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07-08-2024, 03:06 PM

Gilgamesh would attempt to give all of his pups equal attention, training, and whatever else they required to grow up strong, smart, and capable. His first target of the day after a short journey to the Battlefield was Korona. The others gathered were being occupied with Calliope as she allowed them to melee with her.

Turning his attention to the very Modesty-esque appearing pup, Gilgamesh turns his gaze upon her, a hardened look only a father could hold. "Beat me and I will grant whatever wish you desire," he states, voice plain, but with a slight teasing note. It wouldn't matter if it was carrying her on his back all day or fetching her food whenever she wanted, he would fulfill her wish if she were able to best him. With no accesorries to adorn or companions to back him up, it would make the fight only marginally fairer.

Gilgamesh vs Korona for Spar
Round 1/2
Age: Over 1
Size: Extra large
Build: Balanced
Mutation 1: Crystal spines - Defensive
Mutation 2: Tufted deer fangs - Offensive
Skills: Master Intellectual & Master Fighter
Specialty: Gambler

gilgamesh is aggressive, don't trust him


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07-10-2024, 02:35 AM

Korona stood tall, her lithe frame taut with anticipation as her father, Gilgamesh, approached her for a spar. Her fur, a striking blend of midnight black and cosmos themselves, glistened under the sunlight. She met his gaze with her own intense, stormy amber eyes, mirroring the determination and resolve that burned within her.

Gilgamesh's challenge echoed in the clearing, his voice both a command and a promise. The slight teasing note did not go unnoticed by Korona, a small smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. She knew her father's methods well – every lesson was a test of strength, wit, and will.

“You promise, daddy?” She replied, her voice steady, betraying none of the nervous excitement that bubbled within her. Her tailless rump waggled in the air as her forepaws tapped against the ground habitually.

And then, with a swift, calculated move, Korona lowered herself into a defensive stance. Her muscles coiled like springs, ready to unleash their power. She took a deep breath, focusing her mind, letting the world around her fade into the background. The battlefield was their stage, and she was determined to prove herself worthy.

She lunged forward, her movements a blur of speed and precision. Korona aimed low, attempting to unbalance Gilgamesh with a swift strike to his legs, knowing well that brute strength alone wouldn't be enough to best him, especially at her age. Korona felt the strain in her muscles, the burn of exertion, but she pushed through, her resolve unyielding.

Win or lose, she was determined to make her father proud. And if she emerged victorious, she already knew what she would wish for – a chance to train by his side, to learn from him every day, to become as strong and wise as the legendary Gilgamesh himself.

Korona vs Gilgamesh for Spar
Round 1/2
Age: Under 6m
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Light
Mutation 1: Quills (Defensive)
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Advanced Intellectual

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