There's A Mess But No One To Clean It Up




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04-01-2021, 07:11 PM
The female had put off her visit to the North after meeting with Acere... but at last she was on her way. The former alpha was her main tie to Winterfell, yet, something deep within her gut told her to go find out the current state of the pack. It wasn't as though she didn't trust Acere, in fact, she trusted every word... and it made her feel angry; angry and sick to her stomach. The thought that families could do that to each other, much like Gavroche's own kin tried to do, made her blood boil.

It had taken a lot of convincing from a certain winged wolf to not run off before she was fully healed. But once she was able bodied she made sure her companions were ready to head back to the pines where Winterfell once stood.

Bellamy wasn't sure what she was going to accomplish when she got there. She didn't really have a plan of action. But she was angry. Were any of the wolves she formerly knew still in Winterfell? Were they okay? If Ignis was willing to hurt his uncle and cousin in that way... then...

Bellamy slowed to a stop and dug her claws into the snow at her paws. The crunch sounded distant to her ears, her breath coming out heavily. She had been traveling through the snow and ice at a hurried pace, a one track mind leading her on the way to the Sparse Pines. She could make out the boundary in the distance now and she narrowed her faded green gaze.

"You sure about charging up to the border like this?" Whiskers asked her. "It could spell trouble..." The badger glanced up at Bellamy with uncertainty. "...and it could become an unnecessary fight."

Bellamy was quiet. She continued to stare out towards the horizon, tail lashing back and forth with irritation. Finally she let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes.

"No, I'm not." The woman confessed. "But... If I just leave things as they are... is that…"

"It's not really your fight, Bells." Whiskers countered gently.

"I know you care for Acere and his family... but to get involved in more drama? Is it really worth it?"

Bellamy huffed.

"I... I don't know." She looked away from the badger and sighed again.

"I just…"

"Feel a lack of purpose?" Ears chimed in.

"So you're going back to your old roots from when you were a slave. Fighting was all that was... you really need to learn to enjoy more things." The devil scratched an ear.

"You're one to fucking talk." Bells countered.

She knew he was right... they were both right...

"It's still not right..." Bells grumbled.

"No, but neither is you trying to deflect from the real issue." Whiskers nosed her side. "It can't hurt to get some information, but I don't think you should head directly to the border either. Why don't we head back towards The Wall? Maybe we'll get lucky and a former packmate of yours might wander by."

Bellamy frowned and looked back towards the pines. She shifted on her paws for a moment, furrowed her brow, and hesitated... but at last gave a nod and turned away from them.

"Alright then... Let's head towards The Wall."

Turning tail the female began to trudge back through the snow, companions sticking close. Her mind was whirling; what was she going to do with herself?