Samhain - Week 2



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10-24-2022, 02:48 AM
Week Two

The feast is finally ready, the Steppe is decked out in autumnal decorations, somehow some of the familiars have managed to weave together chains of red, yellow and orange leaves which are draped over several dark wooden tables and the large standing stones. Several more clearly donated items decorate the Steppe, various wreaths, of flowers and of leathers are hung from the edges of tables and the stones. Gourds of all shapes and sizes dot the ground of the steppes, one pumpkin even had a face carved into it and a candle flickering from within that grin. A flower garland is stretched across a few of the stones, and leaning against those stones are a shield with a very distinctive, and for some familiar, lupine face, a pair of spears crossed behind it. Tacked to the tallest stone was a map, one part of it much less detailed than the rest, it’s hung upside down. (Hey the familiars don’t know what they don’t know.)

The tables are lit by candles at regular intervals, otherwise their decorations are asymmetrical. A wooden bowl decorated with spear-like shapes sits as the centerpiece of one, it holds some particularly fragrant flowers and shiny stones. That table is covered in scattered peacock feathers. A vial of sand that for reasons unknown strikes any who look at it as magical is the centerpiece of the other table. This table is distinctly sea themed, scattered with seashells and shark teeth. Several pillows are placed near the tables, and all around the steppe are pelts and skins of all kinds: A tiger pelt in the center of the stones, a polar bear over there, a caiman skin runner on one table, and several baby seal pelts as more seating around the tables. Everytime the chill autumn breeze picks up the gentle tinkling of a wind chime can be heard.  A few smaller fires are scattered about the steppe, each with a familiar carefully tending it to keep the fire from dying or growing too strong.

As wolves and other animals mill about in the communal space, the air is filled with the sounds of life, of old friendships and rivalries, of new connections good and bad, it seems an unspoken rule here that all grudges are to be put aside for the night and anyone who gets too close to breaking the uneasy peace soon finds a familiar staring them down with a dangerous edge to their gaze. For tonight at least the focus is on the feast, everything else can wait for tomorrow.

As the sun is setting, the sky painted a more vivid red than any sky seen before a loud caw cuts through the chatter, and a silence quickly falls over the gathering, eyes turning to observe the white raven that sounded from atop one of the standing stones. It clicks it’s beak and seems to gesture towards the tables, a wave of excited and surprised gasps go up from the crowds as each attendee turns in their own time to see:

A procession of food and drink gently float their way towards the table, plates piled high with various foods here a basket of fruit, there dried meats and one particular pot smells strongly of seafood. earthenware jugs that smell of wines… Was that mulled wine? Large slabs of meats glide their way towards the scattered fires, graciously accepted by the familiars who tend them who begin to carefully cook them, some are roasted on spits you spot haunches of seal meat and caimen legs, while others are being cut into smaller portions and dried such as stripes of shark meat and the rest of the caiman. If you were to squint at the parade of food and drink you might just barely catch a glimpse of something shimmering carrying each item, it’s form shifting and inconsistent.

As the last of the food arrives a voice calls out from the stones, a black cat has jumped up to sit next to the white raven her high reedy voice carrying somehow despite her size. She is wearing a silver necklace, a ruby pendant hanging from the chain… Hey wasn’t that meant to decorate? Now that you look closer she’s also wearing an emerald necklace…

“This feast is the fruits of all your labors, we are grateful for the dedication shown to help us in honoring the gods, eat and drink your fill, for tonight we celebrate what is to come!”

With that slightly ominous statement the cat jumps back down and the the low murmur of chatter starts up again, you meander through the feast noticing a stew, bison by the smell, that appears to still be in the stomach is was cooked in? On one plate is a rather plump stuffed racoon, you can't help but feel he was probably once a very good friend when you look upon him, and a plate piled high with roasted pumpkin seeds. You begin to mentally sort through what you want to try confident there will be enough food and drink for everyone here. The night goes on, the feast only finishing when the last few scraps are claimed, even the jack-o-lantern had been thoroughly consumed, and the last conscious guest is lulled into the easy comforting sleep of a fully belly.

