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09-23-2022, 03:06 PM

Bowen had made it back in time for a second brother's wedding. If Grim were to get married, she'd be three for three. Her time traveling with Tej had changed her. Being away from the Hallows and all of her worries and overthinking had really helped the fae to put things into perspective. She had been a burden before. She was walking emotional baggage. Bowen relied on Artorias too much. Wanted something that she would never have and she had lamented over it, digging herself into a deep pit of melancholy. It wasn't fair to him and it wasn't fair to herself. And so she had gone. Bowen hadn't intended to be gone forever, and so when she felt ready, she and her tiger friend headed back.

On their journey back to The Hallows, Tej expressed an interest in traveling and enjoying his freedom. Bowen did like traveling, but she had made a promise and so she couldn't go with him. Tej saw her back to the castle and the pair parted ways promising to always be friends. It was a little bittersweet, but it was for the best. The big cat wouldn't have any other tigers in his life if he stayed, and that wasn't fair to him. She would miss him, but it was for the best.

Rudyards wedding had been a success. Everyone was happy. Even Bowen was happy. Night had fallen across the land and the tiny, caramel and cream fae drifted away from the gathering and out onto the plains. A gentle breeze blew, ruffling her silken fur and sending the tall stalks of grass around her to whispering. Bowen sprawled out on a slight rise in the land, her chin rested on one bent foreleg. Green eyes watched the dancing stars above and a soft sigh escaped the woman. She was home and she was content.

"Bowen & Artorias"
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09-23-2022, 09:13 PM
Rudyard and Fern's wedding had been a rousing success. His brother and sweet fiancée now sister-in-law were at the peak of their lives, living through one of the most joyous occasions that he had been blessed to be a part of. Officiating his first wedding had been nerve-wracking, but he thought he'd done a decent enough job of the ceremony for his brother. Now the lovebirds were celebrating the remainder of their reception with the rest of the Hallows, the hour stretching well into the night. Artorias would have also been a part of the reception still, feasting and drinking with his family and friends, but there was something else far more pressing on his mind, something that had shown up at the last minute that he hadn't planned for.


His smaller sister had shown up like a dream in amongst the crowd of Hallows wolves to share in the special moment with their brother. Her appearance had been so unexpected that Artorias had almost been derailed from the entire ceremony. Once it had all been said and done, however, he hadn't had a moment to go seek out his wayward sister before she slipped away once again. The first chance he had, Artorias followed Bowen's scent back out of the castle and out to the vast plains. The evening was mild, the late fall weather of Auster clear and warm with just a bit of a breeze. The night sky was cloudless, a beautiful inky canvas of shimmering stars that covered the land in silvery light. That was where he found his caramel and cream sister, resting among the tall grass. It took the brute a long moment to determine if he was dreaming or not, and when it was decided that this was no mirage, he approached her, heavy paws crunching the grass softly beneath his toes.

A mixture of emotions churned in Artorias' heart. Love for the wolf who meant so much to him, joy to see her again and well, excitement to have her home once more—but also trepidation for how delicate she had been before, frustration that she had gone off on her own instead of to the Armada like she'd said she would, and anxiousness for how their relationship might forever be different now. Artorias didn't call out to her. His presence was announced by his footfalls drawing closer to her. Citrine eyes never left her form, still half expecting to blink and find she had disappeared once again. "Bowen..." Artorias' words drifted off with her name. There was so much he wanted to ask. Where had she gone for the past two seasons? What had she gotten into? What was she thinking?! How dare she betray his trust and run off?! Did she have any idea how worried he had been when he'd learned of what she'd done?! Instead, the azure brute simply said, "You came back."

"Bowen & Artorias"

One big happy family

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