A fisherman is born

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He took the day to go and see how the hunting was in the area. However, instead of checking the surrounding areas of the pack, he headed towards the Northern waterfall. He hadn't been to that area in a long time, and he figured with the constant water source, he might find some good prey there. After all, water was pretty much the source of all life wasn't it? Where there was water, plants would grow. And where plants grew, prey would be searching for places to graze and drink. With companions in tow, they arrived at the falls and paused near the pool that was fed by the waterfall. He gazed up the rock face, ears taking in the sound of the roaring water. It felt...refreshing...and the ̶̿͘c̶͌̕r̴̔̉y̷̅͋š̵̾tal clear pool of water looked calming to him. There was more beneath the surface, however. He spotted flashes of silver beneath the surface of the water, and he tilted his head curiously as he focused there. He had never really fished before, but his companions were avid fishers and were much better than him at it by far. Maybe today would be the day he would take up fishing.

"You two up for some fishing? We could bring back a good amount for the kids and the pack if we do well enough." He approached the edge of the water and crouched down, crimson gaze watching the fish lazily swim beneath the surface. They varied in size, and some were certainly bigger than he'd ever seen before. What kind of fish were these? "Look's like we might be able to take home some sockeye salmon and trout, that'll last us a while if we prep them right." Ig nodded as he watched one of the salmon swim towards the shore. They looked slow...perhaps that would be his first target. "So the big ones...salmon? I'm assuming they're not hard to catch. They're big, so an easy target I think...""One thing that makes it easier to keep from spooking the fish, is keeping your shadow from the water. But it's overcast, so we don't have to worry too much about that. Though honestly...these fish don't seem too spooked. I don't think much has tried to hunt them, and the ripples from the waterfall on the surface will actually work in our favor. So let's get fishing."

Ig's lips quirked up as he turned his attention back to the water. The salmon looked particularly good, and he had never tried salmon before. Moving to the ledge, he watched his companions sit patiently for a moment before the wolverine dove halfway in with claws outstretched, gripping into the flesh of a trout while his teeth gripped firmly into the spine. He dragged it out and set it a fair distance from the shore so it was out of the way, and the cockatoo decapitated it. Well, it didn't seem too hard. Though he wasn't keen on getting his fur wet in these cold waters, it was nothing he couldn't handle.

Keeping crouched and paws poised at the edge of the pool, he waited until one got close enough. He didn't have to wait long before a trout started to pass by, and once he felt it was close enough, he struck. He dove in headfirst like a snake striking for its prey, teeth closed around the fish's body and he dragged it out. He tossed it onto the bank where the cockatoo waited before shaking the water from his eyes. He gasped for a breath of air since he wasn't as prepared for the iciness of the water but he knew he'd have to get used to it. Taking another deep breath, he returned to the spot he was previously and the fish were now starting to swim in a little bit of a frenzy. More fish opted to dart by, and both Ignis and the wolverine clapped them with their paws. The fish were swept from the water, and like synchronized swimmers, the pair clamped down on each fish with their teeth and tossed them to the bird. "This is easier than I thought!" He exclaimed with excitement. "It's easy in shallow waters and when the fish don't know they're being hunted."

Ig moved to stand in the shallows then, deciding it would be easier than just sitting on the edge and waiting for the fish to come to him. Taking a few, slow steps, he lunged forward where his teeth found purchase on another trout. They spent the better part of the day fishing, some attempts were successful and others weren't, but eventually, he managed to dive in further to catch the salmon he so badly wanted. "How many do we have?" He asked before lunging for another fish. "Enough to feed everyone at least twice wanna keep fishing or call it a day? It's getting late and we still need to haul these back."

The crimson male climbed out of the water and shook off his coat, considering for a moment what he wanted to do. Dropping his last catch, he nodded. "Alright, let's call it a day. I gotta isn't half bad...I actually enjoyed it." His companions grinned at each other before stringing up the fish on twine the cockatoo had been making while the other two fished. Once everything was loaded across Ignis' back, they left the falls and made their way back home.

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