As the feast draws to a close, the main event begins.

The familiars would like to thank everyone for their contributions on behalf of their Gods and Goddesses and bid you to please enjoy the fruits of your labours:
8.5 days of double gems!

With the celebration in full swing, a number of new activities have been added for you to enjoy. You may participate in as many or as few as you would like.

All players may only participate in this week's events a total of 8 times. You are free to split that 8 however you want among the events though remember each character may only participate in each activity once.


In a low-risk level you can expect the potential for a mild loss of gems or skills as well as non-permanent injuries.
For medium-risk, you can expect a potential for a larger loss of gems and/or skills, cosmetic maims, and the loss of accessories or companions.
High-risk is where the loss is greatest, participation assumes that you consent and understand that a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances may fall upon your character. [Excluding murder and major disabilities, but minor disabilities and permanent maims are possible for high risk events so proceed at your own risk!]

Keep in mind as always, the potential risk is equal to the potential reward.

Devotion and Worship

High Risk, High Reward

The familiars tending to their statues ask that before enjoying the Samhain festival, you prove your devotion and worship to one of the represented deities by bringing an offering to an altar of your choice.

Upon one of the five altars so carefully decorated on-site in the week past, your characters are requested to place one offering in the thread of the statue of your choice. This offering may be anything, something gathered IC, something acquired OOC, and anything in between. Each character may only devote to one statue (and thus one God/Goddess) and we encourage you to give careful thought to the one you decide to choose as well as the offering in question.

Veteran’s Plateau Altar
Descensum Altar
God’s Garden Altar
Soulless Forest Altar
Hallucination Caves Altar

Samhain Nature Walk

Medium Risk

In each autumn-touched land a quiet route for contemplation and thought has been set up. The familiars in charge of this activity will be patrolling to ensure it is completed peacefully. You are encouraged to participate, and to observe and contemplate the strange magical autumn that has arrived. Notice the colors, smells, sounds and other sensations of the season. Reflect on the circle of life and how important death and rebirth is to nature itself.

To participate in this activity, complete a 3+ round thread or 800+ word solo in any of the affected areas, taking a contemplative journey through the autumn changes.
Completed threads can be claimed for 30 Navigation Skill Points.

Submission Thread

Straw Wolf Crafting

Low Risk

A station has been built for participants to craft a wolf out of straw. A great activity for pups! The completed straw wolves will guard the harvest, and the familiars have hinted that there is something special in store for them at the end of the week!

To participate in this activity, complete a 3+ round thread or 800+ word solo in the Stone Steppes. You can assume that many various materials have been laid out for you already to use, though you may bring your own if you choose!
Completed threads can be claimed for 30 Intellect Skill Points.

Submission Thread

Just a Little Haunting

You're Already Dead, What More Can We Do?

When you open your eyes it is not the ever inconsistent landscape of Somnium that greets you but the familiar feeling of the mortal plane. You find yourself in the Stone Steppe, before you are several long dark wood tables piled with various foods. You feel a hunger you haven’t in a long time and instinctively know you may consume the very corporal food without really taking it. You are aware that around you there are others, living and ghost but they slid off of your mind until you’ve “eaten” your fill. Then the reality of the feast settles into you, you are in the land of the living once more, though you are not alive and your power feels weak, but you do not tire from travel and you may be able to have some fun even so.

To participate in this activity, complete a 3+ round thread in any of the event affected lands in which your Somnium character haunts a living wolf. Ghosts are not permitted to enter any threads not specifically for them, nor can any living wolf see, smell, feel or hear them, however they may be able to affect small changes in the environment to try and make their presence known. Ghosts are not capable of moving anything bigger or heavier than a squirrel, nor can they affect any animals.... yet.

Submission Thread

Deadline for all events: October 30th 9PM PST

All submissions must be posted by the deadline with no exceptions