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"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

(WIP, Concept description. Because I suck at these, and it won’t be short because I suck at short…)

Valhalla is a pack that – while accepting most alignments as long as the behavior of the individual reflects the values of the pack – generally leans toward the side of Good, whether Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral.

Loyalty and Honor are valued, as are Courage and Integrity, and Compassion. Members are expected to show a unified, respectful face to the outside world and to work together, even through the worst of times.

That’s not to say Valhalla will be a pack content to remain within the bounds of two lands. Fighting is a skill all are expected to learn – at the very least – the basics of, as well as basic field healing, even if a wolf doesn’t specialize in it or even have interest in healing at all.

Self defense is a required skill to learn, from the beginnings of a pup’s entry into the rank of Promise, whether it be to defend themselves against a predator, or an attacking wolf that might have trespassed into the territories, or that they encounter once they have become and Oath and are free to leave the pack territories alone.

Valhalla values its alliances and trade agreements and works to maintain friendships and agreements with allied packs, gathering resources, or even raiding other packs that have not gained their alliance or proven an irritant for resources to stock up, or trade for better.

At its most ideal, Valhalla will have a Trinity of Leaders—Spirit, Soul, and Heart. Pack wolves are encouraged to be ambitious and aim to work for high ranks, whether it be through rigorous sparring to prove their prowess and dependability in battle to achieve one of the Beta ranks, or being a constant presence as a hunter, attending pack hunts and leading them to reach the rank of Butcher as the most masterful of hunters, or working hard to keep the pack healthy as a Cure.

Crafting is a skill that is valued in Valhalla, from architecture to weaponry and defenses, and wolves who have these skills will do well to be hard workers, inventive, and ingenious in their projects.

Agriculture is something that Valhalla is willing to dip their paws into, and perhaps even take by storm eventually (stay tuned, folks!).

Pack color: #480094
Claimed territories: Vericona Plains, Druid's Moor
Former leaders: Founded by Surreal Adravendi and then passed to Regulus Adravendi. Led briefly by Faite, then returned to Regulus upon his return from his journey. Passed down to Aurielle Adravendi and Gwenevere Adravendi. Changed to Valhalla in Spring of Year 13 by Aurielle after Gwenevere's death.

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Pack Ranks and Descriptions (Prepare for a long read)
Laws, Culture, History
Pack Relations, News
Pack Ranks Explained (OOC)
OOC Pack Requirements (Activity and Such)
Important Pack Locations - Pack Member Dens
How Circles Work



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Pack Roster

Aurielle Adravendi Spirit
TIER 2 – Enforcement Tier – Upper Council Members
Cairo Adravendi II Sentinel
- Lodestar
Ardyn Adravendi Destiny
TIER 3 – Circle Masters – Council Members
- Zephyr
- Encouragement
- Butcher
- Shaman
- Northern Star
- Dauntless
Dómari XanilovDauntless Butcher
- Rescue
- Rank TBA
TIER 4 – Circles – Working Tier Members
War Circle
Justice AncoraValor
Caelia Adravendi Valor
Taliesyn Trystan Tempestien Valor
Rhaegara Courage
Coran Adravendi Nerve
Shadow Circle
Healing Circle
Paladin AncoraIncandescent Courage
Viviane Adravendi Flicker
Amorielle Adravendi Spark
Laoise Adravendi Spark
Hunting Circle
- Chaser
Messenger’s  Circle
-Shooting Star
TIER 5 – Common Members Tier
- Civilian
- Oath
- Promise
Aoife Adravendi Oath
Arne Oath
Kaijah Oath
Fidelias Oath
Drachen Vaekhal Outlander
- Guest
TIER 6 – Trouble Tier
- Delinquent | Reason | Task(s)
- Captive | Original Pack | Behavior
- Criminal
OOC LISTS TIER [Do not Count Toward Pack numbers while listed here, and ranks will not be reflected on Profiles unless they are removed from the pack.]
Regulus Adravendi Ascended | Age 12 | Old Age
Nolan Adravendi Ascended | Age: 2 | Fatal Accident
Solveiga Derus-AdravendiAscended | Age 8-9 | Old Age/Illness
Gwenevere AdravendiAscended | Age 10(?) | Old Age, Illness (Pneumonia)
Falk AdravendiAscended | Age: 8 | Old Age, Depression
Crucible AncoraAscended | Age: 9 |Old Age, Unknown Illness
Creed Ancora Ascended | Age 9 | Murdered (by Vianni)
Kavdaya Adravendi-AncoraAscended | Age: 9 | Illness, Fatal Depression
- Descended | Crime | Method of Execution for Crime Here
Acapella AdravendiExile | Broke Pack Law Eleven.



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Pack Ranks

Tier One – The Trinity – Council Leaders
The Trinity are the three wolves that make up the leaders of Valhalla. They finalize decisions and are the faces of Valhalla most often first to greet a stranger at the borders.
Spirit (1) - The Queen or King of Valhalla, and the top wolf in the Trinity. They are usually the first face to greet a wolf at the wall, and their words are to be taken with great importance. Like in the past with Celestial, they have gone through extensive training from the moment they can walk and talk to lead with honor and care for their pack members, and within the pack, they should never be feared, but always respected.

This rank is a legacy rank and will only be passed down to the eldest born child of their first litter, regardless of gender.
Soul (1) - The secondary Alpha of Valhalla. Usually a sibling or close friend, this wolf has proven himself or herself worthy of holding such a prestigious rank through loyalty, hard work, and visible prowess in battle – a much-needed skill in this rank, considering the possibility of answering challenges in the Spirit’s place – and are expected to continue to show this loyalty in helping the Spirit maintain the laws and activity of the pack’s members, as well as ensuring their health and safety.

They are part of the Trinity— the trio of reigning wolves that have the final say in who joins, and who leaves. They will be the right point of the Trinity, who decide upon Laws after consulting the pack as a whole and are the head of the Council.

The Soul has all the same authority and permissions as the Spirit, though in many cases they may defer to the Spirit.

This rank may be challenged for— however, the challenger must have shown themselves to be of the utmost worth, dependability, and loyalty to the pack, and must give a strong case for why they should even be allowed to vie for the rank of Soul. If they’re merely in it for their own ambition, and not for the good of the pack, then they will not be allowed to challenge for the rank of Soul.

Should they attempt to challenge for the rank despite being refused permission from the Spirit, they will be forcibly removed from the pack and likely missing a few appendages.
Heart (1) - The mate, or consort of the Spirit. They are the sire or bearer of the Spirit’s children, and their emotional support. They are expected to be faithful to the Spirit, and bear or sire only the Spirit’s children (litters birthed or sired before they became mates won’t count against them.) and are expected to be an actively participating leader, even if they aren’t the secondary alpha.
They are part of the Trinity of Leaders, the left point, and hold the same authority and responsibility, but are not allowed to answer challenges for the pack.

In the event that no children are present to take over should the Spirit fall absent or die, however, the Heart is eligible to take command of the pack.
Tier Two – Mid-Tier Council Members
Here stand the betas and the Heir or Heiress to the Spirithood of Valhalla. The Beta ranks are essentially equals with one another, and while they may share the common skill (mastery of it, especially) of fighting, they generally handle different duties around the pack (read their rank description for an idea of those duties).

As in the past, under Chrysanthe Adravendi, for instance, the Betas have the choice of choosing an apprentice that will eventually take their place when they retire. It will be down to the Trinity to assess the worth of the chosen wolf. Training of the prospect will be as though they’re being trained as a warrior, not as a deputy, until they are found worthy, at which point, they are free to be told of their possible future— and to accept or decline the offer.

Sentinel (1) - The Primary Beta of Valhalla. They work as a team under the Trinity with their second to ensure the pack receives training in battle, tactics, and strategy.
They are in charge of assigning patrol groups, doing their own patrols – either with those groups or with each other – and of greeting wolves at the Wall.

They will have earned this rank through hard work, winning several spars and fights, and are among those expected to test possible new fighters for the pack in spars. They are required to look at pups and choose one or two to train in battle.

They may choose a wolf they’ve seen as exceptional in fighting and dearly loyal to the pack as a prospect to propose that the Trinity can choose to place as their deputy, to take their place, either when they die, or when they retire. This wolf may be their own child or one they trained from a pup. But the wolf they choose must meet the same requirements as they did to earn the rank.
Lodestar (1) - The Secondary Beta of Valhalla. This wolf shares duties with the Sentinel; however, they are more in charge of ensuring pack hunts are happening, and that the healers are diligently training. They are the wolf who usually guides newcomers around the territory and answers questions, should the Spirit, Soul, or Heart not be available to do so. They should have a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of first aid and field treatment, as well as hunting, even if they are primarily a fighter, in order to compensate for this facet of their duties.
They are in charge of assigning patrol groups, doing their own patrols – either with those groups or with each other – and of greeting wolves at the Wall.
They will have earned this rank through hard work and winning several spars and are among those expected to test possible new fighters for the pack in spars. They are required to look at pups and choose one or two to train in battle.

