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When Fel had returned from her personal quest of looking for her mother and sister, she had expected a little bit of blowback but not this much. Maybe she shouldn't have come back at all. It was certainly feeling that way. Aureus had been a spark of light in the dark. Her loving brother always had a smile for her. A kind word was never far from his lips. With him here, the awkwardness of interacting with the rest had been bearable., but now...

With a snort and a shake of the head, the silver streaked woman took a straight shot from Aerie to Abaven. She didn't give a good God damn if she crossed pack lands or not. A fight would have been welcome right about now. A little blood letting might have made her feel more alive, but alas, she had no such luck. The slender woman made it to the Abaven border unscathed. She called for Thalia and hoped that no one else would bother to answer her call. Fel wasn't in the mood.

She waited, reflecting as little as she could just to keep emotions at bay. She still hadn't mourned him. Maybe she never would. It wasn't like she had family that she could lean on in such a trying time. Pyrrhic was broken inside. She couldn't heap her troubles on him. Eligos was... Eligos. There was a wall between them. Sometimes the wall was a mountain. It seemed that only his emotions mattered to him. Only his needs were important. Here she was, brother dead, and she was sent away to fetch a cousin. Other paws could have made the journey. She would have preferred to stand vigil beside Aureus. She'd made a promise though. Aureus had given his word that she wouldn't leave and she had given her word that she would contribute. So here she was... contributing.
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Fel can often be a very...mature character. Be aware.

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