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04-03-2021, 11:34 AM

Balthier had been struggling with his emotions toward his mother since they arrived at The Hallows. He wanted to spend time with her, to make amends for their missing time together, but it didn't seem that easy. He thought he had a missing piece of him, he had secretly looked up to Poem as a mother now. He would never admit that to anyone, not his father, not Poem, maybe not even himself. But looking at his mother now, this near stranger, the feelings were conflicting. He knew he was meant to love his real mother, she would never be fully replaced in his heart, but he would probably forever look up to Poem in that way.

Balthier was still pretty young to be out on his own, but Allegro was still keeping up with responsibilities while being a guest in The Hallows. Balthier made sure to stick near him while they were out. He didn't know of the dangerous predators that had attacked The Hallows or that they were still lingering around in Auster. Regardless, it was important to him to stay near Allegro in case anything were to happen. Saber cats, bears, or just an accident. He knew what he was capable of always, in his young age or while he grew older.

To distract himself from his emotional thoughts, he wanted to try his go at his own hunt for the first time. He trained hard and took all of Allegro's advice up until this point. He even helped some of the other Abaven wolves in whatever way he could. Again, he knew where to draw the line. He knew where he would only be a burden to them rather than want to jump in and take lead and get in the way. He knew he wasn't ready for something so big yet, so he wanted to give it a go here on his own.

He found a small but steady stream of water, he knew prey would come here just like himself or other wolves. But alike, he had to be careful of predators in the nearby area. He took a drink of the refreshing water before moving on, down the stream from the falls and waited to catch up on the scent of a prey. He was eager to take his first kill, not for the killing, but he wanted to make his father proud. And he was sure even his mother's pack would be impressed by his efforts if he brought something back to them. He was generous as was his father, and a hard worker at that. He aimed to please his peers and protect his family, it was his only goals in life.

He caught on to a strange scent nearby, but it was also somewhat familiar. He wasn't used to what scents matched what prey yet, but he had been working on that back in Abaven. He wanted to work on more basics before anything else, at least know more on an intellectual level than a skill level. He tracked the scent of the creature, it wasn't too close to the falls now but it wasn't far off. He followed the tracks in the snow, trying to remain quiet behind the tracks. He remembered everything Allegro had taught him, and tried his best to make this a successful first kill.

He found the movement through the trees and he would come to an immediate halt, watching before crouching down to stalk his new found prey. It was time for him to get his name in the book, for him to have some kind of meaning in his life. He was awfully young to be thinking like that, but he couldn't help while his family was struggling without his mother. And he felt the need to help them stay together and protect them at the same time.

He found a good pace before going up after the hog, it proved more difficult to to keep up with as he experienced the new feeling of rush in his chase. He thought of how he needed to be thankful for the life this prey would give him. It helped him survive, these were things Allegro had taught him in his younger, growing age. He leaped forward, paws aiming to push his weight on top of the boar and he brought it down in a pin under him. There was no reason to keep it struggling or play with his meal, Balthier would never feel such a way. It was hard for him to take it's life through his still puppy teeth. It was a new learning feeling as he went for the throat of the creature, pulling it at different strengths before he could actually take it. Now all he needed was to take it back to The Hallows. That wouldn't be hard, it may have been heavy but it was small.

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Balthier can be rated a !M! mature character due to alcohol abuse.