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Advanced Fighter (90)

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3 Years
Dire wolf

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08-31-2019, 09:49 AM
Void liked spending time in the thicket, it was kind of green compared to the quickly changing foliage of the rest of Abaven. Autumn was coming to a close, the days and the nights were cold and the young Destruction was always glad for his den that he shared with his mother and siblings. They were nice and warm and he didn’t have to much worry about the frigid air. He was shedding a lot already, a sign that his winter coat was coming in. His mom said he’d be thankful for it once it was really winter and the snow came. He’d been a little confused about snow, cold water that accumulated everywhere? Were they all going to drown? Eulogy had done her best to assuage his fears, and he was confident in her calmness about the whole thing.

The young pup often wandered on his own, he promised to stay inside the borders but he really liked to go look and see things. He was a small puppy, but as he gazed up at the stars and how infinitely far away they were he felt even smaller. Like he was just a speck in the scheme of things, and his presence didn’t much matter to the whole of the world. Dark paws propelled the young puppy forward, his blue and lavender gaze bright in the coming darkness. His mom didn’t like when he came home late, but he adored looking at the stars. Easily he could say it was his favorite part of being allowed outside the den.

He relaxed back onto his haunches under the heavy branches of a burned tree. His ivory tail wagged at his haunches as he stared up at the sky. Void would have been content to linger there all night, but the sound of rumbling began beneath his puppy paws. Eyes widened and ears perked as he made an attempt to figure out where the sound was coming from. He stood up as he shifted his head to and fro trying to catch sight of what could be making the gut wrenching noise. He took a step forward, and before he could lift his second paw the tremor hit.

Void was thrown off his feet, his tiny body was flung out into the more open grasses. The wind was forced from his lungs, but it was better than remaining where he was. The dead tree was relieved of its heavy burden as the branch Void was just under crashed to the earth below. The boy’s eyes were wide in fear as his real danger sunk in. Was he about to die? The thought was not as terrible as he expected. He’d be freed from his mortal body, allowed to explore the cosmos without restriction.

As the thoughts raced through his mind the earthquake suddenly stopped. There had been all of 20 seconds worth of shaking before the ground was stilled once more. Void remained crouched in the grass, his claws deep in the earth and his tail tucked between his legs as his ears pinned to his skull. The pup’s breathing was elevated, but the danger was over. A whine escaped him but after it passed over his lips Void felt his fear and anxiety fall from him. He was safe, he was going to continue his existence on this plane with a bit more experience under his belt.

The pup still wasn’t sure what just happened though, the ground had move uncontrollably beneath him and that was all he knew. What could have happened to make the earth move like that? He stood up and looked down, as if he could try and visualize what was beneath his paws. If the sky could goon forever, did the ground as well? It was kind of silly really, and as he thought more about it he figured that the earth was likely a disk or sphere much like the sun or the moon. So if he could manage to dig far enough, he would come out on the other side. An interesting thought that he found highly amusing.

Much too happy for a puppy that had just gone through a near death experience Void almost clicked his heels as he searched for a better place to sit and watch the stars. Hiss evening might have been interrupted, but he could continue. Only now his mind would also be full of thoughts to do with the earth moving. Why and what had caused it, and if he would ever really know. No wolf he knew had the power to do that, but they couldn’t control lightning or even their own prey without struggle. One lesson that Void could fully take to heart was that the earth was a crazy, awe inspiring, amazing place and he would have mysteries to contemplate for the whole rest of his life.