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06-13-2021, 07:17 AM
It didn’t matter what they were talking about before they had fallen asleep, he could feel her pure desire and he couldn’t deny her. She offered him all of herself, every inching including the vulnerable skin of her throat. All of her, she gave him all of herself and yet he could never give her the same in return. He would always take, but there was no giving himself in return, she had his body but his heart did not reside within his chest any longer. She knew she had him, no matter the tension between them.

That fact was proven true as she pushed him wordlessly. Indigo held her tightly to his chest as he rolled himself to his back. Her furor increased as he loved, her claws raked over his skin and she pressed her kisses against him but they were much more greedy. He could feel the need in her affections, she clung to him, was desperate for him, and Indigo wouldn’t hold himself back. How could he? He’d seen her troubles, looked into her eyes and saw the damage that he was in turn doing and yet here they were, desperate for each other underneath the bright stars. They had already crossed too many lines to go back or cease the trouble they were making. Indigo felt his sleep clinging to his mind, but it made this moment so much more dreamy. Duchess was unreal in her brilliant devotion and desire. She knew exactly how to touch him and lead him onwards towards what the both of them really wanted.

Her breathing caught as he kissed her, and she pulled back slightly, her eyes full of mischief and her smirk sang with desire as her expression revealed how much she yearned for him. The feeling was echoed in his own body, tingling all over his skin and a deep burning desire that originated in his belly and spread with every touch. What can I do for you? He took a deep breath himself, instead of answering he sought out her lips again. What did he really want from her, in this moment he wanted nothing but to enjoy her as she draped herself over him.

”Fuck me, Duchess.” He whispered to her through his desperate kiss, enthralled by the deep desires that she built in him. She led him forward, rousing him, Indigo couldn’t resist her, especially not here alone together. He wanted her tonight, tomorrow, the rest of their lives, he couldn’t even think anymore. There were no thoughts about what he was really doing to her, what would happen eventually, all that mattered was they were here together, and Indigo couldn’t take his paws from her gentle curves.

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06-13-2021, 06:34 PM
She moved back into his kisses before he answered her, suffocating her as he spoke nearly pulling the breath from her lips. This was easy, getting lost in Indigo. When she wasn't thinking of what could potentially tear them apart she could easily fall into place in his arms, in their kisses, and in their desires. She took control of him as he asked, something a little different than what they had done before, but she was more than willing for him.


She relaxed into him, satisfied with how what they did made them feel. And she did forget about her worries in these moments, and only buried them afterwards. She placed a gentle kiss back on his lips as she clumb back up on to his chest, draping herself over his heart and getting comfortable laying her head in his mane. A careless grin formed on her maw as she hummed into him, ready to go back into a more comfortable slumber after what they had done. They would have a long trip to make back to The Hallows in the morning.


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