Identification Elserfull name
Fic or Idnicknames
2 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 18birthdate
True Neutralalignment
Sapio and Demi Mixsexuality
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Disaster player
Upon taking notice to this lovely young woman, you would first see the creamy fawn coat that covers her entire large and balanced physical structure. If allowed you would tell that her fur to the touch was super soft on the outer layer but denser the closer you got to her skin. Her legs are strong as well as her whole body, a sea of muscles are always in working order to give the woman a elegant look. Sure, she isn't the smallest or thinnest but she makes up for that with the way she appears to the seeing eye.

While the tips of her ears are a ivory pigment that fades into the same palomino pigment. While her muzzle is also dipped within that same alabaster, scanning your eyes once again over her. You could see small scars marring her front legs, which are hidden by shorter hairs, but only if you paid close attention. Her left front paw is dipped with a nice sock, as well as her back pillar holds a white stocking that fades with the cream.

You would also pick up the scents of honey suckle with jasmine all swirled almost perfectly together with sage. Something that welcomes and beckons anyone around her to come and chat with the damsel. Once you come closer you could see those captivating pools of emerald, that one could only get lost within, appearing that she'd stare straight threw you.

alert • observant • kind • trust worthy • cautious • healer • passionate • protective

alert & observant Being alert and observant means that she's always paying attention to the smallest of all and any details. Nothing goes truly unnoticed with this lady. Nothing at all. Being always aware and alert has protected Identification since she was a pup and a yearling.

kind & trustworthy She is always kind, giving everyone the benifit of doubt, and giving her trust to those that prove to her that they have earned her trust. Although her circle is small, she does consider others friends. She would give anyone the fur off her back if she had too.

healer & helper Being a healer makes her want to take care of those around her, no matter how big or how small they are. She will always do her best to help those in need. That falls all inline with who Identification is and how she really is.

cautious & careful She isn't one to be fooled or blind, she knows that there is evil and darkness in the world, and she is careful around others that give her this vibe. Identification will always try to show others the brighter side of life though, that there are others in the world that do care and that are kind and not cold or heartless.

passionate & protective Identification like any wolf, is protective of those she cares about, she is also very passionate in whatever she does in her life. She will fight if need be to protect those she loves and cherishes with passion. She is also very passionate in what she believes is right.

Violet ♥ Costa's Hummingbird.

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Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Male Costa's hummingbird, 4.3" n/a
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