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  Pack Only Thread: Wow. You sure know how to lay it on chick.
Post: Wow. You sure know how to lay it on chick.

Sakana had broken the news to Jael. She took it hard. It wasn't her fault, the birds had been sick on arrival, and now the respiratory illness had spread to the whole flock despite their best ...
Sakana IC Archives 0 51 02-24-2024, 09:38 PM
  Thread: Chicken you out
Post: Chicken you out

It had been about a week since the raid, the chickens had been kept in a temporary quarantine pen adjacent to the airlock pen that would hopefully eventually become their home. With his bung...
Sakana IC Archives 5 121 02-18-2024, 03:11 AM
  Private Thread: Should I just sneak on now?
Post: Should I just sneak on now?

[ooc: returning Ursa after this thread] Sakana and his little helper had done a bit more gathering together and talking about plants before he determined it was getting too late to risk b...
Sakana IC Archives 3 83 01-03-2024, 03:43 AM
  Thread: You got old and kinda sad. No wonder they all leave you.
Post: You got old and kinda sad. No wonder they all leav...

They had gathered the herbs from the beach, Modesty was doing whatever Modesty was doing over on the Archipelago and he had left her with some ointment for the scar on her cheek. It wouldn't...
Sakana IC Archives 3 163 01-01-2024, 07:34 PM
  Thread: Like going home
Post: Like going home

OOC: Find and collect four different herbs (3 rounds from each participant) that could reasonably be found in the land you intend to expand into. We will be looking for plants such as aloe vera, sea b...
Sakana IC Archives 11 192 12-27-2023, 09:42 PM
  Thread: You run real good
Post: You run real good

Having accidentally run into Modesty out on his gathering trip, his collecting had been cut short. Among the various bumps and scrapes there was a particularly nasty wound on her cheek, and ...
Sakana IC Archives 2 126 12-22-2023, 12:19 AM
  Thread: You, sir, are a fish.
Post: You, sir, are a fish.

The boy nervously paced the border, the leaders wife tucked away safely, sedated for her own damn good. How he'd managed to wheedle her into coming this far was anyone's guess, but he suppos...
Sakana IC Archives 3 152 12-21-2023, 03:25 AM
  Thread: Does this trolley go to Tahiti?
Post: Does this trolley go to Tahiti?

He hadn't meant to track Modesty here, but find her he did, piss-drunk blind and full of bad manners to boot. If he wasn't so small he'd have had half a mind to dunk her in the pool at the b...
Sakana IC Archives 6 173 12-20-2023, 08:48 AM
  Thread: feeds our hearts and starves our blood
Post: feeds our hearts and starves our blood

OOC: TL;DR, trying something new with my writing and I'm pretty sure I hate it. Sakana has come up the mountain to find herbs for winter and wasn't quite sure if there was a pack here now. Fall season...
Sakana IC Archives 3 315 08-29-2023, 03:54 AM
  Thread: Free to do anything
Post: Free to do anything

The boy wasn't even sure where he had caught wind of it, maybe it was the other yearlings whispering in the background, or maybe his masked lapwing had caught the words on the wind and bought ...
Sakana IC Archives 1 225 03-18-2023, 03:25 AM
  Thread: All the lives that we're not living
Post: All the lives that we're not living

Sakana had always had a wandering spirit. He loved spending time outdoors, exploring the forests, fields, and streams near his home. He had seen many incredible sights in his short life, but nothing h...
Sakana IC Archives 0 147 03-04-2023, 12:33 AM
  Thread: NachoMumma - Large Companion (Perception) For Sakana
Post: NachoMumma - Large Companion (Perception) For Saka...

Companion Type: Masked Lapwing Gem Amount: 250 (ardmas) From: credits Gender: Male Size: 32” wingspan Other: Perception Completed by Sea - Nonrefundable
Sakana Old Store Purchases 0 123 12-24-2022, 01:32 AM
  All Welcome Thread: You can’t win them all
Post: You can’t win them all

The young boy huffed and puffed, brows drawing down in annoyance as he skidded to a halt. The imposing thorns on the brambles stood out starkly in the early morning light and even here, the coppery ta...
Sakana IC Archives 0 155 12-16-2022, 07:40 AM
  Thread: Sakana
Post: Sakana

Out-of-Character Name: NachoMumma Age: 34 Character's Name: Sakana Date of Birth: August 6 Year of Birth 18 Season of Birth: Spring Adult Height: 27” Size: Small Build: Light Appearance Des...
Sakana Old Character Forms 1 151 08-07-2022, 05:17 AM