Samhain Week 3 Announcement



11-02-2022, 05:17 AM
Final Week / Week Three

The familiars bring the week’s festivities to a spectacular close. The offerings have all been arranged and re-arranged, the nature walk paths are cleared of visitors, and each and every straw wolf is gathered up and ceremoniously put to the torch in the Steppe. More than a few children are a little upset to have their new straw friends go up in flames in front of their eyes but before any parents can get too irate about their offspring, something strange distracts them all. The bonfire's flames begin to grow brighter and brighter, glowing a brilliant green visible from territories away. A sort of awed hush falls over the revelers and the air itself feels somehow thicker. All across both Boreas and Auster there is an oddly oppressive feeling that seems to push down on the world, like the change in air pressure before a storm. Green lights like the bonfire's flames dance across the sky.

“Thank you everyone for your continued efforts in helping us prepare for and celebrate Samhain.” The black cat from the feast’s voice lifts above the crowd, though as you look about you nor anyone else can seem to find the feline. “We are so close now, and through your efforts the divide between this realm and the next grows ever thinner. The power of the gods grows stronger and spirits may be more eager to join in the fun. We hope you will all consider continuing to offer your support until the very end.” There is a pause as an unearthly silence seems to fall over the gathering, the hushed voices falling away to nothing. You are suddenly not sure if the odd pressure you have been feeling is actually mystical or merely psychological, but slowly the voices of those gathered begin to pick up again despite the discomfort. Soon enough everything seems to have gone back to normal, but there is still an uneasy feeling tugging at the back of your mind, telling you something has changed.

The veil has dropped.

With this final week of celebration a number of new activities have been added for you to enjoy. You may participate in as many or as few as you would like.

All players may only participate in this week's events a total of 4 times. You are free to split that 4 however you want among the events though remember each character may only participate in each activity once.


In a low-risk level you can expect the potential for a mild loss of gems or skills as well as non-permanent injuries.
For medium-risk, you can expect a potential for a larger loss of gems and/or skills, cosmetic maims, and the loss of accessories or companions.
High-risk is where the loss is greatest, participation assumes that you consent and understand that a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances may fall upon your character. [Excluding murder and major disabilities, but minor disabilities and permanent maims are possible for high risk events so proceed at your own risk!]

Keep in mind as always, the potential risk is equal to the potential reward.

Touching the Veil

High Risk, High Reward

As Samhain draws closer, the veil between worlds begins to thin. This time of year is your best chance at witnessing spirits crossing into our world and out of Somnium, though the souls may need a little help from you to fully come over.

To participate in this activity, you must first complete a 800+ word solo starter that focuses on inviting in a wayward soul. You can be creative in how your wolf attempts to reach a member of Somnium, whether they visit a gravesite, meditate, or utilize herbs to get into a more receptive mindspace. Once your 800+ word solo starter is complete, you may invite your Somnium partner to join your thread. Once 3+ rounds are complete of the two characters interacting in some way, the prompt has been fulfilled and can be submitted. Completed threads may be submitted for 45 skill points of your choice.

Submission Thread

Divination and Guidance

Medium Risk

Divination and scrying is an artform, a method of seeking guidance that every wolf can benefit from. The familiars encourage you to take advantage of the current close proximity of their Gods and from them, seek wisdom and knowledge.

Complete an 800+ word solo, or a 3+ round thread with a partner either giving or receiving some form of divination or fortune telling. It should be focused around some form of divination, whether it be tarot based, runic based, scrying, or some other method. Supplies can be assumed to be provided within the main festival in the Stone Steppes, but you are welcome to come prepared with your own! Completed threads may be submitted for 45 skill points of your choice.

Submission Thread

Bonfire Resolutions

Low Risk

Autumn signals the coming winter and with it, the end of many life cycles across nature. As spring returns, it will come with new life, a new year, and you will be capable of the same growth and change. Reflect upon your habits, your faults, the things you wish you could change about yourself for the new year; in this ritualistic bonfire, the familiars invite you to let go of those faults in a ceremonial way.

Complete a 3+ round thread or a 800+ word solo centered around reflecting and acknowledging the things your character would like to change about themselves. Craft or bring along a special token that symbolizes what you are wanting to let go of, and while imagining that release, cast it into the Samhain flames. Completed threads may be claimed for 45 skill points of your choice.

Submission Thread

Charged With Possession

You're Already Dead, What More Can We Do?

You feel a lurch in the world, wether still in Somnium or in the world of the living you feel something shift and when you next are in the world of the living you feel more real somehow. You feel something pulling you forward, always forward, Something is telling you to do something. While you have the power to speak and be heard still you are still not corporeal, you cannot touch anything… But there may be a way… The tugging feeling is pulling you towards it.

To participate in this activity, complete either a 3+ round thread or a 800+ word solo in any of the event affected lands in which your Somnium character possesses a smaller animal. Possession can only occur to an animal no bigger than a goat and you may not possess any other wolves or non-wolf characters. You also may not possess any familiars. How well you possess a creature is up to your interpretation but you do not have any more strength than could be normally assumed for the creature you possess, you may however retain any of your character’s knowledge. Ghosts may not enter any threads they are not explicitly welcome in, please ensure you receive OOC permission from the thread's author before entering someone elses thread.

Submission Thread

Deadline for all events: November 9th, 9PM PST

All submissions must be posted by the deadline with no exceptions