The Pirate Band



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The Pirate Band

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Current leader: Sparrow
Former leaders: -
Members: Artisan, Hyperion, Hyacinth, Pyralis

Rules, Culture, & History

You are a PIRATE


You may not need to know all of this, but here it is in case you DO want to know!

The pirate band was founded many generations ago by a few really bad guys. They were known to have actually made their home in a hidden cove of an island. These really bad guys decided that they were so bad, in fact, that they sought to each represent one of the seven deadly sins. Under these code names, they banded together and struck terror and general annoyance into the hearts of those in the neighboring lands. When the members started having kids and families, they were forced to decide what to do about their pirating ways. They each knew redemption was far behind them, so they reckoned, why stop just because they had families? Not all of their families were thrilled with this, as one might imagine, so the Sins got together and founded the Virtues: pirates who weren't really always pirates, but were still near and dear to the Pirates' hearts. They chose one wolf among them to be the Balance, the King of all the pirates.

Generations grew up and some of the children decided that they, too, wished to be a part of the Sins. Well, there couldn't be two of the same sin! So the original Sins each issued a specific challenge to those that opposed them. Some succeeded, and some failed. In this way, generations of pirates cycled through the Sins and the Virtues.

Enter Ashmedai Imperialis, a then young male with trouble and ambition to spare. No one thought too much of him until he decided to go for the title of King. The previous King issued a challenge: Kill me, and the title will be yours. To which Ashmedai apparently accepted, and somehow killed him. This made Ashmedai the new King of the pirates.

Together, the pirates continued doing as they always did. They made booze, traded slaves, freed some slaves, went on quests, and got very drunk. They would have dealt with the slavers that Valentine Imperialis and his gang took down as well as some of Valkyrie Finnvi's vikings. Rhys Imperialis took on the role of Wrath. Ashmedai and Lust had a non-Imperialis litter although they never entered into any type of serious relationship. Ashmedai's son eventually took the role of Pride, but often had thoughts of starting his own pirate crew.

Ashmedai took a temporary leave to come see if Boreas and Auster would be suitable for the pirates to run amok. Through that, he inspired his daughter, Sparrow to start her own pirate band. Here's where it all starts.


1. You answer to the King of the pirates when he calls or orders you to do something.
2. We do the raiding. If someone tries to raids us, we move. Members are NOT to answer raids before King.
3. Rum, beer, quests and mead, these are the things that a pirate needs! Someone is in charge of helping keep these things in stock. Drinking age is roughly 1 year- otherwise it's a waste since children are basically drunk all the time.
4. Fights among members are bound to happen. Try to hash them out publicly since it makes for a fun show!
5. Raids, quests, projects mandated by King must be attended by all except the Virtues! It's part of a pirate's lives!
6. TRY not to kill each other. If it happens, let King know so the fallen member can be replaced.
7. Any Sin may be replaced by challenge set by the original Sin. If you want their position, beat them at their own game!
8. The Virtues are not to be attacked unless mandated by King. Anyone needlessly attacking other members especially the Virtues will be punished.
9. Serious infractions against the pirates are handled by walking the plank, drowning, or being tied up and thrown to the nearest predator. Tarring and feathering is not only also an option but my sole desire to have happen one day.