They may choose a wolf they’ve seen as exceptional in fighting and dearly loyal to the pack as a prospect to propose that the Trinity can choose to place as their deputy, to take their place, either when they die, or when they retire. This wolf may be their own child, or one they trained from a pup. But the wolf they choose must meet the same requirements as they did to earn the rank.
Destiny (1) - The future leader or heir of Valhalla. They are the first-born child of the Spirit and Heart, and the automatic heir of the pack. Training to be a leader begins almost as soon as they are able to walk, though lessons in languages begin much earlier. They are shaped to become honorable, strong leaders who won’t let other packs push them around.

They are trained extensively in fighting, strategy, tactics, diplomacy, politics, manners, hunting, healing, and navigation, to prepare them for their eventual service to the pack as the Spirit, and are expected to readily learn new languages and stay up-to-speed with the goings on in the outside world once they reach a year of age.

Generally, they will ascend to the rank of Spirit at the age of two, unless their mother or father is still of an age and physical capability to continue leading. Should the former Spirit be aging, or unable to continue leading much longer, the Destiny may be given the pack at the age of one year.
Tier Three – Circle Master Tier Council Members
Dauntless (8) – The Masters of the War Circle. The most experienced and supremely masterful warriors in the pack, not including the Trinity and Betas. They are wolves who have proven again and again that they can handle anything life throws at them, especially a fight, and they have served the pack well. They answer to no one but the upper tiers and the healers.

They are, however, expected to maintain this activity. The real work begins when you gain this high rank, and your duties are even more extensive.

They are expected to lead their assigned patrol-group, and to attend all pack events (Meetings, Sieges, Raids, Hunts) and to take on an apprentice, whether that apprentice is a pup, yearling, or adult wolf who needs training in fighting.
Cure (4) - The four most experienced healers in the pack. Quite literally, as their rank name suggests, they have a cure for just about everything. They have no dual skill—they’re just in it for making wolves feel better and nothing makes them happier than to see a new mother with her new pups sleeping peacefully. Plants, anatomy, they know it all, and specialize in birthing.

They are required to choose an apprentice to mentor in healing.
Rescue (4) - The four most experienced dual-natured healers of the pack. They specialize in fighting and providing advanced first aid in the field of battle. They are level-headed, and masters of both skills through proven performance.
They are required to choose an apprentice to mentor in healing and offensive fighting.
Encouragement (4) - >: The four most experience dual-natured healers of the pack. This line specializes in healing, fighting coming secondary, but they are masters of both. They specialize in medic work at a siege camp, working quickly to stabilize injured fighters and soothing emotional and physical hurts. They, like the Rescues, are quick studies in stopping bleeding fast and numbing pain.
They are required to choose an apprentice to mentor in healing and defensive fighting.
Zephyr (4) - The four wolves of the greatest mastery in spying and – if need be – assassinations in the pack. They are so good as to be rumored to be able to become invisible. This is their true purpose—however, the pack will only ever know them to be wolves who dual purpose as masterful fighters and hunters in the pack, as their true value is one best-kept secret except to themselves and the Trinity.

They are not as fully required to take an apprentice in their true trade unless they see a pup or new member who has the right potential to become masters in the trade of shadows; however, they are required to take an apprentice in Hunting and Fighting.
Butcher (4) – The four best and most experienced hunters of the pack. Hunting is what they do best. They live and breathe for the hunt and find no better satisfaction than in seeing the pack east well on their success. They are masters of the hunt, and expected to lead pack hunts twice a season, and hold smaller hunts among their own Circle to keep food coming.

They are expected to monitor the prey’s health and numbers and to mark out which animals must be culled, and they are expected to hold hunting lessons for the children of the pack, as well as take an apprentice in hunting.

Shaman (4) – The four wolves most in tune with both hunting and healing. They’re masters of both trades, specializing in neither. Their healing expertise lie in emotional and spiritual healing, however, though they are just as well versed in physical healing and birthing.
Faith (4) – The one wolf most attuned with healing and diplomacy. They act as the ambassador of Valhalla, assisting the Spirit in forming alliances and conducting trades, and are also acting advisors to the Trinity, Council, and pack as a whole.

They are required to take an apprentice in Healing and Intellect, as well as teaching them navigation and diplomacy, and they work paw in paw with the Northern Star and the Messenger Circle.
Northern Star (2) – The two wolves who have mastered the terrain, and the two wolves in charge of the messengers of the pack. They know every inch of the territory and have enough knowledge of the lands beyond to be well trusted to guide others through tricky places. Their endurance is unrivaled, trained to dominate the extremes of their world. They know how to follow the stars at night, and rarely, if ever, get lost.

They are in charge of the Comets, Meteors and Shooting Stars in Valhalla, assigning messages and tasks to perform, and are expected to take wolves under their wing to train in Navigation.
Tier Four – Circles – Working Tier Members

The wolves in the Working Tier are wolves who are ranked according to their skills and actively working for the betterment of the pack. They are separated into groups – or Circles – that classify their skills and the trade they decided or were chosen to pursue.
Each Circle has several levels of skill, and rather than letting age define rank, experience is taken more into consideration. A wolf might, for instance, remain in the rank of Nerve for a long time if they aren’t improving upon their skills and working hard to train and spar. If they don’t shape up, they will be kicked out of the Circle they were apprenticed in and encouraged to seek a new path.

War Circle
The War Circle are the wolves trained and in training to fight and defend the pack. They are the front lines, the backup up, the brave faces you see when you dare to come attacking Valhalla. They are expected and required to train hard, spar often, and build upon their skills in combat, as well as a measure of diplomacy. A pack must show unity and a strong front, and any disharmony shown before strangers will be dealt with—perhaps harshly, by the Trinity.
Valors and Courages are expected to take apprentices in the same manner as the other Circles—choosing young or new wolves that they’ve carefully watched and requesting them as apprentices upon speaking to the Spirit.
Valor (∞) - The brave-hearted warriors who have surpassed the common warrior levels, proving themselves to be loyal without fail, and having served well. They have fully completed their training in fighting and are ready for the next level and are eligible to be promoted to the coveted rank of Dauntless.

They are also of a level in skill where they are expected to pass down their knowledge to the younger or newer members of the pack, taking half apprenticeships with the higher-level warriors of the pack.
Courage (∞) - The warriors who are on their way to the top, but still have much to learn. They’ve begun their training in higher advanced fighting and have likely proven themselves in real fights as well as spars. In many ways, they act as assistant trainers to the higher leveled warriors, assisting in training younger members of the pack if asked.

They aren’t expected to take any apprentices of their own, yet, but those days aren’t far off.
Steadfast (∞) - Their Early Advanced training has done them well, in the long road still before them. They've gained much knowledge and fighting experience, but there's still a massive amount to learn and a long road ahead to mastery. They are allowed to participate fully in raids and sieges, though still at the side of their mentor(s).

They are expected to attend lessons with their mentors, fight training held by the higher-tier warriors, and to practice, practice, practice, with each other or with other experienced wolves.
Brave (∞) - They’ve completed their initial training and just getting wet behind the ears in advanced battle training. They’ve got a long, hard road of studying and hard work ahead, with much to prove, and much to learn about themselves, as well as their trade of being warriors. They are essentially more advanced apprentices in the trade but know this is the path they want to take.

They are expected to attend lessons with their mentors, fight training held by the higher-tier warriors, and to practice, practice, practice, with each other or with other experienced wolves.
Nerve (∞) - The days of pup-hood training and basics are behind them, and ahead of them begins the real training. These are yearlings – fresh into service – who have left the puppy fat behind in favor of shaving it all off with hard days of training. So much to learn when you thought you knew it all already. Lessons, spars, endurance and strength training. Welcome to boot-camp, kids. Let the fun begin.
They are expected to attend all lessons in fighting— from their mentors, their higher-ups, and even higher-ups in the War Circle.
Shadow Circle
The Shadow Circle are wolves who, to the rest of the pack’s knowledge, are dual traded fighter and hunters. In reality, they are spies, assassins, and covert messengers.  They are trained from the moment of their being chosen as an Apprentice of the Shadows, in the arts of unseen, unheard, and unscented movement. At the completion of their training, they are given a mark defining them as a master of the trade.

