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03-08-2023, 05:46 PM
One fish was a snack, two was a meal... or was it three? Four? Who really knew. Viðarr wasn't really sure how many fish would make a meal. Was he even hungry? Frankly, he was pretty much always in a state of I could eat. For now, he would try for two fish. Sitting quietly on the bank of the pond, watching the fish as they swam. Still chilly enough to be cold, but the the shadow was a dense, broad creature. He lives for the cold. He was born for this, really. The first fish had come easily, and he could only hope the second would as well.

In the same breath that he realized Tenshi was near, Viðarr clumsily grabbed another fish from the water. It was much the same way a small child would grab a banana. Sure he used too much force, but the shadow certainly wouldn't be dropping it. Head high, with a little bit of victory about him. Yes, he had grabbed this fish with his bare jaws. It flopped for a moment before going still. Viðarr was soggy, chest deep in the pond, as he looked up to Tenshi where she stood. He was quite the sight, frankly. A bit of a mess, but in a devil-may-care way.

"It has," his tone and smile are both warm. Viðarr pulled himself from the pond, setting the second fish down beside the first. "Come, Tenshi, sit and eat, tell me how you've been," the words are genuine. Accent playing comfortably within his words, especially now that his grasp on the language has improved a bit. Broad and warm, he welcomes the woman and her company.

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Víðarr has two Karelian bear dogs and a white morph tawny owl.  Assume they're within calling distance unless otherwise stated.  
Víðarr speaks with a dense Swedish accent.