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Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Gemstones Gemstones Acts as site currency. n/a 370
Post-acceptance Toy Height Pass Post-acceptance Toy Height Pass Allows a character to shrink to 15" minimum (takes one season to fully occur IC). Post-acceptance toy height (change to height once used) n/a
Extra Pup Pass Extra Pup Pass Allows an extra pup beyond the free rolled amount; make sure you are not exceeding your maximum rolled litter size. n/a 2
Season Breeding Pass Season Breeding Pass Allows a character to breed out of her heat season (birth season). n/a 1
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Lucky Rabbit's Foot Using this increases luck on a single roll. Use on a fight roll, a race roll, a litter roll, an event roll... or something else! n/a 1
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