Tucked deep in the cavern, a lone ship stands grounded. One can assume at one point the cavern must have connected to the waters of Obsidian Beach and was used to hide ships like this one. Its once pristine wooden exterior has grayed and become covered in long, glittering shards similar to others in the cave. On the side of the ship, though its barely legible and some of the letters seem to be missing, the words "Iko's Revenge" remain. The sides of the ship are intricately laced with wooden details and ropes that surely served some purpose a long time ago. Its ornate outer detailing starkly contrasts the simplistic interior, which remains mostly in tact. Rooms are divided into what looks to be primarily two types: rooms for sleeping and rooms for storage. The sleeping rooms are much like dens with many padded areas to sleep. The storage rooms, however, boast many shiny objects as well as weapons and armor from long ago. A large, unmoving black flag looms over the top deck. The deck itself features nets and canons and is littered with more glistening shards of all colors. One could spend days exploring every floor of this ship, although some say when the moonlight hits it, the voices of the old crew can be heard going about their daily tasks. (Open to Intermediate and above Fighters)


Iko's Revenge

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