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12-30-2020, 01:20 PM
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Askan and Goose-otherwise known as Squanch- had just about finished their patrol. There was nothing to complain about, everything was clear and as it should be, but the Selwyn was in one of moods anyway, his eyes narrowed into a salty squint as he stomped his way through the Fall's territory. Goose waddling behind him, neck outstretched as it attempted to nip at his tail. Winter was fast approaching, the wind that tousled his coat had a chill to it, reminding Askan that his first year in Boreas was swiftly coming to an end. He stopped in his tracks, his brows furrowing. Had it really been that long? It didn't really feel like it, nor did he feel as though he'd changed or developed as a person. But was that even a problem? As far as Askan was concerned he was fine as is, probably. Maybe. He didn't want to think too hard about that, lest he drag up on buried luggage.

The goose let out an indignant honk, snapping Askan out of his thoughts. With a sharp exhale, Askan huffed, what was she getting all worked up over? The goose was standing in front of one of the store holes, neck craned low as she stared into the depths with her hellish, goosey gaze. For a moment Askan didn't really think much of it, she was always getting worked up over things he didn't deem as important, but she just didn't let it go. Stubborn thing.

Stepping up, Askan dipped his head low and- oh what the fuck was a that? It stank! Back-pedalling, Askan looked on in horror as a black and white monstrosity emerged from the hole, tail puffed up and malice in it's face. Out of all of the stowaways it had to be a skunk didn't it? No doubt smug a a bug that it'd found somewhere dark and cosy to bunker down for the winter. Well not on Askan's watch! The Hallow's needed all the storage space it could, they couldn't spare the room and a skunk was hardly deserving of a free ride anyway. if it wanted to sleep for the winter it could do so else where, far far away from the Hallow's borders.

With a snarl, Askan made his position quite clear. The skunk could leave of its own accord and he'd leave it be, or they'd have to do this the hard way. Squanch was of the same opinion, leave or be pecked. It was as simple as that. Except that the skunk didn't seem to be in the hint taking mood, it hissed and bared it's teeth, tail rattling as it stomped forward, ready to defend it's claimed den.

And the battle was on.

Extending it's neck, Squanch was the first to attack. Aiming right for it's eyes, she gave the skunk a good peck as she extended her wings, flushing the intruder away from the mouth of the den as Askan rushed on forward, teeth snapping. He was very aware of the fact that skunks often sprayed in these sorts of situations and whilst he wasn't the most vain guy he had no interest in getting all stanky today. He skirted to the side, dodging both ends of the skunk as his teeth connected with the loose skin of its side. Grabbing a firm hold, Askan whipped his kneck like a slingshot and let go, sending the skunk soaring through the air like a stinky catapult. It landed hard in the mud with a squeal but was quick to roll back onto it's paws. Askan hoped the skunk would have learned it' lesson but instead of high tailing it out of there it made a dive for the den, as though realising it would be far easier to defend itself in tight quarters.

But Squanch was having none of that.

Cutting the skunk off before he could make it back into the den, she beat her wings and reared to her full height, letting out yet another almighty honk, as though to say: oh no you don't! The skunk rocked back on it's heels and for a moment all three of them remained in place, sizing up one another's intentions. They were were giving it plenty of spacer to leave, it just had to admit that it was outnumbered and outmanoeuvred, that's all.  It turned to leave  not before leaving Askan a parting gif.

Raising it's arse, the skunk let out an ungodly amount of spray, aimed squarely at Askan's chest before skittering away out of sight, out of mind. All was silent for a long and lingering moment- till Squanch erupted in honky laughter. Evil bitch that she was.

"PISS! FUCK! SHIT! YOU BASTARD FUCK!" Askan screeched at the top of his lungs, his nose wrinkling as gags forced their up his throat.

Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered.

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