Finch II

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Spring of Year 19birthdate
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Finnie is often found covered in burrs, detritus of the forest, and squelchy mud up to her pasterns. It might be hard to make out underneath all of that debris that her coat is actually a fine, pale white, almost like goose down. Goose down, she would remind you, makes an excellent clotting factor beneath a bandage. And then she'd be off again, tearing through the undergrowth on her lithe, short legs.

Although Boreas might appear to be filled with towering giants and tiny slips of wolves, there does exist a middle ground, which Finch happily occupies. Her build is sturdy, compact, with a lower center of gravity than average thanks to her slightly shorter legs. She sits at a comfortable 30" tall - not too big, not too small. Just right.

As for markings, she has few - brindle striping in a coffee-with-milk color similar to her mothers, sweeping across her hindquarters and the fronts of her legs. Her ears are tipped in the same color. She'd blend right in amongst a copse of white birch trees. The family Destruction marking beneath her eyes appears as a definitive slash of darker cream color, highlighting her expressive teal eyes. appearance
It's hard to grow up not loving everything that comes from the earth when you're born into Avalon. Finnie's first core memories are erupting from the den into spring in full bloom, fast fading to summer. Rich, loamy soil and bright green foliage. She kept asking "what's that? what's that?" to everything green until she moved on to mushrooms, then aquatic plants, then the trees in the orchard... and on and on.

Finch amassed a substantial body of knowledge without even realizing it. It came easily to her because she truly loved it. She had the heart of a botanist but the patience of a runaway train - the two things often conflicted. Excitable and filled with childish wonder, she'd tear through the undergrowth without stopping until she was bruised, dirty, and late for lunch.

As she matured, her eagerness to go go go tempered itself into a more manageable, reasonable excitement about her work - but she still works with single-minded intensity, often to her detriment. Without her family to ground her, she'd likely have fled into a faraway glen surrounded by fungi and flowers a long time ago. As it stands, she's content to hone her craft in her homeland, but her heart longs for a great adventure. Maybe one day. personality

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