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02-22-2023, 09:15 PM

She longed for the cold. To feel the frost of the mountains upon her features. Her dense fur, now slightly thinned out, felt different, off, not hers. Which was why she was headed north. Away from Auster. Away from the balmy, wet, warm, salty environment. It felt... too much like Iga down there. Simply thinking of the name of the place that ruled Nihon put a bad taste in her mouth. Why did she stay there? It was something Tenshi thought about often. Her mind always circled back to Hanzo and the pack. He took her in when he didn't need to. He showed her mercy and gave her a chance in this new foreign land. That she was thankful for. But sometimes the bamboo was too much...

Hoping to lay herself down in the powdery depths of the north, Tenshi made her way beneath the Willows. A mere resting place for herself to get a drink of water before moving on. As she approached the pool, a sudden splash caused her body to freeze midstep. Both ears flicked forward as her antler crown lifted. Steel blue eyes peered through the hanging branches to spy the shadow of a man leaping in for a fish. Studying the massive figure for a moment, Tenshi let out a sigh of relief. The figure was indeed familiar and his name somehow felt fresh in her mind. Vidarr. Yes, the man she had met at the top of the falls. What a sight he had been.

Slowly the mountainous woman approached. The slight sheen of her golden accent would give her away well before she was ready. She wouldn't mind though. As she emerged from the brush and let her toes dip into the pond's water, she kept her gaze on him. "It has been a while," her low tones spread across the distance until they reach him. She can feel each and every piece of hair on her body as she stands there, waiting for him to notice her. Would he remember her?

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