1. The One-Year's Party: When a pup turns 1 year old in the band, there is a party at night! It's the first time that wolf is able to drink and also experience a hangover. It's good to learn your limits early, right? Usually the Virtues are around to make sure no one makes any unwanted mistakes while the Sins are there to make sure everyone has a fun time! Drinking, singing, presents, and sparring are all typical through the night.
2. Burial: When a pirate falls, his/her body is retrieved and sent off to sea (or the nearest body of water) along with some booze. It has been said that sometimes rafts are created to send the lost back to sea with a bottle of booze and some food. It is not uncommon for the nearest family to inherit the belongings of the fallen.
3. Raids: Sometimes these are just for fun, but it's also the only time everyone tries to be sober. They may take one swig of alcohol before going into battle. It is tradition to don raiding clothes, paints, scent covers, and anything that will help us go in, take what we need, and get out without being recognized. Anyone who stays behind is set to make sure things such as booze, food, and least importantly healing supplies are ready for their return. Those that come back can get drunk and feast. If someone raids camp, pack up and leave. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are pirates to answer a raid before king, they are to grab their shit and leave unless otherwise called upon.
4. Marriages: No one cares about illegitimate pups. It's not looked down upon, not shamed, nor anything special. Many of the pirates were illegitimate or have illegitimate litters of their own. Birth control is taught at the yearling celebration and is expected to be used if you want to avoid a litter. If, however, two pirates decide to become monogamous, then there's reason for a party! There's many traditions, but usually everyone gets all dressed up and they decorate camp with as many flowers and feathers as they can find. The ceremony consists of something semi-permanent being exchanged, whether its scars, piercings, fur paints, or tattoos. Afterwards, everyone parties hard and the happy couple gets harassed about the more intimate details of their lives. They aren't called blushing brides for nothing!
5. Code Names: The Sins and Virtues aren't the only ones getting nicknames. Everyone earns their nicknames in one way or another. Some will have one name as pups and change as an adult. Others keep theirs for life. When you earn yours, keep it for the pirates' mouths only. Giving your code name to an outsider is basically committing them to being taken out. The idea is to keep the exact members or numbers of the pirates as off as possible. If you REALLY trust someone and want to invite them to the pirates, then you can give them your real and codename. If they guess that, you will be summoned and you can beg for their entry.


The Sins represent everything that is indulgently wrong with the world. They typically only rotate out upon d̷̼̕e̷̾͂a̶͛̈t̸̰̐h̵̽́ or starting their own pack/band. Once a pirate always a pirate! They don't have to follow the textbook definition of their sin, but it's kind of their thing if that makes sense. They must be willing to embody it and own it! They they are usually free to do their own thing under the understanding that if they get themselves in serious trouble, their shipmates may vote to not intervene. However, if they enter a situation together, then they are expected to stay and bear any consequences.

Below is any information that is deemed IC canon. This will develop as the history section of the adoptable characters is filled out!

  • Greed:
  • No canon info!
  • Lust:
  • The last Lust was with the pirates long before Ashmedai came into the picture. Once he took over, they parented a litter together. They aren't in love, nor married or anything. It's open. She may be willing to stay behind with Pride if a new Lust is present. Lust can be represented as bloodlust, lust for power, etc!
  • Envy:
  • No canon info!
  • Wrath:
  • This spot was taken by Rhys Imperialis- Ash's sister! She's been on and off, so it's possible she stepped away from the time being!
  • Sloth:
  • No canon info!
  • Pride:
  • The last Pride was Ashmedai's son, but he's probably going to stay behind and do stuff there, meaning he would def pass this title onto the next most annoying wolf!
  • Gluttony:
  • Ash described the last Gluttony as someone who was very short and very good at brewing alcohol! There's no other things here, but it would be great if their Gluttony was a connoisseur of types. Besides, it gives them more to trade!


    The Virtues are often family of the Sins who don't really agree with the pirate life, but are willing to endure in order to help/ protect those they love. They are to represent everything good in life and the things worth protecting. Often times these are often freed slaves or other wolves that the pirates have helped out. Some may work closely with the Sins while others may take on the roles of healers, brewers, advice givers, etc. While these wolves tend to lean towards lighter alignments, they don't HAVE to! It's totally possible for a Virtue to be dark as long as they still somehow embody their virtue.

    The Virtues usually help keep things from absolutely exploding, but this does not mean they are subservient. Some may be, but others may be entirely fed up with the pirate's antics and only function as a Virtue for a personal reason!

    Below is any information that is deemed IC canon. This will develop as the history section of the adoptable characters is filled out!

  • Humility:
  • No canon info!
  • Compassion:
  • No canon info!
  • Temperance:
  • No canon info!
  • Chastity:
  • No canon info!
  • Patience:
  • No canon info!
  • Charity:
  • No canon info!
  • Diligence:
  • No canon info!


    Of course, there may be many who fall in between! They might decide to not stick with the band, or they may just be someone who hasn't yet found a sin or virtue that fits them. These pirates are able to be a part of the band or a free agent! Don't worry, unless they did something terrible, the band won't hunt them down if they left! Everyone starts as a generic pirate until they earn a title and get responsibilities and stuff... gross.