Upon their being chosen, they are secreted away to be taught the unspoken Laws and Rules of the Circle, laws that are not told to the rest of the pack, to ensure the Shadow Circle’s true use will remain unknown to all but those who should know of it.
Shadow (∞) - Well-trained in secrecy and intelligence gathering, these wolves are a force to be reckoned with, but unassuming in their outward purpose. The pack outside the know sees them and their Circle as skilled hunters and fighters with a real knack for disappearing in the blink of an eye or remaining unseen but nearby. They have undergone hard months or even years of training in assassination techniques, shadowing skills, tracking prowess and identity changing. They will, by now, likely know multiple different languages, many of them fluently.
Like any high-ranking member of a Circle, they’re expected to keep an eye out for wolves in the pack who show promise for the Circle to choose as an Apprentice.
Mist (∞) - They’ve completed the basics of the advanced training in shadow work and secrets. They’re gaining confidence in changing their names and mannerisms, almost able to part ways completely with their original persona. They’ve been undergoing rigorous training in changing their voices, accents, learning languages, how to move differently, and even how to change their fur colors with natural dyes.
Wisp (∞) - They’ve learned the advanced basics of tracking, moving silently and carefully, and sitting silently while listening to conversations. There’s a long, long path to follow before they’re ready to complete their training, but they’re getting there. They’re getting uncanny at reading body language and are beginning to learn new languages.
Whisper (∞) - They’ve left the basics behind and completed their beginner’s training and are now beginning their advanced basic training in stealth, languages, navigation, history, and inter-pack relations. Their loyalty to the pack and ability to keep the Circle’s true purpose secret has been proven true and unwavering. They’re beginning to grasp the true meaning of ‘Moving as a shadow in the night’, but will likely still be making mistakes, but that’s okay—mistakes are as much of a way to learn as getting it right.
Hint (∞) - They’ve been introduced with care into the Circle, carefully chosen for their talents seen during careful observation from the moment of their birth or acceptance into the pack. Hints have already shown an ability to move quietly and carefully, a distinct amount of curiosity, and an observant nature. The higher ranked members of the Shadow Circle, the Shadows, as well as the Zephyrs, are the only members of the Circle allowed to choose an apprentice to train.
Healing Circle
The Healing Circle is the group of wolves responsible for the pack’s health and care. From healing cuts and bruises to healing major illnesses and splinting broken legs, they are there to keep you healthy and make you feel better. They are under the command of the masters of healing—the Cures, Rescues, Encouragements, Faiths, and Shaman.

The higher ranks in this group are responsible for taking apprentices and helping their fellows with their own. The Spirit is not the wolf who assigns apprentices to their mentors. Instead, the mentors come to the Spirit to request their choice of apprentice after observing and spending time with the rest of the pack, especially pups and new members who joined with the intention of becoming members of the Healing Circle.

The lower-ranking members of the Healing Circle are expected to study together when not in lessons with their mentors.

Incandescence (∞) – Wolves of the greatest experience in all things healing, with skills second only to the Masters of the Circle. Serious injuries and dangerous, contagious illness? Go to these wolves if the Masters of the Healing Circle aren’t available. They have dedicated their lives to healing others and ensuring the health of their pack. They are expected to choose apprentices and make their choices known to the Spirit so that the Spirit may announce the arrangement in the next Pack Meeting.
Radiance (∞) – They’ve completed their advanced training and are considered fully trained healers. They’re practicing their Craft and studies always, ever working to expand upon their knowledge and techniques, and should always be ready to learn more. While considered fully trained, they still receive elite training under the Incandescence and Masters of the Circle and are encouraged to reach higher in the pack.

They are required to choose at least one apprentice of their own to mentor, as well as assisting their fellows in training their own apprentices. They are expected to continue studying together in the more elite skills of healing, and to seek out any and all knowledge that will better their ability to care for the pack.
Flame (∞) – The advanced basics have been mastered, left behind (though often revisited, because refreshers are always a good thing) as their advanced training begins. It’s time to learn how to splint broken bones, mend nasty gashes, and tend the sick wolves, with only minimal supervision from their mentors after a few lessons.
Flicker (∞) – They’ve completed their initial training, and are ready to undergo training for advanced basics, even helping with minor injuries and illnesses on real wolves in the pack. They are still very much under the apprenticeship of their mentors, but now that they’ve gained some knowledge and experience, they may be trusted to help teach the Flickering new healers in the Circle with the basics they’ve already mastered, which, in many ways, serves as ‘extra credit’ in their own training.
Spark (∞) – Freshly chosen apprentices of the Healing Circle’s higher members, these students of healing are expected to study hard, study together, and work with each other and their mentors to master the early basics of herb and plant identification, minor first aid treatments, and treatments for mild illnesses. They can expect many scenario training quizzes in their future.
Hunting Circle
The Hunting Circle are the members of the pack who are there to ensure the pack is well-fed and healthy through the resources of prey. They are meant to keep watch over the prey animals, keeping tabs on their numbers and health, and picking animals to cull that are sick or too badly injured to remain healthy through the seasons.
As well, they carry a second – and very important – responsibility where their tracking skills are required. They are also trained to track fellow canines and should a wolf outside of Valhalla or inside of it bring serious harm to the pack, whether by murder, rape, or any other form of treachery, the Hunting Circle and the Shadow Circle unite to track down the threat, corner it, and bring it back to meet justice—though the Hunting Circle members would merely think the Shadow Circle members were along for their fighting skills.
They are required to hold a Circle Hunt each season, and a pack hunt at least twice a year. They are also required to choose their apprentices themselves and make their choices known to the Spirit so that it may be announced to the pack at the next Pack meeting.
Predator (∞) – Hunting machines. They are highly experienced, proven hunters in the pack, second only to the Butchers. They know all there is about advanced hunting and even if they aren’t quite as masterfully skilled as the Butchers, they are some of the most supremely skilled wolves at tracking prey and predators. They’ve seen nearly all of it, smelled just about all they can, and hunting is their favorite past time.
They are expected to choose apprentices to train in hunting and make their choices known to the Spirit.
Huntsman (∞) – Experienced hunters who have surpassed the advanced training in tracking, coursing and identifying injured or ill prey animals. Even at this height of knowledge, they still have so much to learn and are encouraged to continue learning and expanding that knowledge. They are also the wolves who, during a Hunting Circle hunt, are expected to help the Predators bring down the prey, while the Chasers course and drive the prey into position.

They are expected to choose an apprentice in hunting, and to help train their fellow ranking members’ apprentices, as well as continuing their own studies. They’ve essentially ‘graduated’ from close mentorship by this point, though.
Chaser (∞) – They’ve mastered the advanced basics and are ready to take on the nitty gritty of advanced hunting training. Their training in identifying prey intensifies, and they are tasked with watching the herds to learn their patterns, following them and monitoring their condition.

They hold the task of coursing the prey during Hunts within the Circle, while the more experienced members of the Circle take down the prey. Thus, they are trained hard to master driving a panicked animal, as well as learning when to hang back and drive from a distance, never letting the target rest, eat, or drink.
Seeker (∞) – Seekers have begun the advanced basic training of hunting. Forays beyond Valhallan territory are undergone to learn about other prey animals from the native animals of the Plains and Moor (And any other future territories the pack may claim in the future). Larger animals may be hunted, including bison and moose.

They are still closely mentored by their betters in the Circle, but expected to assist in training their juniors in the Circle as well as studying together with their fellow Seekers. They are also tasked with tracking down injured prey to cull.
Scent (∞) – The early basics have been mastered, and now they begin the training in the mid-basics of hunting. Here is where tracking unfamiliar prey animals and wolves begins to be integrated more fully into their training, and learning to identify how old a scent is, as well as picking out smaller details about the target. They are to help track down prey with the Seekers, learning along the way.
Whiff (∞) – They’ve covered the early basics of tracking and hunting. Now the higher basic training of hunting has begun. They are still very much expected to be actively studying their hunting skills, attending lessons with their mentors, and helping train Traces with the help of their Mentors.
Trace (∞) – Newly chosen apprentices (often yearlings) who either know little about hunting but have a natural knack for it or wish to learn to hunt. They are expected to attend without fail every hunting lesson held by the higher-ranking members of the Hunting Circle, study hard with their mentor, and study together with their fellow Traces.
Messenger’s Circle
The Messenger’s Circle are more than just couriers and news carriers. They double as scouts and navigators, mappers and guides. In times of need, it is down to them to carry word to allies and plead for aid in battle to protect Valhalla, and thus, they carry with them the weight to tip the balance in a Siege to Valhalla’s favor.
The lower-ranked members of the Circle are also tasked with ensuring that food be brought to mothers and pups, as well as the Wisdoms and those unable to feed themselves if anyone from the Hunter’s Circle hasn’t already done so.
They are expected to undergo rigorous training in stamina and navigation, to learn every star in the sky and point on the compass, and to explore every land they visit (barring pack lands, naturally, unless that pack’s alpha has given permission) thoroughly. A certain level of keen memory and awareness is needed, and nimble-footed, swift-running wolves are considered ideal for this Circle.

