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How many times do I have to teach you a lesson?! The Ooze Participant
05-13-2022, 05:05 PM
Levi was adjusting to the change of scenery well enough, far better than his mother at the very least. The winding tunnels of the Col served their purpose well, were soon stocked with everything the Armada needed and having done his part helping place things where they ought to be, Levi soon found himself outside once more. Perched high, quiet and content knowing full well what this place was meant to be. Out of all the wolves who currently called the Armada home, he produced the least foot traffic, so to speak. Moved silently on his paws, had left small prints in the snow as it hushed softly beneath his weight. Hush hush hush.

The bark had barely cracked beneath the dig of his claws, remained firm and steady as he hauled his way up and settled upon a branch. Almost like a jungle cat, splayed and comfortable, completely at ease with himself. Though to an outsider his stillness might have been misinterpreted as complacency he was anything but, his eyes darted with distant movements. The dash of a rabbit as it startled away from a tuft of grass poking out of the snow, spooked as a raven landed on a nearby branch and caused snow to rain down in its vicinity. Despite how desolate it seemed at this time of year there was life to be found, if you knew where to look.

Yet more movement soon caught his ears. The heavy thud of paws, smushing snow down tight and compact as a dire made his way through the tangle of trees. He listened for a moment longer, noting the pace of their stride, the order of their gait and was quick to assume it was his sire. Sirius walked slower, with a sense of mounting purpose and perhaps old age, if his salt and pepper maw said anything. Mortis walked slightly faster, lighter too as though his uncertainties were kicking him up the rump. And that left Azure, much thuddier with his bear paws, innate aggression in most things he did, like he knew what he was and didn't bother hiding it.

"Father." Levi greeted once the Champion was close enough, tone cold, impersonal like acquaintances who held no real animosity towards one another.