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If something needs changing, updating, or fixing this is the place to request it.
Staff will correspond with you by editing your request posts and writing in them with red text.
Pack and pack rank changes are alpha responsibilities. Please do not ask staff to do them.
Note: If your links are not clickable, your requests will be ignored.

<a href="URL">This is my link!</a>

Archiving completed or abandoned threads, or pulling them out of archives.
Please list a link to the thread you would like to be archived. If a thread of yours was archived and you'd like to activate it again, please post a link to it here and tell us where it was originally located, and we will restore the thread.

Deletion of IC or OOC posts.
If you made an out-of-character post accidentally, double posted, or posted on the wrong account, please post a link to the thread here and tell us what the error was. We will delete the post and edit your Gemstone count.

Setting a character inactive.
If you'd like for us to set one of your characters to inactive please link the character name here, and a statement saying you'd like for the character to be set to inactive.

Skill Changes or Mishaps
If you want to change your character's skills, or you notice a discrepancy in your skill points or skill rank, post here to get it changed!

Fulfilling 5 graphics requests.
Every time you finish 5 graphics requests, post here with a link to where the 5 fulfilled are and you will receive 50 gems to Gemstone Credits.

Art Shop Payments
If you purchase art from the art forum, post here with a link to the purchase and link the account(s) you would like the gems to come from. Please use a separate post for each person you are purchasing from, for archival purposes.

Deceased Characters.
When a character dies, you can request here to switch their account from to deceased mode. That way you can post in the Somnium board and interact with the living through dreams.
Note: Characters no longer need to have a death thread to be set to deceased and post in Somnium. However, this is irreversible so make certain you want them to have died before you request this.

Territory Description Changes
Post here to request changes to land descriptions for major changes done in character. There must be a link to at least one thread for proof of a major lasting transformation such as fences, walls, etc, and it must be realistically possible (you can't sink the SS Antiox, for instance)

Custom User Title
When a character hits 500 posts, OR double skill mastery, you may choose a custom title to be displayed beneath your name on the mini profile left of posts. Please keep them appropriate!

Any other requests? Something needs to be fixed?
Go ahead and post here.

Archives of all requested Gemstone transfers, (ie. art sales, trades, etc.) can be found HERE.

Staff, please delete requests as they are fulfilled except gemstone claims and art shop purchases which are to be archived.