Meteor (∞) - Second only to the Northern Star in their mastery of navigation, the Meteors are members of the Messenger’s Circle who are entrusted with important messages, especially during times of war. They are generally small and slim of build, long-legged, and agile on their paws. They’ve trained to their peak endurance and stamina and know-how to hunt on the run.
When not carrying important messages to other packs, they are expected to assist in hunting and can be considered dual skilled wolves in Valhalla, though courier-work will always be their primary duty.
Like all high-ranking working Tier members in each Circle, Meteors are expected to take apprentices in their trade and are expected to make their choices known to the Spirit to be announced at the next meeting. They are expected to help with the training of apprentices, and to keep up their own training as well.
Comet (∞) - They’ve learned almost all the stars and constellations in the sky and are expert navigators in both day and night. They know almost all the landmarks beyond the west of Boreas and are learning more and more every day about the back trails of the land.

They are expected to choose an apprentice, as well as assist in training their fellow Comets’ apprentices, and are still expected to train together, even if they are no longer apprentices themselves.
Shooting Star (∞) - They’ve covered the advanced levels of training in navigation, landmark spotting, and languages. They now begin training in lands further afield of the pack and beyond the west of Boreas. They’ve covered a great deal on memorizing and delivering messages to the letter and have just about halfway completed training in what to do and whom to go to first if an emergency prevents the Trinity or Second Tiers from giving them a direct message to take to an ally in the event of a siege or natural disaster.

They are still considered apprentices but are expected to help train their juniors aside from studying together.
Fleetfooted (∞) - Advanced training begins here, pushing harder at both mind and body, and learning new terrain and how to travel through harsher lands, both at night and during the day.

Runner (∞) - Thus, begins the mid-basics of navigation, and the beginnings of learning new languages, memorizing more advanced and complex messages, and covering greater distances at higher speeds. Their mentor will have begun taking them further afield beyond Valhalla’s borders and the surrounding lands, and they will have begun being entrusted to bring messages – alongside their mentors – to neighboring friendly packs.

Page (∞) - New to the Circle and just beginning the basics of courier-work, these wolves, whether young wolves or newcomers to the pack, are tasked with simple beginner work—bringing messages to packmates, often practice messages. Training will begin in memory training, navigation around the nearby lands, and stamina training.
Architect’s Circle
These wolves are the members responsible for building the walls that protect Valhalla’s members from outside attack, and for building the shelters to block them from the cold. From the newest foundation to the grandest palaces, they work together to better the future of Valhalla.
Castle (∞) - These wolves are the best builders in the pack, aside from the Palaces. They’ve completed their training and have very likely contributed to much of the pack’s buildings and wall projects by the time they’ve reached this point in skill. They are expected, as any high-ranked wolf of any Circle, to have at least one Apprentice.
Home (∞) - They’ve reached the highest advanced training level of their craft, and it shows in their work. They are expected to take apprentices, and share training with their fellow Homes, ensuring an even spread of knowledge and technique. Wolves of this rank will likely have formed their own techniques and tricks.
Threshold (∞) - The advanced basics have been left behind for the far more challenging, far more technical levels of upper training, and these wolves are balancing in the threshold between training and being trained. They still have their mentors but are expected to assist in training the lower leveled Apprentices.
Frame (∞) - They’ve mastered the early basics of building and are ready to tackle the advanced levels of the basics, learning how to lift stones above head height with leverage, and how to assess building sites, level ground, and more fun tasks. Building with poles and beams has now been added to their curriculums, and they are expected to practice together.
Foundation (∞) - Building things is these apprentices’ calling. From the moment they join the Circle, these wolves are set to learn the early basics of planning, stone laying, balance, mixing clays and grouts, and other tasks that will lead them to lives filled with building the foundation of the pack’s shelter and defenses.
Tier Five – Common Tier Members
Wisdom (∞) – Elderly members of the pack – often those who have retired from an actively working rank in the Circle they served in – often around the ages of 8-10, and as old as 13. They are to be honored, cherished and respected, and are part of the Council due to their wisdom of experience. They are, for the most part, not required to do much, but any lessons they give to younger wolves of the pack are welcomed and should be paid attention to. They aren’t just ranked Wisdom for their old bones.
Discharged (∞) - Members of the pack who were forced to retire early from their Circle, often the War Circle or Hunter’s Circle, due to injuries that left them unable to perform their duties comfortably and safely. They are to be respected for their service, and are expected to pass on their knowledge, even if they may not be able to train apprentices physically.

Only wolves who have been crippled in some way are allowed to be ranked thus, and it should be very clear that this rank is in no way meant to belittle them for their injuries. If they don’t wish to be part of the Discharged rank, they may opt to instead be made a Civilian.
They are one of the few ranks in the Common Tier that are expected to take an apprentice in the lore they practiced with their Circle.
Civilian (∞) - Common Tier members who were either severely wounded in the line of duty as a hunter, Shadow circle member, or War circle member who opted to be ranked a Civilian rather than a Discharged member, or wolves who were born into the pack and are still uncertain of what path to take in Valhalla. These are also wolves who are ill, or physically incapable of joining the hunting, messenger, or war circles, and have no knack for healing or shadow-work.
They may also be wolves who, while not able to participate in the Circles, have important knowledge to share with the young minds of the pack regarding history, etiquette, religion, language, and other skills that will still make them a benefit to Valhalla.
This rank is not to be considered a way of getting out of having to become a working Tier member. A wolf must apply directly to the Spirit and give a full, valid reason as to why they would serve best as a Civilian.
Outlander (∞) - The wolves who recently joined and have not yet chosen or been chosen by a Circle. They are encouraged to explore their options and speak to members of the pack to decide where they’d like to go in Valhalla if they joined without choosing to opt for a test to enter one of the Circles.
In short, they are not encouraged to remain in this rank long and should they do so for longer than two seasons, they will be gently asked to leave the pack or step up their game.

In the meantime, while they’re deciding/being observed, they are tasked with attending all pack-wide hunts, fighting lessons, healing lessons, and are required to fill in sentry duty on the wall.

Oath (∞) - The Yearlings of Valhalla who have not yet been chosen by a high-ranking member of a Circle. They are expected to participate in fight training, hunting, healing, and navigation lessons so that they can be observed, or, should they wish to choose their Path, they can ask to see the high-ranking members of the Circle they wish to join, or the Spirit of Valhalla to make their desire known.
Initiative and forward-thinking wolves are an encouraged thing in Valhalla, and the Spirit makes note of those who don’t wait around to be chosen and instead make the first steps themselves to move up in life.

This is also a point in life where yearlings can go to the Spirit to ask to leave Valhalla if they find they want to explore the world and see what else is out there. They’re grown enough to take care of themselves, and there’s no gain for either side to force a wolf to stay where they aren’t happy.

Promise (∞) - Children above the age of half a year. They’ve seen two seasons and are now ready to start the early basic lessons with their parents or any interested pack members in hunting, fighting, and healing. Other pack members are encouraged to teach them about history, various legends, languages, and navigation. Basically, get to know the young, promising new lives of the pack.

These kids are expected to attend any puppy lessons called by the ranked wolves of the various circles of Valhalla, whether it be hunting, healing, fighting, navigation, or what-have-you. Tardy or non-attendance will merit the Spirit speaking with the parents and child in question.

Hope (∞) - The young of Valhalla. Within every young life that enters the world and adds to the pack’s numbers, there is a hope that they will grow strong and be taught all that the parents and pack can teach. They are expected to be taught basic pack Etiquette, and parents are required to teach them very clearly about the meaning of pack borders, and to take them to the wall to learn never to cross it without their parents or mentors.
Guest (∞) - Wolves who need a place to stay until they can straighten out their lives and decide on a course of action. In many ways, this rank harkens back to the Valhalla led by Erani Adravendi. The Lady of Valhalla was well known for taking in those who needed a place to stay, whether it was a pregnant rape victim or a lost child needing a home. Or a whole litter of children needing a home.

Guests are asked to help out where they can in return for their lodging and they toe the line between being Pack and Not pack. However, they are to be treated respectfully and kindly during their stay. Should they decide to stay and become a member of the pack in full, they are welcomed, though expected to undergo the same tests an Outlander will have undergone.

Tier Six – Trouble Tier
Delinquent (∞) –  The wolves who have been found slacking in their duties, missed two pack meetings, neglected their lessons, or have broken a minor law of the pack. They are expected to work hard to regain favor in the pack and are not allowed to leave the borders of Valhalla unless given permission.

