Casimir Svyetfull name
2 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 18birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Goodalignment
Alo player

Extra Large | Ivory | crimson gaze

H: 42in/ W: 190lbs

Before anything, Casimir is of great stature. An extra large male with bones thick and strong. Casimir wears a hearty set of protruding muscle; giving him an impressive hung figure even with fur. Stout and athletic, he stands taller than most- an obvious powerhouse. His coat is plush & lengthy; bearing a solid color of pristine ivory with tints of lighter alabaster. His arms are stocky, matching his robust head. casimir's tail is strong and stubby while it lays between taut flanks- finishing him with a modest look. Nose and pawpads are a matte ebony. His orbs are a glowing crimson. His visage is masculine; lines firm and cheeks subjecting his face to appear toned and wider. Angular snout and ebony lips covering over his pearly cavernous teeth. All together, he is a majestic sight.

gait: wide & strong.
aroma: cedar wood.
default expression: guarded, neutral.
name pronunciation: cazi-mere svv-yet


Detached | Modest | Moralistic | Rigid

I n d I f f e r e n t - Peaks of vague style and secrecy theme the male by default; appearing distant to most at first meet. Formal, perhaps even well mannered and fair. Insensitivity and dispassion aren't too far from him though. Comfortably detached. Not emotionally inclined, but should not be confused with being emotionless. Dislikes obnoxious emotional output. Non-reactive type personality. Modest behavior styles. Firstly practical. Elegant aura and refined tastes.

p a t i e n t - Patience at it's best; a great strategist. With it, the consequence of stubbornness and the need to achieve. Focused as he is determined- willing to place an unhealthy amount of effort into a sole agenda. Emotionally, mentally and physically strong. Willpower. Proves observant and at times, silent. Slow to anger. Dedicated to core values, and causes. Unmoving. Trustworthy and usually honest. Considerate and even friendly. A calmer brute, unless provoked.

f o r t i f i e d - Tolerance works for him. Usually stoic exterior to outsiders, but may present a more relaxed persona to those he befriends. Selective of who he engages in and discerns appropriately. Hard exteriors with a strong essence. Strong presence and sincere. Religiously loyal. A genuine man.

c o n t r o l l i n g - An orderly male, a structure is valued by him. Rigid views and to an extent, dogmatic & uncompromising. He is assertive with his opinions and definitely a dominant male, albeit with a noble tint. He also prides himself on self control. Disciplinary. Strong moral compass and lawful. Self preservation is ideal. Respectable. Prudent, and sensible.

p r o t e c t i v e- Protective of his will. Be it an idea or even another wolf, he will assure a blanket of pure preserving guard. Nurturing and honorable of what he holds dear. Is loyal to family, firstly. Keeping what he claims his own, safe & well. Can have a political approach to what he nurtures, and can be selfish. Prone to territoriality. A natural vanguard.

note: magnus's voice is baritone, and velvety;

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Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Albinism Albinism Allows for albinism. n/a n/a
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 3
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