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As a puppy, Lyra will be smaller than most of her litter. Her ears will be flopped over as a pup but around 2-3 months they will be erect and remain there throughout her life. During the first few months, she will be a soft and round pup. As she gets closer to 6 months there will be a growth spurt where Lyra is too clumsy as she tries to adjust to her growing body.

As an adult her eyes are made of a deep ocean surrounding cold steel. Not much expression behind them other than thought and her constant analysis. It can be hard to gauge what she is thinking based on her face. Lyra's canine heritage is more evident in her than in others. While it is more diluted than her mother Jael, it is obvious in her build. Lyra is taller than her mother but leaner. Her legs seem a little too long for her body as if it couldn't decide whether it wanted to grow to the size of Modesty or stay on the more domesticated size. Her coat also nods to the border collie in her. White socks, a white blaze on a black mask. Her maw is a little more pointed than the average wolf. Despite her small stature, Lyra will be extremely athletic and agile. What she lacks in strength and power she makes up for in endurance and dexterity. As she matures, she will become very confident in her movements. Lyra will appear to float at times with how fluid and graceful she is.


battle angel

She does not say more than needed, majority of her conversation is within her mind. Thinking... Thinking... She is a steady river, that has yet to overflow. She is serious and sharp. Lyra will quickly learn that being silent is the best way to observe others too often will she witness someone saying more than needed much to their detriment. Something she finds quite interesting. The girl will try not to jump to conclusions and prefers to accept everything for what it is. It's hard to tell if she has morals, if she does, she doesn't voice them. Lyra has a fierce loyalty to her family. It becomes evident Modesty is her mother when Lyra asserts her will, what she wants she WILL get. She will not quit.

Despite her withdrawn nature, she has to remain near her family. Deeply devoted to them, almost like a dog. Reliability cannot be doubted. Lyra prefers predictability and oddly enough the chaos of her family is predictable. She knows them, what she does not know is others. Her loyalty is unwavering and there is no weight they could shove upon her that she wouldn't bear. When comes to her family she is a massive hypocrite, justifying anything they do or simply not even attempting to do so because they can do no wrong.

There is a call deep in her bones. The urge to please. The urge to have order. The urge to control. Maybe it's the shepherd lineage when things are out of place it causes her to become unsettled. Lyra is tenacious, driven, and focused. From a young age, one could note Lyra's need to keep order. Constantly picking up after others, making sure everyone is together. She is methodical and organized. Facts over emotion, she wants to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Lyra hates to make mistakes; perfection is what she strives for almost to the point of obsession. Who cares about what could be? What is now is all that matters. What you do with the present is extremely important.

Extremely Darwinist, one of her deepest beliefs is that if you cannot defend yourself then you should not have it. Being her small stature, Lyra will work hard every day to be her best self. The hybrid may not be the largest wolf, but she strives to be one of the highest caliber.


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