There will be a curfew on how long they may be beyond pack borders if permission is given, and should they not return within that timeframe, they will not be allowed to return to the pack without first proving themselves like any other joining wolf would.

If a wolf ends up in this rank twice, they will be encouraged to leave the pack and not return should their performance be lacking a third time over.
Captive (∞) - Prisoners of war, or wolves who were force claimed as a result of trespassing in Valhallan lands and refused to get out when told. Despite being in the same rank, PoW and Trespassers are treated very differently.

Prisoners of War are to be treated with a measure of civility and some margin of respect during their stay. They are expected to be well looked-after – and well-guarded. Members of the pack found to be behaving abusively toward prisoners will be reprimanded. This isn’t to say that they will be allowed to wander freely in the pack lands.
They are to be kept in a small area with very little line of sight into the rest of the territory, and a pair of guards are to be present with them at all times. There is also a chance that they may ask to join Valhalla, should they find something that sings to them here.

Trespassers, on the other paw, will garner less diplomatic respect, highly depending on the nature of their transgression. Simple stubborn trespassers that merely refused to leave and were force claimed as a result will be allowed to leave without any harm to them after a time if they maintain good behavior.  

However, should they cause issues during their ‘stay’ they will not be freed unless they win a challenge for their freedom. Depending on the level of trouble they cause as a Captive, they may be subject to minor maims, or severe ones should there be an attempt to harm any of Valhalla’s numbers.

Criminal (∞) - Wolves of the pack who have committed heinous crimes within Valhalla. Those who have not committed such crimes as murder, or rape will be severely maimed, marked with the Sign of the Criminal and cast out of Valhalla to die or eke out a meagre living, and their crimes will be made known to allied packs. There is a chance, however, for a trial should it be found that the wolf was framed.

There is no hope, however, for murderers or rapists, and they will be cut down on the spot without mercy— and should they escape by some miracle, they would be smart to believe that they will not be safe anywhere in Boreas or Auster.

Tier Seven – OOC Ranks – Won’t Count Toward Pack Numbers
Exile (∞) - Members of the pack who were banished from Valhalla due to unforgivable crimes within the pack.
Rank will not be reflected upon their profile— however, physically, they will likely be marked with the sign of the Criminal. They are encouraged to steer clear of Valhalla’s territories once cast out of the pack and will be attacked on sight should they attempt to re-enter the pack’s lands without permission.

This isn’t to say family will be barred from ever seeing one another again. However, members of Valhalla are to take care in what they say about the goings on of the pack when speaking to their exiled friend or family member.
Ascended (∞) – Wolves of Valhalla who have passed away, whether through old age, or outside forces (Murder, Accidents, Illness, etc). They are to be remembered, and their memories honored and cherished among the pack. If they were murdered, their loss is expected to be avenged.
Descended (∞) – Wolves who were executed for the highest crimes against Valhalla. Their memory is never to be honored, and their bodies dragged far away to be left to the scavengers of the world. They are not considered needing to be part of the pack to be listed here.
Inactive (∞) – Similar to the IC rank of Delinquent, your wolf will end up here should you not have been active in posting with them. The base requirement of activity in this pack is a post per week at least, and this should not be difficult for you to keep up with. If real life issues are preventing you from keeping up with this, post an absence. Let me know via PM. It’s that easy.

If a character ends up in this rank twice, as in the Delinquent rank, they will be removed from the pack and listed as an Exile if they fail to maintain activity a third time. There will be no exceptions, and I should not have to make this a stipulation of the pack in the first place. Simply put, don’t join if you can’t keep up.

The minimum requirement to be removed from this rank to the active ranks is ten posts, five per week. This minimum will be raised to twenty the next time your character is found lacking in activity (ten per week, spaced out over those two weeks, not spree’d in one day – same with the lower requirement). This is not a rank where you can sit idle and get away with it. If the requirements aren’t met by the end of two weeks, which will be listed in the notes by the rank, you’re out.

If ending up in this rank is the only time I see effort from you with that character, and you immediately slack off on activity when your character is ‘safe’, they will be removed from the pack. I’m not going to bandy words, and you can consider this as your one and only warning.

Quick Links

Links may be mixed up, but here we go.
Pack Ranks and Descriptions (Prepare for a long read)
Laws, Culture, History
Pack Relations, News
Pack Ranks Explained (OOC)
OOC Pack Requirements (Activity and Such)
Important Pack Locations - Pack Member Dens
How Circles Work



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Pack Rules, Culture, & History

Valhallan Common Law (much is WIP, but here ya go.)

•    The Spirit’s final word is law – and the laws are here for a reason. Follow them or suffer the consequences.

However, the pack Council is to be involved with the creation of new laws beyond these foundation stones.

•    Pack meetings are mandatory for all in the pack except newborn pups (Hopes) or severely ill or injured members. Missing two in a row with no notice given to the Spirit will see you removed from the pack, should you be in the Common Tier, or demoted to the Trouble Tier should you be in the working or upper Tiers. Tardy paws catch no prey, and slackers get no quarter.

•    During times when the pack’s numbers are high, mating rights are restrained to a ‘permission only’ status. To avoid overhunting the prey animals with a population too high for the territories, members must make the Spirit aware of their desire to sire or bear pups. Love itself is encouraged, mind.

Members are also encouraged to pay close attention to the numbers of the pack to be sure they won’t be stressing the population by bringing new lives into the pack.

These are also times when the least active wolves will not be encouraged to remain in the pack.

•     Love beyond the pack is fine. However, be aware that any litters sired by a male member of Valhalla are expected to become members of the pack, along with the mother, unless an agreement can be made or a foster mother is chosen to raise the pups.

Love between packs is… surprisingly not unencouraged. However, it is to be understood that the pack the love interest, litter parent comes from should be an ally of Valhalla and friendly with the pack. The parents must be able to agree to a partial parenting plan at the very least. The pups are to be raised, once they are weaned, half the litter in one pack, half in the other, switching out between the packs each half season to learn about both sides of their parentage.

However, should the mother of the litter decide to move to Valhalla, she is welcome to do so. Alternatively, if the father of said litter desires to leave and join the pack his lady resides in, this is acceptable as well.

•    Members of Valhalla are to demonstrate dignity, honor, regality, unity and endurance to outside wolves. Thus, members of the pack are expected to show some measure of respect to others, whether they know them or not, until a valid reason has been given to hurl insults and bare fangs.

Misbehavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with publicly via demotion or removal from the pack. Regardless of your personality, show a mature, polite, united face to the outside world. “Kill ‘em with Kindness.”

•    The Spirit is not responsible for picking mentor-apprentice pairings. You are. The Spirit needs only to announce your choices at the next meeting. Mentors are responsible for paying attention to the new or young wolves in Valhalla and choosing those who show the promise needed to accel in the mentor’s Circle.

Similarly, young wolves or newcomers to the pack (Outlanders) are highly encouraged to explore the various Circles and consider their paths wisely, and should they wish to learn under a certain wolf in the Circle they choose, they are responsible for telling the Spirit and their chosen mentor.

•    Challenges for higher ranks or tiers are not un-encouraged, but those considering that path must reflect upon their past performance to decide whether they are truly worthy of the rank they desire, or if harder work and training are needing before they should ask the Spirit for a blessing to challenge.

Those who challenge for a rank despite being told they can’t will be removed from the pack, likely maimed – especially if the rank they desired and challenged for was a high rank such as the Soul.

•    Trespassers run the risk of maiming and force-claiming should they not heed the one warning to leave the territory. Those who caught the trespasser are to escort them from the territory and watch to be sure they leave.

While it is customary to give a warning to a trespassing wolf – or any creature – the exception is during defense from raids and sieges. Since a raiding party is well aware they’re trespassing and are doing so intentionally, there’s little need for warning. Attack on sight, Valhallans.

Similarly, Valhallans are expected to send up a stand-by warning to the pack when suspicious wolves are found hanging around the border itself or the bordering lands around Valhalla’s claimed territories. This is not an optional rule.

•    Those outside the pack are not to be privy to Valhalla’s secrets. Maintain discretion regarding numbers, health, and morale when speaking to non-Valhallans. The exceptions are details about Valhallan Laws, Customs, and its overall values as a whole.

(i.e. “Our pack values teamwork and working hard on skills and fighting.” Is just fine; it promotes the pack and presents it as strong and united. “We have twenty-four members, and our healer is sick; we don’t think she has long” is not okay and is grounds for punishment or even banishment.)

Anything else can only be divulged by the Spirit, Soul, Heart, and Second Tier members when accepting new members or conducting recruitment forays.

