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It Concludes...

In the endless night, a firefly blinks. Blue, blue, blue... Yellow? First one, then another, their unfamiliar, yet nostalgic hue returning to the landscape. They seem to move en masse, lighting up the sky as they migrate. They eat the mushrooms and roost on the crystals, breaking them down in small amounts. Then, the first rays of light begin to appear on the horizon, slowly at first, but then, finally, the sun rises. The warmth floods the world once again, the blues and purples being replaced with reds and golds. As the sun touches the crystals and mushrooms, they begin to break down and dry out, leaving only a shimmering powder to be washed away by the winds and rains to come. The ground rustles and vibrates deep below, as if stretching and getting ready for movement and new growth. For the first time in a long time things seem... Normal.

Wolves, now touched by the sun, will begin to heal rapidly. The crystals dislodge and crumble, the mushrooms dry up. Within 2 OOC weeks all the symptoms and remnants will be gone, and the ghosts will have returned home. Many will be left with sores and wounds, but nothing that will leave a lasting mark (unless you want it to!) as the world and your characters heal... though perhaps the mental wounds left behind are far worse... but at least now some form of healing can begin.

Thank you all for participating in our longest and most involved event yet! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we worked through some new experimental mechanics. We discovered lots of what does and doesn't work and we will discuss this for any further events. And again - thank you!

1. The random collection of currency as mushrooms or crystals wasn't just for pointless filler text. Deer Dad was secretly mutating, based on the outcomes of each phase. In Phase 1, you rolled crystals or mushroom currency, and the winner was crystals. Likewise in Phase 2 you rolled for hidden sicknesses that we revealed at the end of the phase, and again the most common infection was crystals, and finally in Phase 4 more crystals were collected than mushrooms. Crystals was the clear winner! We wanted to see how an NPC might develop with players unknowingly contributing to his outcome, and so here we have Deer Dad's final form! We enjoyed this hidden mechanic and will definitely be making use of it again the future.

Stay tuned as we get Deer Dad finalized and fully detailed, and you can be sure you'll see him again in future events.

As a teaser, here are some examples of how he could have looked, based on the following outcomes, in this order: All Phases Mushroom, Phase 1 & 3 Mushroom/Phase 2 & 4 Crystal, and Phase 2 & 4 Mushroom and 1 & 3 Crystal).

2. Check out the 3 new awards available for any wolves who got infected over the course of the event. Stay tuned within the next couple weeks for more event-themed awards added, for general event participation, for those who stuck with the event for all four prompts, and more!

3. Firefly Guy hasn't yet departed, and rumors of him setting up a more permanent shop begin to spread. Stay tuned for a one time opportunity to use the last of your event currency in the coming weeks!

4. Be sure to wrap up your Phase 4 thread purchases by this weekend, and continue using items - there is no end date for that yet.