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Samhain 2022
06-02-2022, 12:45 AM

Remus began to make the trek back from Auster after a not so fruitful journey to go check on his brother. He hadn't heard from his sibling in a while and he had been too caught up in his own pursuits to think much of it, but now that he was lingering close to Ashen's lands and just waiting around for Ike to finish with her duties to come spend time with him he had plenty of time to think and he realized just how long it had been since his last visit to the southern pack that Romulus had chosen to spend his time in. He let Ike know he was going to head out for a few days and went further south, crossing over to the other continent and arriving at The Hallows border to call for Roman. The only issue was that it wasn't Romulus that answered, but another Hallows wolf that had been out on a patrol at the time who informed him that Romulus had left had left with his girl some time ago. They didn't really share many details as to the when or the why, but all he had to know was that Roman had left and now he had no idea where his brother had run off to this time.

A frown crossed his face while he walked, letting out a huff that caused a cloud of steam to form around his nose now that he was back in Boreas and had returned to the cooler temperatures. It wasn't too frigid since he was still fairly far south as far as the northern continent went, but all the same the chill and the light dusting of snow was noticeable. After all the work he had done to track down his brother, just for him to disappear... It didn't sit right with him, but there wasn't much he could do about it now. He just wish he knew what had happened that would have caused him to leave when he had seemed so happy there when they last talked. It had to have been something serious, he just had no clue as to what. Remus tried to shrug it off and focus on getting back to where he had set up his "home", at least for now. It wasn't much, but he had been camped out there since the beach day he had arranged for Ike so it had become the most permanent home the vagabond had kept for quite some time.

As he was walking he wasn't paying close attention to where he was going and that ended up biting him in the butt as he was moving through a thick patch of shrubbery and thorns, some of them catching his shoulder as he was trying to push his way through. He sucked in a breath and cursed quietly to himself as he backed out, craning his neck to see the cuts that were left across his shoulder, a few dribbles of blood trailing down his leg. He sighed and looked around him, actually taking inventory of where he had ended up now that some damn thorns had forced him to do so. The vegetation through here was hard to get through normally as he remembered from the couple of trips he had made to Auster so far, but now it was the dead of night thanks to his poor planning and he couldn't hardly tell which way he was supposed to be going.

"Great..." he muttered to himself, already not in the most fabulous of moods and now even more soured thanks to getting lost in an overgrown briar patch. He debated his options since he could certainly just find a clearing of some sort and wait for morning, but he really wanted to make it back to his den as soon as possible instead of continuing to fuss around with this for another day. If he could just get a proper direction... With a hum he turned his ruby and emerald gaze up toward the sky and finally it seemed like he was in a little bit of luck. The winter sky was clear and he could pick out all of the stars above him—or at least as many as the dense plant growth around him would allow him to see. He scanned the sky for awhile, picking out patterns and bright pin points of light that he could recognize so he could at least get his bearings. It wouldn't help him get through all these damn thorn filled bushes, but at least he would know which way to go.

He picked out the direction that would lead him north and that was all he needed to get his wits about him. Putting his other worries out of his mind he turned the proper direction and headed forward. It was still slow moving and he wound up with a few more cuts along the way, but he managed to at least get back home while it was still dark which he considered a victory. If only his brother was around for him to complain about it to...

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