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06-08-2021, 09:24 PM

Muddled form slinking along the boundaries of the mangrove swamp, his broad paws found purchase easily on the thin roots as he wove around lichen-coated trunks. The layer of bone between his face and the light of day had come to mimic a child's favourite blanket, lending him the sensation of safety in these uncertain forays from the familiar. Bug clung to the fur of his nape, yet more comforting weight against his skin. Peeking out from between the short horns of the muntjac skull, the frog was equally wary about leaving the swamp in the middle of the day. The extra pair of eyes made the young wolf feel better about venturing into the bright daylight of the delta, where he was out of his element and vulnerable out in the open. With a deep breath, he leapt from the safety of the undergrowth and into the silty water that encircled this border of the mangrove. It wasn't overly deep, nor was the current too strong. The heavy bone ridges of the muntjac's brow guarded his sensitive eyes from being blinded by the bright light. He was used to the filtered sunlight of the swamp, and he had to blink away tears at the brilliant light overhead. Once his vision cleared and adjusted, he let out a soft whuff of air. He waded to the opposite shore, and made his way closer to the shoreline.

The name of the game was collecting interesting shells to trade with some crafters that might come by the other edge of the mangrove, further from the coast. They tended to show more interest in good that came from the sea, which were decidedly less common in the interior of the continent. Bobbed tail twitching, he lowered his head closer to the sand in search of abalone shell, or interesting patterns. Every now and again, he tracked the path of the delta's channels towards the sea. Was there a central river that spilled out into the sea here, or was this a collection of various streams?

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