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02-02-2021, 02:37 PM
Summer Sunder: While Boreas is cold, Auster is nice... maybe not super warm this year, but definitely warmer!
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The Hallows was settled in it's rightful place and things were finally as they ought to be. Auster was a strange and foreign land and despite the weeks he'd spent here Askan still hadn't gotten used to the terrain or climate. The castle was familiar enough, he knew it's ins and outs, the world beyond it's borders was strange and unknown in a way the Selwyn didn't like. As far as he was aware they were the only pack on Auster, and the thought of practically having a whole continent to themselves wasn't quite as appealing as he'd first thought it would be. It was on that note that he decided to have some time to himself and use it as a chance to see more of Auster, to chase away the shadows that lurked in he corner of his mind. Letting Resin know that he'd be gone for a couple of days at most, the Selwyn set off into the wilds and headed east, his course as straight as an arrow. Given that he'd gone ahead of the crowd and worked his arse off to get the castle in a liveable condition he deserved a break, amongst other things. But for now he was content to be alone, to now to have to worry about patrols, pups or filling the pantry.

If anything, the aimless wandering made him feel as though he was a loner again. Boreas hadn't treated him too roughly, he'd managed to scrape by last winter well enough on his own, but he'd be a liar to claim that he wasn't in a better position now. That the emptiness of the loner life style just wasn't his cup of tea, it had it's appeals but as the days dragged on and his paws began to ache with the long journey they soon faded into the back of his mind. Or at least that was until he used the journey to come up with ideas on how to spend his time. He wasn't just walking around for the sake of it, he was having some well needed me time and the sooner he saw it from that point of view the easier it would be to slip into that mentality.

In time his paws came across a sandy beach, with nothing but crystalline water stretching out before him as far as his yellow eyes could see. He pulled in a lungful of air as he felt the tension drain from his shoulders, he'd never been a fan of water but watching the ocean in all it's grandeur was... quite nice. His attention was soon drawn to the crabs that skittered across the sand, dipping in and out of the rockpools, unaware of Askan's presence. If nothing he would take this as an opportunity to stuff himself silly with crab and thicken up for the winter.  Lord knows he needed to bulk up when compared to the Hallows larger and more well built members. Damn giants.

But where would he stay? The weather was certainly milder here and the sun shone high in the sky, keeping the worst of winter's bite out of the breeze, but the thought of sleeping out in the open brought a frown to his muzzle. Perhaps he ought to backtrack to the cedar forest he'd passed through and put together some sort of shelter with branches and leaves. But that would make this a camping trip, wouldn't it? Despite himself the thought brought a slight smile to his lips, yeah he quite liked the sound of it. Of a little sea side retreat, with nothing but the hissing of the ocean and a belly full of crabs to pass the time. Peace and quiet, just as he deserved.

By the time his trip came to an end Askan never wanted to see another crab again, let alone eat one. The ache in his paws was gone, replaced by a pent up sense of energy that would have him back in the Hallows grounds in no time at all. There was still much to be done back home and whilst he didn't miss the loud mouthed pups who bounded all over the castle, like mini hurricanes, he didn't grimace at the thought of seeing Resin again. She understood him well enough to know that he needed this trip and no doubt she'd welcome him back with a grunt and maybe even a nod if he was lucky.

Kicking over his makeshift shelter just because he could, Askan spared one last look at the ocean before he turned and headed back inland, leaving paw prints that would soon be washed away with the coming tide. Almost as though he'd never been there at all, but he'd remember and in the end that's all that mattered.

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