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Circe ached to return to the east. With every passing day it became more and more apparent that she hated the cold. Of course she'd known that before venturing north, but there was nothing like a fresh experience to reinforce an opinion.

The giantess huffed as she peeked inside a large crevice. Sheltered by a fallen tree, the crevice had been created ages ago by water than had run down the rock face for millennia and tireless roots who had exploited a weakness. The space inside was more than big enough for the giantess to fit in comfortably. It would be her den for the night.

With her mind made up Circe backed out of the crevice and began to look around for bedding. The inside of the crevice was cold, crumbling stone that would have to be covered with something if she was to get a good night's rest. As she looked for bedding Circe's thoughts drifted to what had transpired over the last couple seasons. She'd had a busy year. The Abraxas had had a busy year. For most of it she'd just been along for the ride as the higher ups did their thing. It wasn't until she'd decided to venture out on her own for a bit that things got interesting. She'd found a purpose once she wasn't simply another body in the horde and now she'd rejoined her family as a fully formed individual with her own wants and dreams. Did she still work for the betterment of her family? Yes, certainly. But now she knew her place in their future.

Circe paused at the base of a tree surrounded by pine needles. She raked her paw through them and was pleased to see that the thick top layer was dry to the touch. The giantess then used the same paw to scoop the pine needles together into a large mound. She then tried to collect as many as possible in her mouth so fewer trips to the crevice would be necessary.

As she worked Circe's thoughts went to the future. She was excited for Archon's band. No doubt she'd have many opportunities with him. More than she'd have on her own, certainly. With him she had a home to offer her followers. To the broken ones she specialized in, his band could be spun as a safe haven. A place to bend and all that good, secure stuff. The things Archon preached would give them a purpose and her affections would make them love her and her family. She wanted to get back to fortune-telling and the like, but first she needed to make more "artifacts". The original set had been lost during the first trip to Boreas.

But their creation was a project for another time. Right now she needed to get her den ready for the night. It looked like it might snow and Circe loathed the idea of being caught out in a snowstorm. To be on the safe side she decided to just toss the needles in. Later, once she had enough, she could make a bed out of them. Absently she wondered if they would do Gwydion any good. She really needed to come up with something for him otherwise the winter would be unkind. He was very useful to her and she hated the thought of sending him away. Really, she couldn't ask for a better companion. He played whatever role she gave him well and without complaint. Such companions were hard to come by.

Circe made her way back to the tree. She circled around it and began to collect pine needles from its other side. She was going to have to find more pine trees, or perhaps bite off a few branches if she was going to make a comfy nest. Her gaze briefly went to the heavens and she noted with no small amount of annoyance the clouds that were growing darker. Oh, yes. It was definitely going to snow. She simply could not wait to journey through it tomorrow.

With a huff she scooped up another mouthful of needles and trotted back to the crevice. That was probably enough of those. Now for the branches.

She trotted back to the pine tree and stopped at its base. After a beat she jumped up and placed her fore paws on its trunk so she could get a better look at the bases of its lowest branches. All were a bit too thick to gnaw off given the time constraints so she decided to take off portions of them instead.

After eying one branch a bit she decided that halfway down it was reasonable. The branches would still be plenty long but thin enough for her to break them without too much effort. Three maybe four should be plenty considering all the pine needles she'd already gathered.

It took her no time at all to gather her branches and tuck them into the crevice. At last she was done. Circe sat down hard just outside the crevice and eyed the skies. Oh, how she hated snow.

"Circe" "Gwydion"

Circe has a male spitting cobra companion named Gwydion. Unless stated otherwise he is always with Circe.

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