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04-26-2021, 09:12 PM

Artorias had not ventured far from the castle in the last several days since his mother's incident. He had been too afraid he'd be needed for something and not be around—not to mention that going beyond the pack borders had become increasingly dangerous as of late with the endless ice age and the plethora of Pangean predators skulking around the lands. But when Gwynevere had come shambling out of her infirmary with a look of shell-shock and weariness on her face saying she needed to go scavenge for herbs, Artorias offered to go with her so she could be protected, strapping on his armor and grabbing a wooden sword on their way out the gates. The last thing his family needed was anything happening to anyone else.

The two wolves had set out south from the castle, across the frozen tundra of the plains, and over the crest of the ridge that led to the bone-strewn valley just outside their borders. Artorias had never ventured this far south before, so this was all a new experience for him. He didn't know what to expect as he and his sister climbed the ridge that would become the valley they were bound for. The weather was fortunately calm for the day, the wind having died down to nothing more than an occasional whisper. Gray clouds still mostly obscured the sky, but at least it wasn't snowing or storming. He kept his head on a swivel, scanning left and right around the empty lands for any signs of life. They appeared to be the only ones out here.

He cast his gaze over his little sister, giving her a small smile. He knew she had been running herself ragged since their mother had been injured—they all had been, but Gwynevere especially had been working tirelessly around the clock for all of them. She had been the one he'd brought their staggering mother to that awful night, and he felt more than a little responsible for her involvement in all this. He wanted to make it up to her somehow. "Are you looking for anything in particular out here?" he asked while they reached the top of the ridge and officially entered Fossil Ridge. He peered around the snow covered grounds and icicle-laden bones protruding from the exposed earth.

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Artorias has a raven named Corbin and a fox named Argent. Assume they are within calling distance at all times unless otherwise stated.


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