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07-03-2020, 06:09 PM
Hey all, it's been some time since I've been here!

Looking back on Viper's posts it's been since 2018 and I can't even recall everything that's happened since then. I spent most of my time working long hours in the last 2 years in general.

2018 I think I found out I had my at-risk cancer thing, it ups my chances to get cancer but I've started my first regular check-ups to keep up with it (Colonoscopy ew)

For those that may or may not remember I worked at a hotel and near the end of 2018 I had to go take this guy to court because he got completely butt ass naked and followed me around the room. Luckily I turned out harm-free but I was never letting that happen again.

I started a new job working at a horse rescue in the beginning of 2019 and devoted all my hard work, love, and time into that place for over a year and then owner came out and screamed at me to get off the property after I gave my notice for personal reasons toward the owner. This really affected me hard and it still does, I'm actually writing a burn book about all the stuff that happened there because needless to say the place wasn't running safe and properly and then after I put all my love into it (I mean I was working 12 hour days 6-7 days a week) I was just traumatized about how it all went down.

Fast forward a couple months, I'm now 14 weeks pregnant, I actually have a couple real life friends now that worked at the rescue together (and we all left together) and me and the husband were also hoping to be stationed somewhere new but we are staying right where we are and are dealing with it.

I missed all you guys, I popped in occasionally to check things out. Bear with me while I get back into the muse and groove of writing and roleplaying!

Viper has an Australian accent. Prone to Violence.
Viper is blood related to the Praetor's and Wreckage's but refuses to acknowledge that she ever had parents.


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Status: Single (Heterosexual)
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Important Details: Viper's original name was Nuada Wreckage-Loire but she has abandoned her name sake due to her parents wrong-doing.

Viper is extremely immature even as she grows older.

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