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The Treasure

This 44-inch gal is a dreamy combination of the best the Destruction and Imperialis lines have to offer. Eye dots? She's got 8 of them (4 under each eye in a deep, almost black brown)! Freckles? Stark white and present across her face and body. Rich, earthy coat? Check! Titan-like build? Double check. She supports four sharp bone spur-like points which fold down off her "heel" on each of her paws. They are attached like by a joint onto the accessory carpals with slight adjustments to the flexor carpal ulnaris, accessorlouinar tendons and the accessorlometacarpal v ligament to allow it to pivot on its joint. In the back, its much the same, but jointed off the calcaneus with adaptations to the Achilles tendon.

Sparrow, much like the woman she was named after (who would also happen to be her late second cousin), has a coat of browns and whites. She is way more brown, however. In fact, her base coat is made entirely of molted browns with some of the lightest shades looking like an autumn honey in the afternoon sun. Her throat and stomach retain a light brown- the color of a perfectly whipped chocolate mousse- while her back varies in swatches and stripes as if someone drizzled warm fudge over her. Even then, it's as if she dipped her face and each of her paws up to the ankle in the decadent dark chocolate, just to add a little bitterness to the mix. Across her cheeks and limbs lay scattered freckles that seem to change with every shed like a fresh dusting of powdered sugar to top off the perfect dessert. There she waits, all plated up and ready to serve.


The Map

Sparrow, a girl who is to be raised by a pirate father and a once star-struck mother is sure to have an interesting upbringing. As it would turn out, she is expected to both be adventurous and family oriented; someone who is fine doing her own thing, but is around when it matters. She, like her father, will never truly leave the silliness of puphood behind as she ages, even if just to spite the adults that did.

Her existence will be one to shout into the void and perhaps even dive in before waiting for an answer. Not one with the most patience and perhaps a bit brash, Sparrow struggles to retain the gentler and kinder of ways. Still, she finds that those close to her and those that garner her respect can reveal a softer side to her on occasion. Despite this, she has a fascination with balance and battle and how the wounds from battle affect others both physically and mentally. Her mind ebbs into the dangers of toxicities and poisons and the whole realm of anti-healing possibilities as well as raiding and restoring balance... just in her own favor.


Born Spring Year 13
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parentsAshmedai Imperialis x Arpeggio Destruction
siblingsAshmedai x Lust: ??? Ashmedai x Arpeggio: Talon
Extended FamilyImperialis, Destructions, et al.

Fight Form

Sparrow Imperialis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: Sword
Defensive Battle Accessory: Reinforced pirate hat
Companion 1: Harlequin Macaw, Female - Flying
Companion 2: Capuchin monkey, Male - Battle
Mutation 1: Cat claws - Offensive
Mutation 2: Bone spurs - Defensive
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Navigator
Specialty: Knight
Sparrow Imperialis vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Offensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Sword</a>
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Reinforced pirate hat</a>
Companion 1: <a href="">Harlequin Macaw, Female - Flying</a>
Companion 2: <a href="">Capuchin monkey, Male - Battle</a>
Mutation 1: <a href="">Cat claws - Offensive</a>
Mutation 2: <a href="">Bone spurs - Defensive</a>
Skills: Master Fighter & Master Navigator
Specialty: Knight


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