Seasonal Skill Prompts - Spring, Year 18



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Seasonal Skill Prompts

Skill Prompts are a monthly feature that allow your character to gain skills in different ways. Each character can only complete ONE prompt per season, and can be completed either in a solo post or in a group thread. You cannot claim these posts for other skill points! Please note that as long as you complete the objectives, you're free to be creative with your posts and have some fun with these prompts!

For solo posts, you must complete the entire prompt in one post. Of course, you can use these posts as thread starters and continue the thread as usual, but no other skills may be claimed by you from that thread.

For group threads, the word count is cumulative and will be counted over all participants. However, participants must be ACTIVELY trying to complete the skill prompt for their words to count. Note that group threads have a maximum of 3 allowed participants unless otherwise specified.

Spring, Year 18 Seasonal Skill Prompts


Spring Forward.: Spring is the perfect time for transformation and change. Maybe it's time to try something new!
Goal: Practice a new style of combat. Use a weapon you're unfamiliar with, or fight against an opponent you're not used to fighting (different build/fighting styles, etc).
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Find an opponent to fight.
2. Practice a new style of combat. Maybe this includes using a new weapon, using a new fighting style entirely, or fighting against an opponent who's using a weapon or fighting style you're unfamiliar with.
3. See the fight through to the end. What do you learn from this new experience, if anything?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points


Stormy Hunt: Hunt a prey animal down during a storm!
Goal: Complete a hunt during a storm (doesn't have to be a hurricane).
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Intiate a hunt of a prey animal.
2. Once the hunt is in progress, a storm begins. It does not have to be a hurricane, but the storm must be strong enough to impact your hunt.
3. What changes do you have to make because of the storm? How much more difficult is it?
4. See the hunt through to the end! Do you succeed or not?

Reward: 30 Hunting Skill Points


Bloom Baby, Bloom: Forget the herbs, lets grow some flowers!
Goal: Plant a flower that also has some medicinal purpose.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Find a flower (something that has some medicinal use, on top of just being pretty) that you want to plant. Do you already have seeds collected, or do you need to go dig something up and transplant it elsewhere?
2. Note the features of the flower. How does it look? What medicinal purpose will it serve?
3. Get to planting!

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points


Rock You Like A Hurricane: Survive a hurricane!
Goal: Encounter (and survive) a hurricane near the coast.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Coastal Boreas
1. Encounter a hurricane near the coast.
2. What's your plan? Do you seek shelter or try to run from it?
3. Experience it- and survive! What affects is the hurricane having on the land around you while you fight to survive?

Reward: 30 Navigation Skill Points


Spring Cleaning: Time to tidy up!
Goal: Take some time to clean up. Maybe you're tidying up your den, a common area for your pack/band, cleaning some accessories, or maybe you're just cleaning yourself up!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Find something that needs to be cleaned. Maybe it's your den, a shared space, something you own, or even yourself or a companion.
2. Get cleaning!
3. How do you feel after things are tidied up?

Reward: 30 Intellect Skill Points

BONUS PROMPT - Navigation / Intellect

Only one bonus prompt per PLAYER allowed each season. A character can only complete ONE prompt a season, whether it be a bonus prompt or a regular prompt, unless otherwise specified.

Shelter From The Storm: Discovering terrible weather is on the horizon, find some way to shelter a group of wolves from the coming hurricane!
Goal: Find/construct shelter for you and at least one other wolf.
Word Count: 2500 (2 wolves), 3500 (3 wolves), 4500 (4 wolves)
Location: Coastal Boreas
1. Note that bad weather is coming soon.. specifically, a hurricane!
2. Make a plan to shelter yourself and others from the storm. Maybe this consists of finding shelter somewhere unusual or crafting shelter- whatever you come up with!
3. Hunker down through the storm until it passes. How well does your shelter help protect you?

Reward: 30 Navigation Points & 30 Intellect Points

Redeem prompts as usual in skill claims!