Zeitgeist Fatalisfull name
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Zee's coat is a gentle beige that extends over her entire body. Upon her back is a faded turquoise saddle, the color of which appears once more upon her body to run a semi-circle around her eyes. Weaved within the beige of her base and the blue's of her markings are streaks of black. Her eyes themselves are a light sky-blue.

She is built small and slender, with short fur and hardly any visible musculature. Where ever her colors darken, the fur there grows more rough. Because of this, she is very soft around the sides of her body but her saddle is made of firmer fur that doubles as a sort of waterproofing.

A small mutation of kudu horns extends from her skull, gained during the firefly festival from during a concoction made by a witch doctor. They are not too long, though she's learned to utilize them in combat offensively and help the short wolf look slightly larger and more intimidating.

Early in Zee's life she learned ambition, craving an escape from the dull boring den life she'd grown up in and aiming to one day be a queen. No hardship was too much for her to endure, and the small wolf went as far as selling herself into slavery to learn the art of rule. While her intentions were less then kind inside the Ashen Empire, she quickly attached to the Empress Deathbelle and found herself losing her desire to manipulate and cheat for the crown. She learned to accept her lowly position if it meant a life with the Empress who'd become her sister, and her sworn guard Sirius. Zee is an extremely prideful wolf, putting a high priority on her appearance at all times. It proved difficult for her to thrive as a slave, and her headstrong personality caused her troubles within the Empire.

Once their kingdom extended to the Armada, Zee was able to open up further. While she regularly got herself in trouble as a slave, she learned to consider her words more carefully as a Queen. Zee tapped into her social side, willing herself to be approachable and respectable for the sake of her pack. While she opposes some practices such as slavery, her desire to please the Empress Deathbelle and reflect highly upon her allows her to turn the other cheek on occasion. Sirius has proven to be a near opposite of Zee, and she functions as his moral compass in certain situations. While she's determined to make a name for herself and her family she'll never be as strong-hearted as the warlord she rules beside, and would be more likely caught comforting a slave then punishing one.
Zee wears thorn wrappings on her kudu horns as well as a king cheetah pelt armor. Zee has a rough scaled bush viper companion and a channel billed toucan companion. misc

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