•    When leaving the pack borders, it is mandatory to at least howl to announce one’s intention to venture out for a time. Those who leave without telling anyone run the risk of temporary demotion if at a higher rank, and to Delinquent if among the lower tiers.

Let the Spirit know you’re going out, and where you’re most likely to be, not because you’re in trouble, but because if something goes wrong, someone knowing at home will result in a much swifter search party bringing help.

[You do not need to actively thread with me to have the character let mine know—all pack members have permission to PP having told my alpha characters they are going out. At the very least, howl to announce it.]


Shadow Circle Laws

•    Harm not those who are innocent. Go forth with Honor.

•    Share not the secrets of the Shadows. Not even with thy closest friends within the Pack.

•    Devote thyself to the pack and protect its secrets and people with thy life if necessary.

•    Apply thyself tenfold to thy studies in the Circle. Learn thy trade and livelihood to the utmost.

•    Betray thy Pack and Circle and thou shall forfeit thy health and virility.

•    Be adaptable to thy situation.


— *Another rule goes here.*


Valhallan Customs

•    Playtime!

In Valhalla, importance is placed upon friendship, playing together, working together, and creating lasting bonds that will hold up even in the darkest of hours and toughest opposition.

This custom is not an annual festival or every now and then kind of thing—nope! Spur of the moment playtime is encouraged, both among the young and the adults and elderly, with the hope of boosting energy in the pack, lightening the mood during hard times, and bringing the pack together to simply bond and enjoy each other’s company.

This is also a good chance to practice skills, like tracking, during games of hide and seek, or coursing stamina in games of chase and tag. So, relax, let loose, and let your heart and mind relax, and just have some fun before going back to the daily life of duties and responsibility.

•    Festivals:

Games, festivities, spars and hunts galore. Valhalla may not hold a Festival for all every year, but when they do, it can be assured that it will be a thing to be remembered. Hostility is not allowed during the festival’s events unless there is a highly valid reason.

This is a time for packs to come together, loners to mingle with pack wolves and perhaps to assess a possible new home, and for everyone to relax and have some fun, test their skills against new faces in spars, share knowledge between healers, and bring down a feast!

Trading is welcomed at these festivals, so those with all the things are welcome to join in the festivities.

Pups old enough to travel are welcome and rest assured that any who try to harm any children attending the festivals will be dealt with in a particularly bloody manner, regardless of what pack they belong to or whether they’re loners.

•    Gladiatorial Sparring Contests:

Unlike the Festivals, where all kinds of games and skill-building opportunities are presented, this fest is very much geared toward fighting. Annual events are held at various neutral locations by Valhalla, (or an allied pack, if the leaders of each pack set something up) and are open to all wishing to test their skills in fights in a fun contest.

Pairs and melee teams will be chosen by the host or hostess (or plurals of them should other pack leaders host it with the Spirit).

Maims and Death Matches are not welcomed in these events, spars and dominance matches being the only allowable type of fight. If someone has problems with someone else, they will not be allowed to be opponents unless they swear an oath to keep it clean and fair. If they wanna rip each other’s throats out, they can do it on their own time and not at the event.

Records will be held! Champions crowned and challenged the next year! Glory and fame to spread across the land! Are ya game enough?

•    Market Day:

Twice a year, Valhalla will open a trading fair at a neutral location, sometimes in the West, sometimes the south, and maybe even the east of Boreas, depending on where trading is best. Open to packs and loners alike, it’s a chance to trade one resource for another, and not just in goods. Hunting agreements, trades of skill… these are just a glimpse of what may be available.

•    Storytime:

Twice a month, the pack gathers, not for a meeting, but to settle in together with metaphorical popcorn (read deer legs, bison haunches and bunny cuts) to share stories about anything in particular, from legends they grew up with as a puppy, real history, or just stories about something funny that happened the other day. Doesn’t matter what the subject is.

The purpose is to bring the pack together without any formalities, to get to know one another, and probably laugh at a few funny tales. There will be no mandatory call from the Spirit to gather the pack – instead, a schedule will be announced, for all to keep in mind.

The Storytime gathering is semi-optional—you are highly encouraged to join in but won’t be penalized if you don’t.

•    Hunts Beyond the Wall:

Twice a year, the Spirit will lead a hunting party beyond the boundaries of Valhalla – once in Spring, once in Autumn – to hunt prey animals that don’t commonly graze in the pack’s lands and add variety to the long winter’s meals. Hunters are expected to attend and will be penalized – even demoted – if they do not attend to successfully bring down prey.

The meat will be hauled home on travois and in hide pack bags to be preserved and cached for winter or times when prey at home may be scarce or needing to rebuild numbers.

•    Wood Gathering Galivant:

Through late Summer and Autumn, the pack is expected to gather in groups and teams to gather firewood for the fire that burns in one of the caves within the Adravendi Seat. Near and far, hardwood and softwood.

As this fire is open to all pack members to visit and warm up beside through the cold weather of winter and is also the source of the healers more advanced methods of making healing salves, hot poultices, and brews, this isn’t just a boon for the Spirit and their family—it’s for the pack as a whole.

•    Ursine Bounty:

A dangerous custom, but one that holds great hope of stocking the larders for winter. At the cusp of winter, as Autumn deepens and the snow begins to fall and bears settle in to slumber in their dens, the strongest wolves of the pack shall gather to track down a bear – maybe more than one – to hunt and harvest for its meat, bones, sinew, and pelts. Only the most skilled of the pack are allowed to attend, and it is considered an honor to be allowed to join the hunt.

This is also a custom to commemorate the late secondary alphess, Gwenevere Adravendi, who founded the idea one frigid autumn day.

Pack History:
  • 12 -29 15 | Late Winter - Year 6: Surreal Adravendi has, after much planning, staked a claim upon Vericona Plains, raising the standard of Celestial.
  • *1 - 31 - 16 | Late Spring, Year 7* » Kavdaya, Celestial's Master Healer, has called Celestial's first Healer Meeting! Much is to be discussed, ideas to be shared, and knowledge to be learned!
  • *2 - 22 - 16 | Early Summer, Year 7* » Surreal calls a pack meeting to discuss plans for a festival! All are required to attend the meeting.
  • *2 - 25 - 16 | Early Summer, Year 7* » Surreal calls a mandatory pack-wide Fight training session, wishing to bump up activity within Celestial and hone Celestial's fighting skills. | In the meeting preceding the training, she Promotes Miksa and Faite to Legionary in return for their dedication to Celestial.
  • *4 - 29 - 16 | Early Autumn, Year 7* » Surreal calls a mandatory meeting! Surreal states that she is stepping down as she's about to birth a new litter and Regulus takes the reins with Creed as his Right Wing! Varda is promoted to Master Hunter and Baine has finished her apprenticeship and is now an Emissary. Also please welcome Castiel back into the pack as well as three new members: Acapella, Crucible, and Dagger.
  • *5 - 03 - 16 | Late Autumn, Year 7* » Surreal and Falk's newest litter has arrived! Please welcome Kieryn, Laisrén, and Rasiel into the world!
  • *7 - 12 - 16 | Early Spring, Year 8* » Kavdaya calls Celestial's second official pack-wide Healing Lesson; attendance is moderately good, as the healers and the attending members of the pack discuss herbs and wounded transport techniques.
  • *8 - 07 - 16 | Late Spring, Year 8* » Regulus calls a Pack Meeting! Topics for discussion are demotions, announcements of new members (Welcome to Celestial, Solveiga and Luck, our two newest healers), the departure of Zuriel from Celestial, and the upcoming crowning of his new Right Wing, Faite Adravendi, among several. Attendance is mandatory to all not on absence.
  • *9 - 18 - 16 | Late Summer, Year 8* » Please welcome Creed and Kavdaya's first litter! Valor, Fable, Justice, Knight, and Exodus have been born!
  • *Since so much has happened since this history section was last updated, I may just give up and begin updating when Aurielle takes over the Pack. >.>
  • *8 - 16 - 2019 | ahem... Autumn - Year 13 - Aurielle throws Valhalla's first Festival, with much help from the Nomads, for all of Boreas to attend! Among the festivities provided over the whole week or longer are the Opening Greetings, a bountiful Feast,  a Trade Fair each day, and a Fighting Contest to be held each evening!
  • Early Winter of Year 13 - Mount Volkan Erupted, and Aurielle called the pack together in an emergency meeting to decide what is to be done. Scouts were sent out, east to assess the level of threat, and west to seek possibly locations to retreat to. Members missing: Geoffery Adracendi, and Laisren Adravendi (since before Eruption).
  • Mid to Late Winter of Year 13 - Aurielle and some of Valhalla attend Winterfell's Tournament and Festival.
  • Spring of Year 14



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Pack Relations & News


Abaven — Allies - Long-Standing
Incendium — Unknown change of leadership | But beforehand more carefully regarded after news of raiding a perceived ally.
Habari — Unknown, Would be Enemies if Circumstances were known.
Aerie — Neighbors| Neutral/Cordial | Raid Partnership Attained
Ashen — Cautious, Must Revisit Trade Possibilities
Armada — Semi-strained.
Fireside — Mixed Feelings Out The Wazoo, Mostly Negative, Some bemused amusement
Hallows — Unaware | Neutral

PACK — *standing*

The Pirates — Unknown (Willlll probably butt heads at some point)
Band — *Standing*

Current Events:

*2 - 24 - 21 | Late-Winter, Year 15* » Valhalla launches a raid against Aerie!

