It's The End of The World As We Know It



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In the middle of the night, the world trembles. All inhabitants of Boreas and Auster are able to feel the earth beneath their paws as it shifts and shakes. Surrounding Mount Volkan, the tremors are enough to down trees and send animals scrambling for footing, making the strife to escape nearly impossible.

The night quickly darkens, not with clouds, but with ash as the top of the mountain shoots debris upwards. Soon, the moon and stars are no longer visible. Bits of rock and sand rain down over the lands surrounding and South of the volcano, however the worst is yet to come..

Below the smoke and ash, deep within Mount Volkan, a hot red light ignites. Lightning cracks in the sky as fire and lava spew towards the heavens. Rivers of molten rock flow freely over the mountain's surface and into the lands below. Fires spread, the only source of light in the ash-cloaked night. Animals flee in all directions, but one thing is clear: nowhere is safe...

Mount Volkan is erupting! Ardent’s weather has been thrown into chaos!
Check the Zone Map to see if you’re in a danger zone!

Zone Map

Zone 1


Lands: Mount Volkan, Stone Steppe, Singing Caverns, Travelers’ Pitfall, Redbud Nook

Active volcano. Lava, severe earthquakes, rockslides, scorching ash.

Zone 2


Lands: The Rock Garden, Firefly Lake, Rustling Thicket, Monument Rapids, Sunset Falls, Hot Springs, Weeping Woods, Tall Grass Plains, Sea’s Plain, Inu Island, Black Island, Nephilim Island Obsidian Beach, Gambit Briar, Time’s Cavern, Fern Gulley, The Whispering Caves, Corpseghoul Swamplands, Alabastrine Shrine, The Rio Grande, Soulless Forest, The Orchard, Buffalo Knolls, Stylianos Crypt, Fenrir’s Maw

Wildfires rampant, earthquakes frequent, ash blocks out the sky, low prey, frigid temperatures in areas without fires, lack of snowfall, fallen ash coats the ground.

Packs who inhabit these lands must relocate temporarily (pending weather). No other packs can claim their lands in their absence, as they are deemed UNINHABITABLE.

Zone 3


Lands: Alias Island, Crystallum Cliffs, Serpent Plains, Moontouched Cliffs, Fontamo Bay, Kamui Delta, Love Island, Lover’s Mangrove, Daager Isle, Rekaru Island, Dove Island, Ibon Isle, Aspen Dam, Wildberry Grove, The Starlit Plains, The Bifrost, The God’s Garden, Amron’s Castle, Fossil Ridge, Faller’s Fjord, Cryer’s Ravine, Wolfpaw Lake, Algoma Prairie, The Deluge, Barren Dunes, Barren Hills, Falmer’s Dunes, Glowshroom Cavern, The Range, Locus Obscuro, Veteran’s Plateau, Battlefield, Northern Mines, The Polar Sound, Ardens Glacies

Unpredictable tides and flooding, minor earthquakes frequently, ash covers the sky giving a dim and stormy look, lack of snowfall despite freezing temperatures, fish and debris constantly washing up on shore, large tsunami-like waves crashing onto the islands on occasion.

Zone 4


Lands: Ibis Islands, Hermit’s Cove, Cedar Falls, Bent Canyon, Brimstone Lake, Spider Cove, The Ancient Oaks, The Boneyard, Wraith’s Woods, The Shimmering Shore, Jade’s Moore, Druids Moore, Redwater Rocks, Descensum, Illusion Oasis, Emerald Valley, Whistling Willows, Hell’s River, Waterfall Peak, Mile-High Woods, Lifeless Cavers, Dreamer’s Col, The Red Forest, Sparse Pines, The Snowfalls, Submerged Woods, Marble Wash, S.S. Antiox

Tremors occasionally, ash keeps the sky bleak, frequent storms of sleet and hail, temperatures below the normal winter chill.

Zone 5


Lands: The Forgotten Isle, Swallet Ring, Manatee Bay, Dragon’s Blood Grove, Bamboo Maze, The Runestones, Grapevine Cathedral, Cattail Creek, Hallucination Caves, Lazuli Falls, Silver Island, Avian Estuary, The Sycari Strip, Scaled Island, Vericona Plains, Palmetto Wash, Sand River, Sweetgrass Basin, Emerald Island, Traveler’s Lake, Whisperer’s Gorge, Tar Pits, Deadman’s Scrap, Atlantis Island, Caves of the Past, Frost Island, Devil’s Spout, Dancefloor of The Gods, Gale Gorge, Kennocha Lake, Cathedral Point, The Frozen Field

Steeply cold, rare trembles, wildlife seems to be easily startled and their normal habits are askew.


All packs in Zone 2 MUST relocate until dangerous weather subsides. No other packs can claim their lands in their absence, so they cannot be stolen.

Starting immediately, packs can claim Islands and Subterranean lands, so long as they are adjacent to one another. Dangerous times call for unusual solutions, so get to exploring safer lands to wait out the eruption!

Be wary when posting in Zone 2 and Zone 3 lands, and be wary to what kind of effects are possible if you decide to brave the lands regardless of consequences...