Yara Greyfull name
3 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Neutralalignment
Bisexual (Female Preference)sexuality
Sinchanted player
Weight: 130 lbs
Fur Color: Stormy Grey
Distinctive Markings: White Ticking, swirls of grays and silvers with a touch of purple smoke.
Overall Appearance: Yara's presence is like a storm on the horizon, captivating and fierce. Her coat, a mesmerizing blend of storm cloud fluff, evokes the image of tumultuous skies. The thick, plush fur ripples with every movement, creating the illusion of swirling clouds caught in perpetual motion. Each strand seems to dance, caught in a ceaseless whirlwind of grey and white flecking, scattered like debris in the wake of a powerful hurricane. This flecking adds depth and texture to her pelt, giving it a dynamic quality that is both enchanting and formidable.

A subtle yet captivating sheen of purple smoke weaves through her fur, giving her an otherworldly aura. This ethereal hue shifts and shimmers in the light, casting an ever-changing pattern that makes her appear almost ghostly, a spectral presence moving with grace and power. The purple sheen, delicate and elusive, lends an air of mystique to her already striking appearance, making her seem as if she has been touched by the twilight itself.

Her eyes, a brilliant sun-yellow, stand out vividly against her stormy pelt. They glow with an inner fire, intense and unyielding, drawing the gaze of anyone who dares to meet them. These eyes are the heart of the storm, reflecting the strength and determination that define her spirit. They captivate and intimidate, a beacon in the swirling chaos of her appearance.

Yara's build is both elegant and powerful. She moves with the fluidity of a seasoned warrior, each step purposeful and precise. Her slender frame, cloaked in the tempestuous beauty of her coat, belies the strength and resilience within. The interplay of colors and textures on her pelt, combined with her graceful movements, creates a vision of both beauty and danger, like a storm poised to unleash its fury.

In every aspect, Yara embodies the spirit of the storm. Her appearance is a captivating blend of strength and beauty, a living testament to the power and majesty of nature's fiercest elements.
Drive: Ambition and resilience are the forces that drive Yara. She is always striving to prove her worth, seeking respect and power in any environment she finds herself in.
Disposition: Yara possesses a bold and fearless disposition, unafraid to take risks and confront challenges head-on. Her confidence and determination make her a natural leader.
Outlook: Pragmatic and realistic, Yara understands the harsh realities of life. She constantly looks for opportunities to turn situations to her advantage, always calculating her next move.
Impulsiveness: Although generally strategic, Yara can be impulsive when her emotions are high. This impulsiveness surfaces especially when protecting her loved ones or seizing critical opportunities.
Interactivity: Yara is fiercely loyal to those she considers family, treating them with warmth and protectiveness. However, she remains wary and guarded around strangers and potential rivals.
Overall Personality: Born and raised on Silver Island, a place of harsh climate and unforgiving seas, Yara was molded by the island's rugged environment and the resilient spirit of its wolves. The loss of her family led her to leave her homeland in search of fortune on the mainland.

Yara’s drive is fueled by deep-seated ambition and remarkable resilience. The hardships of Silver Island and the tragedy of losing her family have instilled in her an unrelenting determination to survive and thrive. Her ambition pushes her to prove her worth, aiming for respect and power despite the many challenges she faces.

Yara’s disposition is bold and fearless. Unafraid to take risks and confront danger head-on, these traits have served her well in her life as a thief. Her confidence and determination make her a natural leader, even in the underworld she now navigates. She excels at seizing opportunities, often turning dire situations to her advantage with cunning and bravery.

Pragmatic and realistic, Yara comprehends the harsh realities of life in Boreas. She approaches every situation with clear-eyed practicality, always seeking ways to benefit from her circumstances. This outlook allows her to stay focused and strategic, making the most of every opportunity.

Despite her strategic nature, Yara can be impulsive when her emotions run high. This impulsiveness often emerges when protecting those she holds dear or when critical opportunities arise. In these moments, her fierce loyalty and protective instincts can lead to bold, sometimes reckless actions.

Yara's interactions with others are complex. Fiercely loyal to those she considers family, she is warm and protective with them. However, her past has made her wary and guarded around strangers and potential rivals, always cautious of potential threats.

Overall, Yara embodies the spirit of Silver Island with her resilience and ambition. A cunning strategist, she always thinks several steps ahead to ensure survival and success. Her bold and fearless disposition, combined with her pragmatic outlook, makes her a formidable figure in the world of thieves and outcasts. While impulsive at times, her unwavering loyalty to her chosen family drives her to protect and support them through any storm.

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Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 4
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