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Eir rested in her den with her chin resting over her front legs, eyes of cyan stared at the outside world,eyes cold as ice didn't express any emotions.Eir simply never felt the need to allow others to see them,to see her softer side though it at times seemed inexistent.And Torin's words in their last close-talk seemed to back up the theory. That maybe others tough she wasnt mortal as the Alpha titled her,and she couldn't blame him.She didn't behave like a normal wolf,she was a hard worker and sometimes it appeared to be like she didnt held interest in others.And she never showed she was tired or in a bad stage. But she just couldn't help it,she couldn't change this side of hers, maybe se could but it was hard to belive that she would ever open herself in full length to others. She was taught to look for herself,to always show strength not only in her muscles but in her mind as well. With her alpha facing a loss,with her pack only relying on two warriors she needed to be strong, to be resilient for her pack's sake.

And there she stood up with a quick shake on her coat to wipe away the laziness.Oh no,Eir couldn't allow it to take over. That was just something she couldn't let stand in her way. Once that was done she stepped out of her home and calmly she would begin her morning's first patrol.She was one of the two single warriors Lirim had, and that meant almost all the responsibilities rested in her shoulders. And she took them in a serious way.

Spring was now taking over the winter's path, but some of the coldness still remained after all spring was just beginning. She wasn't exactly excited over the season change,in her own opinion,winter was her favorite time of the year,not due to a deep reason,she just enjoyed it more. The cold weather was in her blood in her genes. But she was fine with adapting to this new changes on her existence.

As she took off she found herself in a small tree and from her distance, she could see a beehive with dripping honey accumulating on the tree's feet. There has been ages since she ever ate honey but maybe that could change but she wasnt sure if risking to be stung would be justifiable. Not like she was afraid she just didnt want to be foolish.And she had to be even more careful as she could be threatening the whole pack's health. The hive was just in the whole middle of the territory and she couldn't risk to have her pack mates stung.

'What to do?' She asked herself as she started to build plans. She had fought bears,lions, crocodiles and anything but never something this small. And that turned into a huge disadvantage in addition to the potential of fight of thousands of Bee including their nasty stings. And there she wondered if it was really worth the risk in getting honey,was it worth to risk her pack's well being for some honey? She could just leave them be and return to her duties. But here is when her headstrong side kicked in,she wants going to back off oh no Eir Ragnarok never stepped back from a challenge,no she was going to end what she started.

Calmly she noticed the soil was dusty and a bit dry,maybe she could use it? Well it was time to find out if she had what was needed to face this brand new adventure. With her mind set she would give a firm smack to the tree with her body ,hopping to make the Hive fall down. She needed a few tries before a crack reached the air and the huge bee home fell down hitting the ground hard,and the impact was so strong that the Hive broke in half,not only releasing the honey it contained but a very angry Bee cloud that prey to the panic splitted in half as a big group flew off the place.

But the other half placed it's attention to the wolf and angrily they charged against her. Snarling she prepared herself and when they were almost touching her with her left front paw she rose a dust cloud into the air ,wanting to distract the angry bugs and without wasting time she opened her mouth and attempted to catch a big number of bees into her Jaws chewing them quickly. Those who weren't caught didn't lose time and started to sting Eir in some parts of her body, specially on her nose and mouth. But she needed to resist the itching that was growing in her attacked areas. With that she sought to do this quicker and tried to eat as many as she could until the remaining insects started to die one by one.

At the end all was over ,leaving a itchy wolf sitting down placing some of the honey on her stings hopping to cease part of the pain.

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Eir wears a Santa Claus' coat that has the typical red,white and black colors. She wears it all the time.