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The north was truly a wondrous place. Paradise couldn't get enough of it. It was cold, yes. And at night it was almost unbearably cold for her, especially since all she had really known were the warmer southern climates, but she made do with what she could find. The fiery babe would take up residence in old abandoned wolf dens or dens made by other animals, snuggling as far back and as deep as she could to avoid the bitter cold as much as she possibly could. During the day, she continued her explorations. She had been lucky enough to be blessed with mild weather. It was either gray skies or lightly snowing, but no blizzards, storms, or strong winds. She was thankful for that because the latter would likely force her to hole up again and she hated the idea of having to do that until it all passed. Wandering alone was boring, she had to admit. She thought back to the male that called himself Strider, the ice skating wolf. She had to admit, his company had been welcome and she missed it. She wasn't sure if it was him she missed, or just the company in general. All her life she had been alone, and it wasn't until recently that she started breaking herself out of that mold to go out and see more of the world. Meet new faces. And experience new things.

Unfortunately, she didn't have as much time to explore today as she thought. When she had awoken, the sky was darkened with clouds and she ended up sleeping in much later than she thought. Now though, the evening was approaching quite rapidly but the sky was clearing up. She could see the stars beginning to show above her, the pink and gold colors fading and blending into purples and deep blues as the world became encased in darkness. The moon was rising, full and bright over the lands. She gazed up at it, walking along in silence with only the crunch of snow beneath her delicate paws. The world was quiet. A little too quiet, and she suddenly wished she wasn't alone. Oh well, nothing that could be done about it, right? She wasn't one to beg others to accompany her, no. She was a strong and independent woman who didn't need any man! At least, that's what she told herself, anyway. But of course, she would never admit to herself that she was lonely. She didn't know if it was really her thinking that, or if her heat was just making her think that.

As she walked along in silence and thinking, a sudden flash of color caught her attention. She wasn't sure what it was at first, but as she looked up to the sky, she saw it. A swirl of color reached across the sky, dancing to and fro among the stars. Molten gaze grew wide as she watched it, fascinated and awestruck. She had never seen anything like it before, and she wondered why she had never seen such a thing in her life. She was four years old, shouldn't she have seen something like that before? Or maybe... it was just something that happened in the North? She breathed a soft 'wow' as she watched the light dance around. It changed from green to yellow, then shifted back to green, and from there it kept changing. Blues, purples, moved in waves, its tendrils spreading over the lands. She wanted a better look, so she charged up the deck of the ship she had found until she was at the topmost part of the deck.

From her new vantage point, she could see for miles and miles...and the lights themselves looked a little closer. Eventually, another flash of light would appear, spreading across the sky as it, too, danced around its nighttime stage. She wasn't sure how long she stood there, but she didn't care. She'd stay and watch this all night. Her excitement would increase as the colors continued to shift and the lights in the sky grew. She glanced down for a brief moment, noticing how the lights reflected off the water and the snow. It was an amazing sight to see, and part of her believed that this spectacle was all for her, and her alone. After a couple of hours, the lights started to fade until there was nothing but the stars dotting the night sky. "Wow! Did you see that!?" She exclaimed, turning around. Then she realized she had forgotten that she was alone. When they completely faded away, the world suddenly felt lonely. Quieter. Less welcoming. She felt saddened, her excitement dying down just like the lights had faded. She decided then, to sit down beneath the night stars. She didn't feel tired, her melancholy attitude contributing to that. Besides, the structure she sat on looked like it had plenty of places to den in, but for now, she just wanted to sit here. She would never forget what she had just witnessed tonight.

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