway, she made friends with Ears, one of her companions, after saving him from the guards. She killed the guards that kept her and fled, but not without making a trip to the Empress’ own personal den first. Keno’s cockiness in the thought no one would ever have the balls to reach her was her undoing. Bellamy slew her and stole away to Boreas where she lived for a time. Along the way to Boreas she met Whiskers, her second companion.

Sometime after Acere’s pack fell Bellamy was captured by Kedieo guards. She didn’t know what awaited her back in Lyenne, but she was escorted back with the intent she was to be executed publicly. It is then that she meets Gavroche, one of Kedieo blood himself, also to be publically executed. The winged wolf, as far as she can tell by his story, has done no wrong. Growing angry, Bellamy comes up with a plan for their freedom.

Once more abusing the confidence and cockiness of the Kedieo line Bellamy calls out to Gavroche’s half-sister as the executions are to begin. She challenges the current empress to a death match, and, due to the Empress’ own orders, none are to interfere. After Bellamy’s victory the citizens of the empire riot, banding together to chase off the Kedieo family. Where the line went after that is unknown… but Bellamy decides to stick with Gavroche and find a place to heal.

During the time Bellamy is being treated the woman falls for the man. It doesn’t take long after that for the two of them to mate and, soon after, their firstborn and only pup of her litter is born. They name the little one Lucette, and, for a time, everything is normal.

In Autumn of Year 17, A hurricane hits the area where the family is staying. Bellamy and Gavroche are separated from Lucette and though they spend countless nights searching for their little girl, they don’t find her. They end up back in Ardent in Spring of Year 18.

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Current Mate

Gavroche Kedieo
Children [with Gavroche Kedieo]

Lucette Kedieo {Daughter}

Children [Adopted]
Saga Åsbjørnsdóttir {Daughter}
Littermates [Unknown and Unknown]

Analise of Foi {Sister}
Rosemary of Foi {Sister}
Extended Family
Nieces and Nephews [Analise of Foi and Unknown]

Alaois of Foi {Nephew}

Fight Form

Bellamy vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: Bone dagger
Defensive Battle Accessory: Snow leopard cape
Companion 1: Tasmanian Devil, Male - Battle
Companion 2: American Badger, Female - Battle
Skills: Expert Fighter & Intermediate Intellectual
Bellamy vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Bone dagger</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Snow leopard cape</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Tasmanian Devil, Male - Battle</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">American Badger, Female - Battle</a>
Skills: Expert Fighter & Intermediate Intellectual

Racing Form

Bellamy vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Expert Fighter & Intermediate Intellectual
Bellamy vs (opponent) for Race
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Expert Fighter & Intermediate Intellectual


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