*4 - 11 - 21 | Spring, Year 16* »

Pack News:

*12 - 29/30 - 15 | Late Winter, Year 6* » Surreal has raised the standard of Celestial, claiming Vericona Plains, and calling all family, friends, and followers, as well as any who wish to join. The birth of a new era begins now.
*1 - 31 - 16 | Late Spring, Year 7* » Kavdaya, Celestial's Master Healer, has called Celestial's first Healer Meeting! Much is to be discussed, ideas to be shared, and knowledge to be learned!
*2 - 22 - 16 | Early Summer, Year 7* » Surreal calls a pack meeting to discuss plans for a festival! All are required to attend the meeting. Deadline for first round is March 1st.
*2 - 25 - 16 | Early Summer, Year 7* » Surreal calls a mandatory pack-wide Fight training session, wishing to bump up activity within Celestial and hone Celestial's fighting skills. | In the meeting preceding the training, she Promotes Miksa and Faite to Legionary in return for their dedication to Celestial. Congratulations!
*4 - 29 - 16 | Early Autumn, Year 7* » Surreal calls a mandatory meeting! Surreal states that she is stepping down as she's about to birth a new litter and Regulus takes the reigns with Creed as his Right Wing! Varda is promoted to Master Hunter and Baine has finished her apprenticeship and is now an Emissary. Also please welcome Castiel back into the pack as well as three new members: Acapella, Crucible, and Dagger.
*5 - 03 - 16 | Late Autumn, Year 7* » Surreal and Falk's newest litter has arrived! Please welcome Kieryn, Laisrén, and Rasiel into the world!
*09 - 18 - 16 | Late Summer, Year 8* » Please welcome Creed and Kavdaya's litter!
*10 - 14 - 16 | Mid-Autumn, Year 8* » Faite is holding a mandatory meeting here to discuss changes in ranks and newest additions to the pack.
*10 - 20 - 16 | Mid-Autumn, Year 8* » Fortune is holding a mandatory hunting training session for all pups in the pack and anyone else is welcome to come.
*6 - 22 - 20 | Winter, Year 14* » Aurielle and Red are expecting their first litter!
*1 - 2 - 20 | Winter-Spring, Year 15* » Aurielle and Red are greeting their first litter! Please welcome Valhalla's Destiny, Ardyn Adravendi and his brother and sisters! Coran, Amorielle, Laoise, and Aoife Adravendi!
*7 - 16 - 20 | Spring, Year 15* » It's time for the Pups to greet the outside world!
*7 - 19 - 20 | Spring, Year 15* » Aurielle calls the children together to learn more about their history.
*8 - 1 - 20 | Mid-Spring, Year 15* » Aurielle Calls all of Boreas and Auster to a Spring Festival that will last for two IC weeks
*10 - 10 - 20 | Summer, Year 15* » Please Welcome Justice's surprise litter, two sons Anr and Fidelias, and daughter Kaija!
*2 - 7 - 21 |Winter, Year 15* » Aurielle calls the pack together to announce a Raid on Aerie to capture a flag.
*3 - ? - 21 | Season, Year 15* » News here
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To be replaced with new version for Valhalla
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Celestial's Laws, Explained and Clarified (WIP)

Celestial’s OOC Laws and Clarification
1) Activity Is a Must in Celestial

From this day (3 - 18 - 2018) forth, any wolves who do not post IC for over a month (example: Last post was December 4th, 2017, and no posts have been made IC with that character since then, and it is now January 25th, 2018) will be moved to Inactive Rank, with a note by their rank stating when they were moved there, when their last post was, and the two-week grace period to get active again.

There will be a required post amount per week, expected to be made over the course of the two weeks rather than a spree on one day per week. The required posts will be by the rank notes of the character.

If no consistent posting (Random sprees of posts will not be counted unless it’s consistently on a weekly basis) has been done as per their rank’s or Tier’s requirement, they will be removed from the pack, regardless of whether they have posted since the rank change to Inactive. (i.e., one single post will not get you out of trouble after a month of no posts and no Absence posted.)

Those not posted with for over a month and a half will be removed, hands down. (For instance, Wolves not posted with for four+ weeks.)

My only exceptions to these rules are when a Clear, Updated Absence post has been posted, and I have been informed directly, either through my skype or via PM with a link to the Absence Post. Scarcity notices will not be a viable reason not to be posting your characters. My one concession for Scarcity notices is to lower the requirements by half of the Tier or Rank requirement, save for wolves in Tier Six. You already only have to post once a week for that Tier.

Wolves removed from the pack may still finish their threads set before the date of removal (I will be keeping a log here in this section at the bottom if you need to reference it.), but may not start fresh threads in Celestial's boards unless it's a rejoining thread.

Characters who have been born into Celestial are expected and required to have reached at least 20 IC posts by the time they reach the age of One Year. This is not impossible. Yearling Wolves who have no more posts than half that requirement will be removed from the roster, as they are of an age that they can survive on their own. Characters from litters born before this section’s posting are, for the most part, exempt from this rule, but required to reach twenty more posts by the next year of their lives in the pack.

Now, let’s go over the posting requirements of Celestial’s (many) Rank Tiers:

Characters in Tier Six are required to post at least once per week, and one of those posts should be in threads inside Pack Boards (Vericona Plains, Druid’s Moor) with fellow packmates. Ranks in Tier Six are: Ancestor, Mother, Unit, Apprentice, Promise.

Characters in Tier Five are, as "Working Tier" wolves, expected to post at least twice per week. Hunters should be hunting (And actively bringing in food, not merely tracking it), Legionaries should be patrolling together, or with higher ranking wolves, or doing sentry duty on the wall. Healers should be gathering herbs, checking in on the pack members, regardless of whether they are sick or injured, or healthy.

As well, Legionaries in particular are required to participate in spars, in the pack and outside it, with a Witness from the pack along to observe. This is a rule I have seen no one following unless I have thrown Regulus in there to watch. It is in the Pack Laws. Follow it. Make your characters make friends in the pack and follow it. Yes. I’m being firm, and probably even “downright harsh”, but you are the one who decided to have a character in my pack. No one is forcing you to stay.

If you are playing a character in my pack who bears a Personality section stating they desire to become a masterful fighter, practice sparring in judged fights with them so your skill will reflect in theirs, and they have shown an IC journey of actively working to better themselves. Don’t just say they want to, show they want to! Make it an epic worth retelling for years! Earn that high rank, and that glory of being known across the continents as a masterful fighter. You can do it!

Characters in Tier Four are expected to be seen upholding the responsibilities of their rank's Tier. At least three posts per week are expected. Think of it as... like.. a department manager in a store. You don't hold up your end of the job, you get demoted or fired. Exceptions, are, naturally, when those lovely, clear Absences have been posted. As said before, Scarcities will not excuse you from posting, only relieve you of about half of your requirement. (In this case, two posts per OOC week... kinda no way to cut a three neatly in half...)

As Masters, your characters are required to call lessons and training in their various fields of expertise. I'm still re-deciding how often that will be per Real Life time frame. With having higher levels... Hmm. Let's try: A lesson within their fellow rank lines (Master Legionary and Legionaries, for example) per every two real life months. A Packwide lesson every three months.

To gain the Rank of Master Legionary in particular, the usual method is to have won at least three (judged) spars. Chances of rising with only three won spars rises depending on how many points you won with. These spars must have a Witness from the pack observing or they won't be counted.

The rank can be challenged for, but whether your character gets the rank, regardless of whether they won the challenge, depends on their conduct beforehand, and their prowess in fighting.

Characters in Tier Three are expected to hold themselves to the highest discipline and order (doesn't mean they have to be stiff snobs with sticks up their butts, but they should behave with some dignity and follow the pack laws without fail, as well as being active.)

