Down, Down, Down


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7 Years
Dire wolf

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03-18-2023, 12:53 PM

It had been a while since the crimson male had gone North. He had a lot to think about, and while he was going nowhere in particular, he couldn't help the nagging thoughts in the back of his mind. Were they really his own though? Or His? He uttered a low growl, hearing it echo throughout the cavern. He didn't like this new sense of confusion. Like he was losing control of everything around him. Losing control of himself. It ate away at him, piece by piece, and when all was said and done...he had no idea what would happen. He clung to what he could but felt himself slipping with each passing day. He kicked at a rock and sent it flying, only to be surprised when it clattered against something that didn't sound like stone. Crimson gaze looked up to find that there appeared to be a set of...doors? Had that been there this whole time?

Curious, he approached the doors and pushed them open just enough for him to get through. On the other side, he was surprised to see a whole other world different from the caverns he just came from. Here, it looked like some sort of civilized being had created it. Humans, perhaps? Stepping further in, he noticed there were all sorts of things that sat untouched. "I wonder what they used this for..."


Ignis has a pair of Sika Deer antlers that are not depicted in his artwork (yet).
Ignis is unpredictable and may become violent with little or no provocation due to his "demon" schizophrenia inherited in his bloodline! Consider this your warning!
*Ignis' tail is docked, and his left ear has been torn away and now resembles a Battle crop style.