Seasonal Skill Prompts - Fall, Year 15



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Seasonal Skill Prompts

Skill Prompts are a monthly feature that allow your character to gain skills in different ways. Each character can only complete ONE prompt per season, and can be completed either in a solo post or in a group thread. You cannot claim these posts for other skill points! Please note that as long as you complete the objectives, you're free to be creative with your posts and have some fun with these prompts!

For solo posts, you must complete the entire prompt in one post. Of course, you can use these posts as thread starters and continue the thread as usual, but no other skills may be claimed by you from that thread.

For group threads, the word count is cumulative and will be counted over all participants. However, participants must be ACTIVELY trying to complete the skill prompt for their words to count. Note that group threads have a maximum of 3 allowed participants unless otherwise specified.

Fall, Year 15 Seasonal Skill Prompts


Fall Ferocity: Fall always means everyone's stocking up for the winter and getting ready to hibernate- surely that means everyone's grumpy.
Goal: Participate in a fight with an animal that hibernates.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Boreas!
1. Find yourself a nice meal or den you'd like to steal or get a closer look at.
2. Oh no! There's a very grumpy pre-hibernation animal! It seems angry! Fend it off!
3. Fight! Do you win or flee? What are the spoils, or how do you get spoiled?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points


Fall Festival: Chilly weather settles in and food starts to become scarce, but there are still mouths to feed!
Goal: Go hunt before all the hunting has been hunted!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
2. Hunt it down! Does it try to flee, or is the kill an easy one?
3. Make sure the prey is somewhat seasonal (what kind of Fall things make prey scarce?)
4. Is the hunt successful? If solo, it most likely wouldn't be!

Reward: 30 Hunting Skill Points


Falling Fast: Healers are used to healing other, but what happens when THEY'RE the ones hurt?
Goal: Heal yourself or help someone else heal you!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Get injured! (The easy part)
2. Figure out a way to treat, or help guide someone else to treat you.
3. Does it provide relief immediately? How successful is the treatment?

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points


Falling Away: Fall is the time of change and bright colors!
Goal: Navigate the seasonal changes and its effect.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere with Fall weather!
1. Observe the seasonal changes: the weather patterns, the cool evenings, the leaves, etc.
2. Inference how the season changes will affect the inter ahead. Will it be a cold or mild winter?
3. Bonus: Help a healer plan to preserve herbs or a hunter plan for the lack of prey!

Reward: 30 Navigation Skill Points, +10 if you help a healer or hunter!


Fall Reflection: Fall is known for its cozy nights and reflection on the past year.
Goal: Talk or think about the past year!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Think or discuss with someone all the things faced in the past year
2. Feel free to mention how the world has changed since the volcano or other major events.
3. What's the conclusion? How does your character react? Plan for the next season!

Reward: 30 Intellect Skill Points


Only one bonus prompt per PLAYER allowed each season. A character can only complete ONE prompt a season, whether it be a bonus prompt or a regular prompt, unless otherwise specified.

Falling Numbers: With herbs becoming scarce, some healers may team up with others for some last minute stocking up.
Goal: Hunt for some rare herbs before it gets too cold!
Word Count: 2500 (2 wolves); 3500 (3 wolves): 4500 (4 wolves)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Find some rare herbs
2. How rare are they? Where do you find them?
3. What do you plan to do with them? Do you share with everyone helping, or does healer take all?

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points & 30 Navigation Skill Points, 30 Healing Skill Points & 30 Intellect Skill Points, OR 30 Intellect Skill Points & 30 Navigation Skill Points

Redeem prompts as usual in skill claims!