WIP to be continued

Pack Member Removal Log

Azazel: Removed from pack on 3 - 18 - 2018
Nova: Removed from pack on 3 - 18 - 2018
Adore: Removed from Pack on 3 - 18 - 2018
Sterling: Removed from pack on 3 - 18 - 2018
Exodus: Removed from Pack on 3 - 18 - 2018
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Pack Territory Locations of Importance - Pack Member Dens

Vericona Plains

The Meeting Rock: This area is mostly cleared of plains grasses, almost bare down to the dirt. This is the place where the pack meets for Pack meetings, and spars, and is the place where Surreal Adravendi stood on the day she founded Celestial. Many years before her, Erani Adravendi called meetings from the same boulder. To this day, pack meetings of Valhalla are called here.

At the head of the cleared area is a large, flat boulder spanning about eight feet in diameter, and shaded by one of only a few trees that dot the main plains area. Two oaks, one dead and old, the other new, growing from the base of the former. The leaders sit upon the boulder, while the pack gathers on the ground, though the higher ranked members usually situate themselves at the boulder's foot.

The Wooded Hillock: The single large hill in the plains, standing sentinel at nearly the heart of the territory. Covered in deciduous trees, this hill contains the Adravendi family Seat, a network of caves and alcoves beneath and with in it. See Den Descriptions part of this Section for more information.

The Wall, Plains Side: A tall stone wall runs the entirety of the pack border, with a few passages to allow prey to cross into the territory. It extends eastward on both the northern and southern sides, disappearing into the misty shrouds of Druid's Moor. Initially dry stacked, later attempts at mortared stone-laying techniques are obvious in places as the innovative minds of the pack within shape and form the land around them.

Druid's Moor

The Standing Stones: They rise out of the miasma of mist that shrouds the moor, silent and proud. None that live today know where they came from. As yet, they have only ever served as a healing camp during the defense of a raid. None know what their original purpose was.

The Wall, Moor's Side: Stretching out of the plains to the west, this stone wall borders the moor, its base shrouded in the fog. Built tall and wide enough to bear the weight of even the largest wolf in the pack that built it, the wall provides a fine view of the moor below, providing the pack with an early warning system that has come in useful many times already. Like the rest of the wall in the Plains, this wall bears openings; passages to allow prey and friendly wolves to enter or leave. Initially dry-stacked, later attempts at mortared stone-laying techniques are obvious in places as the innovative minds of the pack within shape and form the land around them.

Pack Member's Dens

Home is where the heart is, and sometimes all you want is a nice warm bed after a long day of work patrolling, hunting, and training. This section is something for everyone to have fun with. Want your character's den described here? Write up a description and PM or Discord Message it to me, and check this section out regularly! Your Description will be included in this list, in your character's very own entry. :D

Regulus, Aurielle, Red, Ardyn, Coran, Amorielle, Laoise, Aoife, Paladin

This particular den acts as a communal denning area for the pack as a whole, open to whoever needs a place to stay and sleep, though it's generally suggested that a member asks or notifies the family before making themselves at home so the best alcove for that wolf can be picked out. At some point, I hope to make a map or get one made for the system.

The Seat of the Adravendi family lies neatly hidden by nature within the side of a large, wooded hill in Vericona Plains, roughly at the center of the land.

A ravine, sixty feet in length, delves into the bottom of this hill, the narrowest part sitting at the very mouth of the ravine, admitting only two to three average-sized wolves abreast at most. The walls rise seven feet, never meeting in the middle but forming a gentle arch, vines, and bushes shading the open ‘ceiling’.

The ravine widens to fifteen feet wide just outside the cave mouth, and to the right on the way in, small, natural spring wells in a stream from the wall, tinkling down into a shallow pool, which, in turn, escapes through a crevice in the base of the wall. The water tastes sweet and clear, and the current of the water leaving through the crevice keeps the water clean, and a favorite source of water for the healers and family alike.

Three natural steps lead up into the main chamber of the cave system. The stone of both floor and walls is of black marble or granite, struck through with mica and rich, glittering veins of gold and silver. The chamber stands a good six feet tall, with a naturally arched ceiling, and ten feet in diameter, with around fifteen variously sized alcoves spurring off.

The first Alcove to one’s right upon entering the main chamber is large enough to comfortably fit two large adult wolves and five pups up until the age of a yearling. Bedded down with carefully tanned furs, thick moss, and grass hay from the plains, this alcove is claimed by Aurielle and Red.

The alcove stands five feet tall, the opening just over four feet and three feet wide in a sort of curved A-frame shape, and sits seven feet in diameter. The wall is pockmarked with holes, stuffed with wrapped bundles of herbs.

The alcove to the left houses Regulus, comfortably bedded with furs, padded under with mosses and hay.

Most of the alcoves stand empty, with few wolves needing treatment for illness, watching during birthings, or healing during injuries. However, the alcoves are open to all healers in Celestial as permanent residences.

Two Alcoves down from the Monarch's Alcove, Paladin Ancora takes up residence in a smaller alcove about five feet in diameter. Like his cousin’s alcove, his is well bedded with furs, moss, and hay, and the natural ‘shelves’ are loaded with herbs wrapped neatly into bundles in skins, each neatly sorted into organized rows.

Each alcove off the main chamber is semi-uniquely shaped and sized—a few are L-bent blobs in shape, often chosen for birthing dens, to give mother and new litter privacy, others are rounded, even the base of the walls curving inward like a bowl. Each alcove is now blocked off with drapes of furs as curtains, to keep in the warmth during winter, and provide privacy.

At the very back of the chamber is the mouth to a corridor that leads back into the hill, several caves, and further alcoves off-shooting from it. This corridor winds well over a hundred feet into the belly of the hill, with very little light to see by.

The first cave is large and tall, tall enough to break through into the air, making a natural skylight. The floor is soft with soil from years of soil being washed into the room by rains each year, and small animals and deer scattering it in. Thus, along with the soil, seeds have sprouted, and with the light and the overall lack of herbivores cropping them down, several plants and herbs thrive in this room.

This chamber bears a large boulder in the center, perhaps the very stone to have fallen into the cave and opened the room to the sky. Flat on top, it sits directly in the strongest beam of light, much like a council table. Another chamber, similar to this one, stands opposite of it on the other side of the corridor.

This room doesn’t quite possess the same thriving greenery as the first, but instead, this is from being cleared to make way for the ring of stones in the center, and the fire that occasionally burns within them. Lining the wall of the chamber are stacks of wood and branches waiting to be broken down.

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Circles - How They Work

Valhalla has many Circles, which are much like Guilds. It is down to the members of the Circles to choose apprentices into their ranks, or for young or new wolves to choose a Circle they feel fits them best.
Generally, a wolf might only run in one Circle, but it is possible for members to run in two Circles at once, if they feel a calling for both skills the Circles in question embrace. For instance, a Hunter who also wishes to be a fighter in equal parts (but doesn’t have what it takes to be part of the Shadow Circle), can be a part of both. Their rank name will reflect their level in both Circles, and whichever Skill they lean toward most will be reflected in which Circle they will be placed into when viewed in the Pack Page’s Roster.
A reasonably skilled Healer who is equally proficient in Fighting would be called both rank names from each Circle, their preferred skill rank name coming first, rather like a first and middle name. The names may change slightly to flow more smoothly off the tongue during introductions, otherwise, it looks really wonky.

Example 1: Highly skilled in both Fighting and Healing but leaning more toward healing: Incandescent Valor.
Example 2: Mid-Skilled in Fighting and Hunting, leaning toward Fighting: Brave Seeker
This is not a mandatory function of the pack. If you want your wolf to run in just one circle, that’s perfectly fine.

I’m considering whether it should be that a wolf can run in more than two Circles, and thus, perhaps be high ranking in one respect, perhaps even a second or third tier member, while also being a low-ranking wolf in another circle, and be able to share more duties between pack members.

Valhallan Circles will run on Skill Levels. The higher in skill your character, the higher they are in the Circle(s) they run in. Masters have the choice of remaining in the high tier ranks of the Circles, or moving to the Master Tier of Valhalla, unless all the slots are filled in their skill’s ranks in said Master Tier. They are still highly respected, regardless of whether they choose to rise to that tier, or choose to remain the top rank of their circles.

The upper ranks of every Circle will be included in council meetings, and have say in decisions that will affect the pack.

To Be Continued
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At first glance, Aurielle's coat is pure white.. Her fur has an iridescent quality (like moonstones) where the fur shimmers different colors under various angles of light: in this case, the colors shown by rainbow moonstones. Not one hair on her hide is a solid unnatural color, but, ya know, it's really hard to convey that in still art :P
Aurielle's English is heavily laden with an Irish, Swedish mixed accent.
Her family is allowed to crash all her threads, Private and Open.
As of Autumn Year 14, Aurielle glows with a bright blue-white bio-luminescence in her fur, and bears a marking over her left eye - see profile and reference.