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Advanced Intellectual (100)
Master Fighter (280)
2 Years
Dire wolf

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10-29-2020, 02:00 PM
Obi had gone off for a while to forage some supplies and some building materials. It was fine, and the two often switched shifts. Since no one was often around, Toxicity didn't mind dirtying herself. She moved some of the thatching for one of the inner walls to lean against where Obi would need to secure it. Her fur was unwaxed and ruffled with effort, her scarification illustrations marred and blurred by the downward-growing fur. No paints of perfumes lingered on her coat. She had washed when she awoke and intended to stay in her natural state until she washed before bed.

Needless to say, when the large, horned, and brightly contrasted male stepped up and spoke in her direction, she wasn't altogether sure he meant to speak to her. She tossed a quick, uncertain glance behind her, then to either side before finally looking at him with confused, furrowed brows. He wanted to... help? Tox cast one more glance to her side as if it would somehow summon Obi to her side to help, but alas, all she found was an empty space. With a small huff, her mismatched eyes came back to the man before her, "Um- there's chopped bamboo over there," Toxicity directed her attention a little past the tree line. "It needs to be brought.... over here... and...... sorted." Her voice trailed off, her eyes glued to the bamboo. They were tall pieces, some several lengths longer than herself. They weren't too heavy but they were cumbersome. Then they needed to be sorted by length for using later whenever Obi returned.

"I'll just be stuffing the walls with insulation, so..." Toxicity cleared her throat and moved just slow enough to be socially acceptable out of the man's way and into the gap for insulation. Who was he and what did he want?