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Hello Hello! Figured this deserved a proper plotting post since Mo's kind of a complicated case and I'm going to be a bit picky about this at this point.

For a run-down, Mojito here has had very little luck in love. He fell for Asla and even had a daughter with her but things are hardly a fairytale romance, for one Asla is not monogamous... and Mojito is, for another she's going to be leaving Armada soon and Mojito is realizing he needs to stop tying his self worth to her and needs to "break up." Problem is he's also got a bunch of self-worth images tied to the fact he's half border-collie and was raised in a family that was outwardly hostile to him for that fact, Asla was the first wolf he met who treated him well and he's been head over heels for her since so he very much doesn't have a lot of self-worth outside of her.

Mojito is a sweet bean otherwise, earn his trust and you'll have a loyal friend and he's otherwise caring, attentive and willing to give anyone a chance, but he's not without a bite. Particularly if you insult his daughter or family. He will fight back when need be. Also frankly anyone not down with his daughter is not down with him.

Mojito is also bisexual, for him this means he can be romantically involved and interested in any gender though how he approaches different genders may differ.

So what am I looking for?
I will admit I'm going to be a bit picky here, it's been a bit of a struggle with him to even get to the point of him knowing he needs to sever his connection to Asla so I will be looking for someone who can 1. Commit to him ICly, he desperately needs to feel good enough to be chosen by someone and 2. can commit to communication with me oocly, it's been a bit rough with previous plots falling through so I'm admittedly a little warry to just launch him at the first wolf that's offered.

A heavy preference will be given to wolves currently in or who are willing to join the Armada, this is because that is currently the only place he's felt like is a home and also frankly it's not an easy pack to leave, though I'm willing to play around with this for the drama.

Heavy preference will also be given to wolves the same age as Mojito (2) but a year older will also be considered, no yearlings please.

Finally, I am looking for at least a thread or two for them to meet (unless we can work our very special circumstances, characters made for this plot for instance I may be willing to work with a more dramatic or sudden romance) and then we can commit to a full plot, this allows a trial time for both of us to feel out a dynamic and know if we want to follow through or not.
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Mo's parents and siblings are free to crash his threads as they see fit.  

I just got back from moving, please help me catch up by dropping threads I owe here. <3



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07-22-2021, 04:02 PM
hi dear! i'm kind of in desperate need of plots so i can get my muse flowing. so, i'm totally happy and willing to make a qt specifically for mojito to fall in luv with!! <3 i'm truly down for something cute and a deep and secure romance and (possible new family?) would honestly be wonderful :3 if there's any specifics or something i'm quite open minded :3 lmk if that interests you at all and feel free to dm me on discord!!! <3
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