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Pansexual and Polysexuality
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"We return to each other in waves. This is how water loves."

Morwenna's effeminate figure is tall and lean with luxurious silky fur. Her white underbelly extends from each dainty paw, up under her elbows, over her knees, and along the underside of her tail. A cinnamon hue runs through her fur starting at her nose, over her head, and then capes over her neck and down and her shoulders. Cinnamon splashes along her back once in a splotch and once like a wing that travels down to her tail. Warm bronze covers the tip of her nose, ears, and tail, while also mixing with the cinnamon hue around her neck, and some on her back. Bright cream highlights her neck behind her ears and blends out from the cinnamon hue along her shoulders and along her back into a soft white. She has soft white eyebrows and white on her high cheeks with a cinnamon color under her cheekbones. Her nose is a soft warm rosy brown at the end of an almost excessively narrow and long nose.

Her willowy and narrow figure befits her Oldworld Russian Wolfhound heritage, the Borzoi. Her borzoi heritage also lends her an excessively long snoot, larger expressive eyes, and longer silkier fur than typical wolves along her underbelly, tail, hindquarters, and neck.

Her expressive eyes, rimmed with black, gaze through gentle purple irises. Her scent befits her herbalist tendencies with chamomile and her adventurous spirit with sweet vanilla. In the spring and summer, she usually carries a hint of wisteria, and when the last bloom fades she carries the scent of cinnamon with her in the fall and winter.


"But people are oceans....
You cannot know them by their surface." -Beau Taplin

Patient :: Needy :: Affectionate :: Valiant :: Serene :: Tender :: Playful :: Dramatic

Morwenna does not resist, she flows, caresses, and is sensual and serene. She is not a solid wall, she will not stop you, but she will go where she wants to go and nothing in the end can stand against her. She is patient and eternally persistent in her endeavors.

She observes and exudes an emotional empathic depth and yet does not allow others' emotions to consume her. She feels deeply but keeps these emotions close to her heart, discreetly secreting them away from any who wishes to pry. Keeping many serious relationships beyond arm's length, she does not make knowing her heart easy.

She embraces others in her serenity. She is generous and eagerly dispenses her tender sensuality toward others, even strangers. If she feels she could use it to avoid real danger she can use her sensuality as a form of defense, and even an escape.

Though she is overly affectionate and potentially easily bedded, the question would be if she could ever be devoted or tamed, she is freedom incarnate and loathe to be held captive for long.


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Canine Pass Canine Pass Allows creation of any species/hybrid that falls under the Canine species. Borzoi/wolf mix n/a
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