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Ashen Armada
Adversary Heir

Master Fighter (250)
Master Hunter (250)

Dire wolf

Critical Hit!1K
06-29-2020, 09:41 PM

Whispers reached the young prince about a few new wolves belonging to the Klein Empire. These ones however were not simply members to be 'respected' as his father required, but lesser in some way. Allowed to be degraded perhaps, or abused. He couldn't hold his curiosity long, in fact it was almost an unconscious decision for his wide paws to stray off the Armada border and into the Shrine. If he was asked why he was wandering in a territory that technically didn't belong to him, he could simply say he was looking for Venom. Having the next-in-line-Empress as his mentor did open some doors for him in that way at least, and while he was allowed to come and go freely from Ashen's lands he knew that prior to his friendship with the princess his parents might look twice when he willingly decided to leave the plains. After all, Azure was as proud as could be of his position of heir and the pack he might one day rule. It wasn't often that he chose to spend time elsewhere.

The bleached white trees freaked the boy out, but still he pushed forward. In the back of his mind he remembered Banshee's story about ghosts and how they only bothered bad wolves. She thought she was making him feel better, when in fact it made him more afraid. Az was a bad wolf. One who liked hurting people and pushing them around. Perhaps if he could find these slaves and be allowed to mistreat them, it could help him keep that darker side of him in control at least for appearance sake. The only problem was he didn't know what the slaves looked like, their names, or where they were being kept. This might be harder then he thought.


Those belonging to the Fatalis* family may crash his threads without permission.
Both of Azure's ears have notches and tears.
Azure has saber fangs, bone spurs on his elbows and knees, and the paws/forelimbs of a bear.
Not all of these features are always reflected in his art.

Azure's companions are a very big bat and a young clouded leopard, unless otherwise stated assume they're not with him.
Lastly, when threading outside Armada territory assume that an animal companion belonging to a pack member is watching nearby from the sky or the trees and will report back should he be harmed.
[*Mortis, Aslatiel, Indigo, Sirius, & Zeitgeist.]