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10. Regarding Gemstore Items






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Regarding Gemstore Items

Just a further explanation of some of the items that are available in the Gemstore.

Character Customization

Any character that has two albino traits will need to pay for this pass. Albino traits include the following:
- Mostly white/cream/ivory (very pale colors) pelt
- Red/pink eyes
- Pink nose/paw pads

If your character has any two of those traits, they will need to pay for this pass. Note that it says mostly white pelt, meaning that even if there is a bit of color doesn't meant that it doesn't count, in a form of albinism called "partial albinism" or "piebaldism". If the base coat color is white and it covers more than 50% of the characters body it will count as mostly white.
*This item can be discounted if the parents have it*

This is a character with a black pelt and black eyes. However, black eyes on any coat color will need to have a melanism pass purchased.
*This item can be discounted if the parents have it.*

Abnormal Color:
This does not include a mix of more than one color. If your wolf is all orange and yellow, then two full abnormal color passes will need to be bought. However if they are yellow and red they may have some orange in between where the two colors would mingle, but appearing in the design by itself it would count as a third color.
For example : THIS design has two abnormal colors, so two passes had to be purchased.
*This item can be discounted if the parents have it. Discount only applies on the color that the parents have. Ex. Parents are blue and purple, pups get a 25% discount on purple and 25% off of blue coats.*

Regular Shaped Markings:
These are markings of shapes, like perfect circles, hearts, stars. Any 'natural' shapes.
Examples: THIS character needed a regular shaped marking pass because of the perfect circles/dots under their eyes.
THIS character needed a regular shaped marking pass for the cross on their shoulder.

Odd Shaped Markings:
These are markings such as swirls, or any other crazy patterns.
Examples: THIS character needed an odd shaped marking pass because of the 'harness' like marking across their back.
THIS character needed an odd shaped marking pass because of the swirls across their flanks.

Character Passes

Large and Small Companions: There has been a lot of confusion about companions and where they stand in fights. Yes, large companions are allowed one single attack in a fight, but as they are an NPC controlled by that character, they are not allowed to escalate a fight. This means if your wolf is in a dominance fight, the companion may NOT escalate it into a maim. If the wolf is maiming, then yes the companion can help with that maim, but can also not change the maim. (EX. If they are going for blinding, the companion cannot attempt to remove an ear). Only large companion pass allows for an attack for a fight. So if you have a small companion and wish for it to have an attack, you must pay for a large companion pass regardless of the size. Venomous/Poisonous companions are allowed, however the venom/poison will not be able to be used in a fight with another player character. We don't care what you do to NPCs but poisons/venoms cannot be used against player characters (without permission of course). We do allow second companions to be purchased as long as they are the same size or smaller than the first companion. Comparing regular companions with birds and reptiles to determine the size allowed of the second companion, the first companion's height would be doubled to find the maximum allowed wingspan/length of the second companion. For example, if the first companion was a 20" fox, the second companion can be no taller than 20" OR a 40" long reptile OR a 40" wingspan bird, and if the first companion was a reptile or bird the allowed height of a normal companion character would be half the first companion's wingspan/length.

Canine Pass: Any dog, coyote, or any kind of wolf hybrid needs to have a pass purchased. This includes Maned Wolves, as they are not a subspecies of wolf. You can make a dog/wolf hybrid, but this would require a pass. Any percentage of cross-species hybridization would require a canine pass. Foxes also fall under this category.

Canine species CAN mate with wolves, since hybrids are allowed. However a pass would be required for the puppies. In the case of maned wolves , they can produce pups with a wolf but the children would be sterile. This does not include foxes, who cannot produce young with wolves at all.
*This item can be discounted if the parents have it*

Misc. Items

Height: The max height without being purchased is 36", and you can buy height for your character is 42". If you donate to the site, however, you will then be allowed a dire wolf pass which allows up to 45".
*This item can be discounted if the parents have it, up to that parent's own height*

Immortality: This pass must be purchased no more than a week into your characters birth season to grant your character an extra year. Characters automatically die when they turn 10 unless immortality is purchased. For example, if your wolf turns 10 in the Spring, then this pass must be bought before a single OOC week passes into Spring.

Can be bought any time before. This may be bought three times per character to allow their age up to a total of thirteen years.

RE: the immortality pass - when they have their first birthday, they've lived through an entire year. So when they have their tenth birthday, they have already lived through ten years and their birthday marks the start of their ELEVENTH year. That's why they have to buy the pass within a week of turning 10, and why they auto-die as soon as they turn thirteen