Ardent Wolf RPG - Ashen


“Only in the shattering can the rebuilding occur.”

A lawful neutral-evil pack, the Ashen Empire home of the Royal Matriarchy led by Venom Klein Abraxas. Here actions speak far louder than words, trust is to be earned and admittance into Ashen's ranks will be highly scrutinized.

Ashen is home to two Japanese warrior schools: the shinobi and samurai paths. Shinobi teachings and ranks focus on offensive maneuvers that tend to take place outside of the Empire's borders in raids and missions. Whilst the Samurai are the core strength of the pack, defenders and councilors, whose word carries great weight.

The wolves of Ashen are an elegant people with refined tastes in food, entertainment, and life. Strength and intelligence are paramount, but cunning and caring are equally prized.

General Rules

1. The Empress always has the last word.
2. Have honor and dignity. Respect the rule of law. Show restraint.
3. Obey your superiors and show them the respect they deserve. Appear at all pack meetings and all of your personal skill related meetings.
4. All Ashen wolves should know basic self defense.
5. No Trespassing. Attack on sight any who are not invited over the line. Show them what happens to those who cross the wolves of Ashen.
6. Contribute your share. Do your duties promptly and with pride. Answer all calls for learning.
7. Spars and dominance matches are encouraged, however real bodily harm or touching without consent is prohibited. Don’t steal. Don’t be a dick to your fellow pack mates.
8. Don’t antagonize other packs without permission. Smell pack on somebody? Don’t touch ‘em. Words don’t count. Freedom of Speech yo. But dont be spouting off pack information to those you don't know.
9. Birth control is available to all those who need it. Have consensual sexy times as much as you want but no puppies. Not even whoops litters. If this rule is ignored you will be thrown out. No exceptions.
10. Pups may choose their area of apprenticeship at 6 months of age. They may not leave pack lands without accompaniment until 1 year.


— Ashen consists of two warrior schools. The traditional samurai ranks focus on the defense of the pack. Whilst the shinobi takes a more offensive approach, aka taking the fight to the enemy.
— Summer Festival: The Empress calls together the packs of the Empire and their allies for a tournament and feast.
— Weddings: Ashen will come together to celebrate the lifelong union between two wolves. Traditionally with a feast and ceremony. In special circumstances arranged marriages will be made for the betterment of the Empire.
— Joining: When a wolf of unknown origin asks to join the ranks they are put into a half a season (one ooc month) probation period to prove themselves worthy of serving her royal highness. Activity and skill level will be monitored.
— Mentoring: Young wolves 6mos up to two years will have a mentor to learn their main skills from. The whole pack should be involved in the education of youth, however.
— Betrothals: Decided on a very limited basis and usually only through volunteer by the bravest and most self sacrificing of Ashen's Princes and Princesses.

Pack Lands:

Redwater Rocks: Ironically, contrary to the name of this place, there is very little water to be found here. The landscape, all barren sandstone, seems to ripple as the surface of a rolling wave might. It is colored and layered in every shade of red, brown, tan, and white, as if painted by the hands of the gods themselves. The wind and rain has scoured the surfaces smooth, carving out canyons and gulleys and caverns. Where the rock is not rolling, it stands as tall monoliths, with the occasional large stone balanced precariously on columns of harder rock.

Wolfpaw Lake: This lake grows and withers by the season. In spring and early summer it stretches its borders, harboring a healthy wetland and fostering many species of amphibian and waterfowl. In the late summer and early autumn, the lowered banks are favorable for those looking to fish or root about for tubers. If one had the privilege of looking down from above, they might notice that the lake strikes an uncanny resemblance to a wolf’s paw. The name has been passed down through the generations, but only every so often is the reason realized.

