Moonlight on the Mountain



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Aurielle Adravendi

She’d made the trip up here to check on Nolan’s resting place. She tidied the cairn, adding a fresh covering of flowers – dried and pressed – over the base of it, then sat quietly, gazing at the pile and wishing it were just a hunter’s stash of meat, and not the bones of a boy who should have had so much life ahead of him. Her cousin had done nothing to deserve falling to his d̷̼̕e̷̾͂a̶͛̈t̸̰̐h̵̽́ from the mountain above. A simple misstep, or perhaps a rock had slipped from under his paws.

She clamped her eyes shut, swallowing the grief and letting it out in a long breath before rising and following the trail to the top. It was dark, the night moonless but clear—though she could see flickers of light on the horizon that hinted a storm might be headed in from the coast.

She was the only source of pure light, winding her way up the trail, and her glowing fur made her steps easy to pick out. Finally, she crested the peak, padding to the river and grabbing a swift, icy drink before turning and gazing out over the land. It wasn’t quite as good a view as the temple, but she had a pretty one, regardless, even if it was shrouded in darkness and mystery.

She settled a few feet from the edge, paws crossing as her tail flicked, long hairs spreading across the stone and moss. For now, she’d enjoy the view, before she returned home.

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At first glance, Aurielle's coat is pure white.. Her fur has an iridescent quality (like moonstones) where the fur shimmers different colors under various angles of light: in this case, the colors shown by rainbow moonstones. Not one hair on her hide is a solid unnatural color, but, ya know, it's really hard to convey that in still art :P
Aurielle's English is heavily laden with an Irish, Swedish mixed accent.
Her family is allowed to crash all her threads, Private and Open.
As of Autumn Year 14, Aurielle glows with a bright blue-white bio-luminescence in her fur, and bears a marking over her left eye - see profile and reference.