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Warm weather had finally begun to show its beautiful, vitamin-D rich face in the form of a bright, sunny day. The gray clouds that become a regular fixture of the world for the last half a year had finally receded, still dotting the blue skies every so often, but now sunshine—actual, real sunshine!—was streaming down over Auster, beginning to rapidly melt the snow and ice. Through the dense cedar forest, the vulpine-furred fae trudged along through the muddy, slushy undergrowth, giving no mind to the absolute mess it was making of her cream-colored socks. She was just happy that spring was finally here! Or was it summer now? She couldn't really tell, given that the world was still all sorts of fucked up.

Pausing for a brief moment to inspect some ivy climbing up the side of a tree trunk, Syanna ultimately determined it had no medicinal value and proceeded on her wayward rambling. As she navigated through the woods, the mellifluous sounds of the falls drew her closer and closer to the river's edge. Okay, she had to admit that that was a pretty sight! The way the water rippled down the rocks into the river, the gentle, calming whoosh of the cascading liquid, it was lovely. Smiling to herself while she stared at the falls for a moment longer, Syanna's eyes eventually caught something far more interesting: a small bunch of fly agaric mushrooms growing just inside a hollowed out log, their bright red caps standing out against the wood shielding them!

Syanna squeaked in delight, hurrying over to the old cedar log and peering inside at the elusive mushrooms with longing. Those would be incredibly handy to have in her arsenal! Slipping off her leather satchel, Syanna hung it off a nearby tree branch and lowered herself to her belly, trying to gauge if she could squeeze into the log and claim her prize. Crawling into the opening proved to be no challenge, but once Syanna got to her shoulders, the widening of her body protested any further advance. Frowning to herself, the stubborn fae refused to be defeated by something as silly as physics, and continued to squeeze her way in, reaching with a dainty paw to try and grab the mushrooms that were still just out of reach.

Growling in irritation, Syanna pushed a little further, reaching with all her might. From outside the log, her hind end wiggled with each squirm she used to try and slide further in, her bushy tail flagging and wagging excitedly and small paws kicked and scraped at the damp, soggy earth. So close, just a little bit more...!

"Syanna Alluráin"