Cryer's Ravine: Cryer's Ravine is located just outside the desert, a deep crevasse in the grassy, wooded landscape. The ravine is concealed and often missed by those not paying much attention when wandering through the area, catching wolves by surprise and causing quite a few injuries as they tumble down the short but steep sides of the ravine. Along the sides of the Ravine are numerous caves and dens, while at the very end of the ravine is the largest of these. Tucked behind a waterfall with a massive sunlit stone at the entrance, is a deep cave system used by the royal family.


Seere & Stolas to Rampage

Den Locations:

Venom and Maverick and puppies: Cryer's Ravine, in the 'palace' a large cave system at the beginning of the Ravine.
Plague, Void, and Rava: Cryer's ravine in their own set of private rooms near the palace.
Seere: Cryer's Ravine, in the 'palace' with her own private set of rooms.

Chimera and his Ladies: Redwater Rocks, an extensive cave system of rooms with big areas for Siren's apothecary and Aliana's herb stores.

Shuriken and Remus: A private smaller cavern away from the main royal quarters within the ravine.

Territory Expansion:

Raids Won: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-




EmpressBoss Bitch

Crown Princess The Heir to the Ashen throne. Expected to train in fighting and another skill of their choice. Alongside the Empress and Shogun they play an active role in governing and politics, as well as maintaining relations with the other packs in the Empire. Basically they have to earn their keep.

Daimyo Masters of the Sword. Basic duties include attending every high ranking meeting, frequent patrols, arranging apprenticeships in the Samurai and Chunin Ranks, and defense of the pack. This rank can only be appointed.

Samurai High ranking warriors of traditional fighting style specializing in defense of the pack. Expected to take an apprentice, train frequently, and patrol the border. Frequent sparring between Samurai is encouraged.

ChuninHigh ranking Shinobi who specialize in offensive measures that serve Ashen from beyond its borders. A somewhat secretive rank, they are tasked with gathering intelligence on other packs, bands etc .Because of their work they are often absent from the pack and it’s daily affairs for quite some time.

RenjaLead hunter and or navigator of the pack, in charge of training of lower tier hunters and navigators as well as food stores and organizing large hunts. Should be knowledgeable about the pack’s territories and herd movements. Expected to patrol the pack borders and surrounding territories as well.

ConsortThe official rank of the Empress' chosen partner. Expected to patrol and offer their skills to the pack. (Essentially the boyfriend rank until marriage makes the relationship official.)

Apothaker The Pack’s lead healer, expected to oversee the lower ranking healers in the pack, may work closely or be part of Ashen’s supernatural ranks.

AshigaruRank and file soldiers who serve beneath the Samurai. Are expected to attend all training sessions, frequently spar with each other and patrol the borders.

Genin Low ranking shinobi who serve and work alongside the Chunin in their offensive measures. Just like their soldier counterparts they’re expected to keep themselves busy with training and sparring. Basically they’re in ninja school.

ScoutsRanked hunter and or navigator, expected to scout the surrounding territories and report to the Renja.

HerbalistsRanked healer, expected to see to the health of the general population and report to the Herbalist. May have different specialties within the group(battlefield medic, midwife, gardener).

ApprenticesWolves that have yet to be ranked into their prospective rolls. Expected to participate actively in all training as well as with their mentors. Usually young wolves. (apprenticed in traditional fighting(samurai), specialized fighting(shinobi), Scouting(hunting), or Herbalism.)

Princes Children of the Empress, may keep this rank until an area of expertise is chosen. Of higher expectation than other pups.

Princesses Children of the Empress, may keep this rank until an area of expertise is chosen. Of higher expectation than other pups.

Pups Pups not born of the Empress. Should choose an area of study at 6 months and will stay in this rank until they’re 1 year old.

Peasants A wolf unable to be ranked upon joining. Has one ooc month to decide or they will be forced into “indentured servitude.”

ServantsSlaves in all but name. Must earn their freedom or a more desirable rank.

Prisoners Always watched. Always under guard. Fed sparsely. Not to be touched unless they attempt escape or physical harm against any member of Ashen.